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   Chapter 33 Your Perfume Smells Best

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"Put me down, Ethan Lei!"

"Don't move or people will see what's under your dress." Ethan warned her with a serious look and tightened his arms.

Jean froze. She could feel the tight little dress tearing gradually. She feared that with just a little more force, it would torn upwards and the dress would be ruined. It would't be indecent exposure anymore since she would be totally naked...

He gave a soft smile when he looked down to the woman who curled up in his arms like a kitten. He closed in to her hair and took a whiff, "Your perfume smells best."

Jean dazed and her heart tightened. "I think it's more like you've smelt one too many over the years so you are a perfume expert now."

"Jean, do I smell jealousy on you? Do you... still have feelings for me?"


Jean looked up and stared at him wide eyed. Her face was red from the exertion. She calmed down a few seconds later and smiled softly, "How can I forget someone as a rogue as you?"

"Really? I see you kept your sense of humor. This brings me back to the good times."

Ethan eyed to her with a sly smile and inched his face to hers.

Jean didn't want to lose to him but as soon as his cheek was several centimeters away from her, she panicked. She was no match for him and she never would be.

Jean turned sideways and jumped out of his arms. She lost her footing on the uneven pavement upon landing. She was expecting herself to trip and hit the ground but a body of flesh shielded her fall.

"Honey, have you gotten enough rest?"

The meat shield asked with a low voice.

Jean turned to look. Her face turned pale with fear the moment she realized it was Zed. It was not a good situation to be in. She tried to pull Zed with her to leave the garden immediately.

Ay! He was not moving at all?

Jean looked back to find Zed as calm as the sea but his burning gaze said otherwise. On the other side, Ethan didn't look good either. It was as if the two of them were fighting in silence.

"It's your fault for picking this one size smaller dress. It was torn by the branches so let's go

out of convenience. Your existence help me get rid of some social engagements and those bewitched followers. Most importantly, ... your are clean."

You are clean...


Jean slapped Zed. "You scum!"

"Me? A scum? Then I will show you what kind of scum I am." He lowered his head and kissed her forcefully.

She frowned and tried her best to dodge him. She slammed her hands against his shoulder and tried to push him away.

The harder she fought against him, the angrier he got. He lifted her up and put her into the cold bathtub. With the switch of the tap turned on, water flooded out. She choked on the water several times.

She held onto his arm with both her hands. As she was struggling, his white shirt was torn by her fingernails. Scratch marks could be seen on his skin, too.

Part of the water was dyed red. Zed noticed and stopped for a moment before carrying her out of the water. He reached for the towel beside him and wrapped her with it.

"You bastard. Jerk..." Uuu..." After all the struggling, Jean used her last ounce of energy to scold him.

"I'm sorry. I'll let you shower now." He frowned and apologized. He turned around and left the bathroom.

He stood behind the bathroom door until he heard the sound of running water. It was a sign that she had calmed down. He sighed in relief.

'How am I supposed to know she's having her menstruation?'

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