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   Chapter 32 The Drink Was Drugged

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The banquet was held in a villa, which was pretty lively. As soon as they walked in, all kinds of people greeted Zed. Jean was wearing a smile on her face all the time but she did not know anyone here. It was embarrassing and boring.

Wearing a dress which was one size smaller and a pair of 12 centimeters high heels, Jean felt like she was propped up. Her waist was strangled and her feet were very uncomfortable. Words could not describe her suffering.

"Zed Qi, can I go outside to have a rest?"

Jean whispered to Zed when he was finally available.

"What--did you call me?"

Zed swirled the wine glass in his hand and seemed displeased with how she just called him just now.

"Honey, my feet hurt so much..."

Her fists were clenched but her face remained smiling when she looked at him.

"Okay." Zed nodded with satisfaction and leaned over to stroke her hair with his broad hand repeatedly, as if he was patting a pet. "Go ahead. Don't linger too long, or my efforts spent on choosing your dress and shoes will go in vain."


He was the one who picked the one size smaller dress and the shoes!

No wonder they were so uncomfortable. He did it on purpose.

Her face turned red from holding back her anger. It was an amusing sight.

"Mr. Qi, it's been a long time!"

"Mr. Wen, how have you been?"

When Jean was about to go mad, someone came over to chat with Zed. She held back her rage and turned around to walk out of the hall with her teeth clenched.

The garden in the backyard of the villa was a lot quieter. Looking around, Jean did not see anyone so she sat down on the stone bench and took off her high heels. Her insteps and heels were already bruised.

"Ow..." She could not help but cry out when she touched the wounds.

When she heard voices closing in, she took her shoes and hid into the garden in fear of damaging Zed's pride if people were to spot her being barefooted. She squatted behind a nea

, is that you?"

Jean bit her lips and didn't make a sound.

"Are you all right?" Ethan said as he took off his coat and handed it to her, "Is your dress torn? Cover it with this. I'll help you out."

Jean saw that her dress was already half torn. It was one size smaller to begin with so it would be a futile attempt to try and pull them together. She had no choice but to accept his offer. Jean wrapped it over her dress and stood up slowly.

Jean did not expect their reunion would be under these circumstances. It was beyond embarrassing!

"It is you."

After getting a good look at Jean, Ethan was surprised how much she had changed. Jean had become more pleasing, elegant and even more feminine than she was two years ago.

"Your drink was drugged. I--I saw it."

She stuttered.

Ethan looked at the drink that he was holding. He threw it into the trash can and immediately held out his hand to Jean, "Come on."

Her hands were sweating profusely. She didn't feel good at the moment. How could he be so calm after all these years?

It was as though nothing had happened between them.

She ignored Ethan's hand and walked out of the bushes. Noticing her reddish feet, Ethan crouched down and lifted her up.

The sudden action startled Jean as she froze stiff in his arms.

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