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   Chapter 29 I Prefer To Eat You Now

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Hearing Jean's words, Zed considerately left the ward.

Jean's cellphone was buzzing.

Eva was calling her. Jean was suddenly reminded that she had promised Eva to help her fix them up. And it was a good opportunity for their encounter.

She then answered the phone and told Eva where Zed was.

Soon, Eva made her way to Jean's ward according to the room number. Outside the ward, she caught sight of the handsome and tall figure of Zed.

Hastily retreating to the nearest corner, Eva quickly took out her lipstick and foundation to fix her makeup.

With his eyebrows furrowed, Zed leaned against the wall. He was thinking about how to help Jean punish her troubling family. If they were not of importance to Jean, then he can treat them violently. But after all, they were still Jean's family. He had to be careful


Hearing the familiar voice, Zed turned around and found it was Eva.

"Why are you here?"

"My friend is in hospital. I'd came here to visit her. What about you?"

"My wife is in hospital."

Hearing the word 'wife', Eva felt unhappy. She gently placed the hair scattered around her cheeks behind her ears to conceal her embarrassment.

"Zed, do you have any spare time now?" I want to have a talk with you. "

"No, I don't."

Zed ruthlessly refused her. He was currently feeling upset, so he didn't want to be bothered. Moreover, he knew that Eva didn't have any important things to talk about with him, so there was no need to waste time talking!

Having been refused, Eva was quite upset. Zed's words had greatly impacted her, and she suddenly started weeping.

"Do you really want to treat me in such a cold-hearted way? Are you not even willing to be my friend?"

Raising her voice, Eva looked at Zed with a pitiful look. The people that passed by all took notice of them.

With his eyebrows furrowed deeper, Zed was worried about waking up Jean in the ward, so he left the hospital with Eva.

In the car, the driver drove silently while Zed and Eva sat in the back seats. The atmosphere was very awkward.

"Say what you want to say." Zed said.

Pressing her lips together, Eva glanced at the driver. Concerned that the driver was also in the car, she didn't speak, but she was also afraid that such a good opportunity would be wasted if she didn't say anything.

"Zed, if I went back with you last year, we might not have broken up. If… If time can go backwards, I would rather give up on everything and come back with you…" Eva couldn't help but softly cry.

Seeing that Eva was softly sobbing, Zed inevitably felt sympathetic towards her. After all, they used to be lovers.

Seeing Eva cry so sadly, Zed couldn't help but tap her on the shoulder to comfort her, adding: "It's all in the past. Just let it go."

Eva snuggled in his arms, her hands holding Zed's waist tightly. She said: "But I regret it now. Can't we pretend that nothing happened and that we're still in love with each other?" I love you so much…"

As she spoke, she stroked Zed's waist with her palms; her body continuously rubbing against him. All her words and movements fully showed her willingness to take the initiative to seduce Zed.

"Eva, are you drunk now? I'm married. Do you know what you're implying by saying this to me?"

At the moment, Zed was still polite. He just pushed Eva's body away with his strong arms and implicitly warned her.


Eva was a little embarrassed. Noticing that Zed was a little angry, with his eyebrows furrowed, she decided to temporarily halt her plans.

"Sorry, sir, please stop by the side."

After the car stopped, Eva quickly got out of the car, turned round, and ran towa

rds the opposite direction, her heartbeat accelerating.

In a panic, she called Jean and told her what had happened just now. She hoped that Jean can help her deal with this situation.

At the moment, Jean's mood was much better. She was eating an apple in the ward while advising Eva like a love expert.

"Don't you think you're too anxious? If you fascinate him step by step, he won't refuse you. Men like to conquer women, but don't like to be conquered by women. You don't need to be worried about that. There will be a lot more opportunities for you in the future."

"What you said is right. Fortunately, I got out of the car. Otherwise, the atmosphere would've been much more awkward!"

"Remember to pay attention next time. But today, this scenario was not suitable for a date. Next time you have to find a romantic place. Just wait for my good news."

"Okay. Thank you, Jean."

"You're welcome. I'm just helping myself. Okay, I'll talk with you more about that later. Sorry, I have to go to the bathroom now."

After hanging up the phone, Jean put the phone aside and went to wash her hands. After washing her hands in the bathroom for a while, Jean talked to herself in the mirror.

"Normally, a man won't refuse a woman who takes the initiative to seduce him. Eva has a sexy body and a beautiful appearance. If I were a man, I would have been charmed by her, but Zed pushed her away. Is there anything wrong with his libido…"

In the evening.

Zed's driver came to pick up Jean, saying that Zed was afraid there would be people disturbing her rest in the hospital. Jean immediately agreed to go home since she didn't want to stay in the hospital.

The driver left when they arrived at the door to the villa. The big villa was dark. Jean thought that perhaps Zed had not returned home yet, so she walked into the house alone.

She turned on the lights, and the house lit up. Jean sat on the sofa and watched TV. There happened to be a romantic scene playing in the TV. An idea suddenly came up in her mind. She thought about trying it to see if it was effective. If it worked, she would call Eva to do it. Maybe it would be easier for Eva to successfully rekindle their relationship.

She then immediately called Zed.

After a few seconds, Zed's magnetic voice came from the other end of the phone. "Hello."

"So, when are you coming back? The driver has sent me home. "

"About half an hour later. Is there anything wrong?"

"Nothing. I'm going to cook dinner. See you later."

Hanging up the phone in a rush, Jean started to decorate the dining room. Putting candles around and scattering the rose petals on the floor, she also played soft music.

Half an hour later, Zed came back in time. As soon as he opened the door, he heard the sound of relaxing music and saw the light of the dim candles, as well as the rose petals scattered on the floor.

"Welcome back. I cooked a steak for you. "

Taking off the apron and standing by the door to the kitchen, Jean carefully observed the expression on Zed's face.

"Well." Taking off his coat, Zed went to the dining room.

They sat down face to face. Jean cut the steak with a little embarrassment, shaking her legs from side to side nervously. Unexpectedly, her toes accidentally touched Zed's leg.

He stopped cutting the steak and looked deeply into Jean's eyes.

"Does the steak taste good?"

Jean embarrassedly asked Zed while retreating her feet.

Putting down the knife and fork, the man stood up with his eyebrow furrowed.

"Doesn't it taste good?" Jean asked nervously.

Zed got closer to her and took away her knife and fork. "I prefer to eat you right now..."

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