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   Chapter 30 We Are Getting Divorced

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She panicked. Her heart was racing. However, it's proven that men do like this kind of things, just like how it is in TV shows.

With just a little romantic atmosphere, the plan was already half succeeded.

He ignored what Jean said and lifted her up, all the way from the living room to the bedroom. He placed her down gently on the big soft bed.

"Wait for what?"

His breathing was heavy and his gaze at her was full of burning passion.

"When...When are you going to divorce me?"

She was only trying to mimic the TV shows to see if Zed would have any respond. Much to her surprise, he reacted so intensely with such haste.

It worked on Zed, but it should have been Eva, not her!

The burning flames in Zed's eyes were put out almost instantly by her words. His face gloomed. He looked at her coldly," Do you think this is a good time to talk about it? Are you that desperate to leave me?"

Jean nodded rapidly," It's already been decided long ago. We'll divorce once the time is right but you've confiscated my residence booklet and denied the divorce. Further more, the Wen Group is in a total mess, I have no further use for you anymore. Why don't you just keep your promise and divorce me, go back to your life as an eligible bachelor?"

Their marriage was only for business benefits. Since the deal has come to an end, it only makes sense that the marriage should as well. Even more so now that everyone has already gotten their profits respectively. Most importantly, she was afraid that she would become obsessed with him if they stayed together any longer.

It is Zed she is talking about. He's rich and handsome. He was being gentle and considerate too recently, which has made her heart skipped.

"An eligible bachelor? Heh, I believe it's you who is eager to become single again."

He got up suddenly and left the bedroom in rage. The sound of a departed car was heard not long after the door slammed. Zed had left the villa.

Jean was left alone in this huge house. She dazed for a while because she didn't understand why Zed got angry. She felt lost.

"Never mind. At least I found out he likes those kind of romantic

to Zed so my probation period can be shortened. I understand that it is not appropriate but please understand that I have a family issue at the moment. My dad has a debt. I..."

Michelle's voice choked up with tears.

"Michelle, please don't cry... This is just a business marriage between Zed and me. Besides, we are getting divorced soon. As much as I like to help you..."

"Huh? No way. Then forget it. I will talk to you later."

Beep beep beep...

It took Jean several seconds to realize that the call has ended. She was going to say that she could give it a try and talk to Zed about it but Michelle hung up so fast that she didn't even get the chance to tell her.

Her attitude changed almost instantly the moment she heard about the divorce.

When Jean turned around to head back into the bedroom, Zed was already standing behind her, leaning against the glass door lazily in his cozy pajama.

"Were you eavesdropping?"

He shrugged and threw up his hands," This is my house. I have the right to listen."

Jean was already annoyed by Michelle's treatment. Now she was even more irritated after hearing Zed's statement. She strode past him and deliberately hit him with her shoulder.

All of a sudden, her arm was caught by his hands. He pulled her hard towards him and she fell into his embrace. Jean looked up and stared at him wide eyed," What do you want?"

"Nothing. What about you?" His lips curled to a smirk.

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