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   Chapter 31 Royal SPA Treatment

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Jean's cheek turned red from Zed's prank.

"Get change and follow me."

His playful demeanor turned serious.

With all her might, Jean pulled her hand out of Zed's grip. She then turned to him with a cold refusal, "No!"

"You don't get to choose, unless you rather lose your residence booklet?" Zed said nothing more and went straight toward the bathroom.

Jean rushed to the front of the bathroom door and blocked Zed's way. She scowled at him wide eyed, "Why? You didn't even returned my booklet even though I accompanied you to your ex's birthday party last time. If you want me to participate this time, you'll have to give it back to me first!"

Zed frowned slightly with his eyes squinting at Jean, "What made you think you have the qualification to negotiate with me? It's your call, to go or not."

With that, Zed attempted to proceed forward but Jean refused to budge. She was determined to not let him through and thus their stubbornness came to a draw. Their bodies were leaning against each other now.

Zed lowered his head and stared into her eyes with his deep colored pupil. His long slender fingers held her chin up. "Are you going to move away? Or... you want to take a bath with me?"

"You!" Jean felt embarrassed and angered at the same time, she had no choice but to turn aside and let him go.

When the bathroom door closed, she waved her fist against the air and vented her anger at the bathroom direction.

"I am not going! I don't see how you would benefit from keeping my booklet. I'll have you know the game is on! You're a billionaire tycoon and I'm just an exiled second generation of a pseudo rich family. I'm clearly not on the losing end in this marriage so let's see who will be the last one standing! Hmph!"

She felt better after all the yelling. She changed her clothes and went out after taking Zed's gold credit card from his wallet.

Since Zed refused to divorce her, Jean remained as his legal wife. There was nothing wrong for a wife to spend her husband's money, right?

Jean went to the high-end health care club under the Qi Group. She walked to the reception desk and gave them Zed's credit card.

"Ahem, can you verify for

er to a VIP party. Jean pulled the car door open with much joy until she realized Zed was in it. He pulled her into the car before she could make her escape.

"You really know how to pamper yourself, don't you?" Zed stared at Jean coldly.

Jean pouted. She turned her head to the side to look outside the window. Kicking the 12 centimeter high heel off her feet, she began to rant, "It was obvious that such services do not exist! Free dress and makeup? It's all just to trick me! I already told you I am not going to company you to that banquet of yours. If you are forcing me to attend, I am going to go there barefooted!"

"Sure. I am look forward to it."

Zed still looking serious, took his phone out to do some calculation. "This is what you just spend in the club. A total of 87, 500 dollar. I'll give you a discount and get rid a zero for you so it's 88, 000 dollar now."


She turned back to face Zed, pointing at him with her index finger and her teeth grind from frustration.

Zed tapped on his phone again to call his secretary.

"That land in the suburb..."

Jean was alerted the moment she heard that. She quickly hug Zed in defense "Darling, where is the banquet being held at? Do I look good in this dress?"

"Mr. Qi, what can I do for you?" The secretary felt puzzled when he overheard Jean's frisky comments over the call.

The corner of his mouth lifted slightly. Zed gave a pale smile as he replied "Nothing for now."

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