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   Chapter 28 You Can't Handle This Man

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Joy exploded with happiness. After making a ruckus outside for nearly half a day, she finally was able to get Jean Wen to come out. Thankfully, her gentle begging earlier wasn't wasted," Jeany!"

Jean turned around to look at Zed, purposefully paying no attention to Joy.

At that moment, Zed was looking at Jean as well.

Jean was overwhelmed with sadness in her heart all of a sudden.

"Why are you standing outside the whole time?"

Her voice carried a cute feign of anger, more or less acting like a spoiled child.

Zed raised his lips and replied," When you were sleeping inside, I heard some noise outside. Fearing that the ruckus would disturb your sleep, I went out to have a look. Then, I saw Winner and his mother."

Jean blankly stared into Zed's eyes. For some reason, she actually felt Zed's eyes were full of love.

"Jean, we..."

Joy, who was standing beside them, felt a little embarrassed and opened her mouth. Clearly the two of them were still standing there. How could Zed and Jean just ignore them?

Jean finally turned around when she heard Joy's voice. She found that Winner was covering his nose with his hand, and there was blood on his fingers.

Just then, she realized that Winner was the one who got hurt. And to her relief, Zed was fine.

If it was in the past, Jean would've spoken for Winner. However, now.....

"Damn it! Mom, it's all this bitch's fault. If it were not for her, how could that land my dad almost got a hold of suddenly disappear. Shit! Just you wait, better not let me catch you!"

Winner glared at Jean with his red eyes.

Probably because he was hit by Zed, that's why he felt humiliated! Or perhaps, this so called little brother already hated her to the bones.

Jean's sharp gaze coldly landed on Winner's face.

"What did you just say?"

Winner glanced at Zed and just saw Zed still the same as before with a faint smile hanging on his lips. Winner still wasn't sure what Zed meant by the smile.

If it weren't for Joy holding him back the whole time, he would have already rushed up to Jean and Zed.

However, there was nothing Winner could do. After all, Zed was a powerful and rich businessman. Everyone knew that Zed came from a rich family. If Winner and his family really pissed him off, it would be a piece of cake for him to destroy the Wen Group. Both Winner and his mother were aware of the fact.

"I didn't say anything. Besides, even if I said something, did I mention you by name?"

Winner replied carelessly with his eyes focused on somewhere else.

Joy hurriedly pulled on the corner of Winner's clothes, indicating that he should stop talking. They came here today to ask for forgiveness from Jean Wen. Even if they were unwilling to please Jean in their hearts, they still needed to wait until Zed yielded out that land.

Before Joy came to the hospital, Shirley had told her that Zed fell in love with Jean. At the moment, she thought what her daughter had said was nonsense. But now when she saw it with her own eyes, Joy realized that Shirley had been right. Zed had already fallen in love with Jean.

She could sense it from their loving gazes to each other.

If a man just pretended to have affection for a woman and love her very much, then he could say a lot of sweet words, buy a lot of luxury goods, and satisfy all her material needs. But those things had nothing to do with true love. Even if an extremely skilled actor can't feign that sort of indulgence and concern in his eyes.

"You still don't know your mistake? Anyway, Jean is still your sister, and Zed is your brother-in-law. Are you done being impudent?"

Joy feigned anger and yelled at Winner.

Winner was still discontent in his heart. He mumbled something to himself and looked at Zed. In the end, he still didn't have the courage to say anything.

"That, uh, Jean, ..."

After Winner calmed down, Joy turned around to Jean again. She mad

e herself look like a kind and nice old lady. All of a sudden, Jean recalled the night when Joy beat her with a broom. At that time, she was a mean old lady, not showing any signs of kindness.


Jean sneered. She politely asked in a tone filled with alienation," Do I know you?"

Joy became speechless at Jean's question.

"I don't seem to know you. But you look like the woman who had beaten me with a broom one night. I forgot why you'd beaten me that time...."

Jean continued thoughtfully.

Zed instead amusingly sized up Jean. He thought Jean really had changed.

Zed's line of sight followed along Jean's hospital gown downwards. Finally, Zed's gaze landed on Jean's bare feet.

Zed's expression hardened almost instantly, and the smile faded off his face.

She ran out like this in barefoot? What was it for?

"I..." Joy knew that Jean was kindhearted, so that's why she personally brought Winner to apologize. But she didn't expect that Jean would actually mention that incident from that night.

Joy was very regretful. She also blamed herself for being too impulsive that time.

Just as an old saying goes, 'Don't put all your eggs in one basket.' Joy hadn't expected that one day she would have to come to ask for Jean's help.

"Oh, I must have remembered wrongly!"

Not waiting for Joy to open her mouth, Jean spoke, as if she was talking to herself," My bad. I think I must remember it wrong. I suppose it's because I hit my head previously."

Jean's self mocking words were actually full of sarcasm.

"Jean, I know you have a lot of complaints towards me, but your surname is Wen after all. Even if you won't forgive me, you can't just sit and watch the Wen Group decline, right? Or, are you only willing to forgive me if I kneel down?"

Joy spoke with somewhat stirred up emotions.

Jean lightly hooked the corner of her lips. Unknowingly, she'd clenched both her fists, coldly saying," If I could choose, I'd rather not have this surname! In these past years, the scars you all have left on me, I will remember for the rest of my life. How can I forgive you that easy? Don't even think about it!"

Afterwards, Jean pulled Zed's hand and returned inside the hospital room, slamming the door shut.

"Shit! Shameless bitch, I'd advise you not to be too pleased with yourself for too long. You can't handle a man like Zed. Someday when he dumps you, don't come back crying to us!"

Winner's voice came through from outside the door. Soon after, they heard Joy berating him. Then, there wasn't anymore movements. Presumably, they must have left the hospital.

In the ward, Jean sat down and cried. She didn't know why her family members hated her so much. Thinking of the awful things they had done to her, Jean didn't feel sorry for what she had said to Joy just now. Despite trying her best to control her emotions, she was still brought to tears by that strange feeling. Warm tears flowed down.

Zed hugged her from behind, tightly enveloping her weak and feeble body into his embrace and softly muttering by her ear.

"In the future, you'll have me by your side. I won't let anyone bully you, or humiliate you."

These words were like giving her a strong backing, yet also like declaring his authority.

Jean had to admit that Zed's words instantly warmed her heart. There was also a strange feeling throbbing inside too.


She reminded herself that she must not be immersed in his tenderness. Just as Winner had said, she could not control Zed at all. If she were to indulge in this temporary tenderness, afterwards if he dumped her, then it would be very painful. It wasn't something she could endure.

Thus she twisted her body and struggled to escape from his embrace. She lowered her head and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes.

"Um, I feel a little sleepy and want to rest. Also.... You don't have to stay here with me. I want to be alone."

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