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   Chapter 27 Thanks To You All, She's Not Dead Yet

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"That's right, how is Jeany?"

How intimate, calling her Jeany!

Zed snorted and coldly said, "Thanks to you all, she's not dead yet."

Before Zed's words were finished, Joy Yi's face immediately paled.

Could it be.... Zed already knew?

Winner could also sense the heavy irony in the words of Zed. His smile froze on his face. Seconds later, he came to himself and pretended nothing had happened.

"How could it be thanks to us? It must be because brother-in-law is full of good fortune."

Joy immediately glared at Winner after hearing what he'd said. Sullenness appeared on her lightly made up yet still attractive face.

'If you don't know how to speak, then don't speak! If by chance Zed Qi gets offended, when the time comes, we'll all have to swallow the consequences.'

Joy secretly looked to Zed. Taking advantage of the fact that he still hadn't expressed his anger yet, she immediately apologized with a smile, "You see, Jeany's little brother has never known how to speak properly. It's my fault for spoiling him, but he's very kind-hearted. In fact, earlier when he heard Jeany was in the hospital, he even specially asked me to come see Jeany on his own accord! In actuality, he's still very worried about Jeany. Zed, how about letting us go in and see her? Otherwise, we'll be restless."

"Do you all feel uneasy because Jean didn't die?"

Zed raised his eyebrow. The coldness in his eyes became deeper.

Joy paused, appearing somewhat startled.

"What nonsense are you saying?"

In the end, Winner couldn't endure it anymore. He immediately changed his previous flattering look, the smile on his face instantly scattered. What was left was just anger and discontent.

There was an angry glare in Zed's eyes, and his tone became even more ice cold, like winter frost.

"I'm sure you know better than anyone else what I'm talking about. Don't tell me, you don't know why Jean Wen is lying here?" As he spoke, Zed suddenly smiled and his tone becoming frivolous, "Or perhaps, you want to wait until you're in the prison and have a nice conversation with the police?"

"You... Don't assume just because you have money, I'll be scared of you!"

Winner originally wanted to use some even more vulgar words to curse Zed. Just, when the words reached his lips, they were swallowed back by a glare from his mother.

Zed just felt it was really ridiculous. A ridiculous pair of mother and son, and a ridiculous whole family.

But as ridiculous as they were, Zed was also full of gratitude towards this family.

If it wasn't because of them... How could Jean Wen have appeared in his life?

"Zed, we really just wanted to come see Jeany today. Her father is also getting old, and he often reminisces about her at home. Recently, because he heard Jeany was in the hospital, he'd been worrying about her the whole time. Originally he wanted to come see Jeany himself, but because of the matter last time, Jeany has some misunderstandings towards her father, so......."

Joy Yi spoke with great emotion and effort, and Zed didn't have any intentions of interrupting her either.

Ever since last time, it could be considered that Zed had truly seen this family's true colors.

"Look, why don't you just let us go in. We'll leave right after seeing Jeany. I promise we'll leave right after seeing her."

In such a situation, as long as Zed would let her see Jean Wen, even if she had to kneel down and kowtow to Zed, she'd be willing.

Because only by seeing Jean Wen, could Joy be able to ask for forgiveness for Winner.

Zed was silent for a moment as if in deep thought.


Zed deliberately let his voice trail off. Joy's entire face was stiff.

"Jean probably

doesn't want to see you all. If you're smart, then it's best you leave here now. Of course, even if you don't want to leave, I have ways to let you leave here too."

Although it sounded like he was consulting with them, in reality it was a fully implied threat.

"Zed, no matter what, Jean is also someone from our family. Right now she's injured and has to be hospitalized. We come see her. You obstruct us like this, that doesn't seem too appropriate, right?"

Since soft words didn't work, then there was no need to pretend to be kind.

Joy was going crazy from her setback. Since Zed wasn't willing to bend, she might as well come at him with force.

Zed's complexion was the same as before. That faint smile still hung from his lips.

It seemed as if Joy was determined to see Jean Wen that day.

"Oh? I sure want to see, if I don't let you in today, what you'll do?"

Zed nonchalantly shot a glance at the two, completely unconcerned.

In the room, Jean Wen had thought that under Zed's obstruction, Joy would definitely leave immediately. Yet she'd never expected that they would actually be this stubborn

Jean didn't know what their purpose of coming here today was either. Perhaps it was the same intentions that Shirley had last time?

In the end, it was still because of that land, right?

No matter what, in their eyes, her worth, in short, was inferior to that piece of land.

Her heart felt as if it was pressed down by a rock, making her unable to breathe.

Jean hoped that Zed could drive them away and definitely must not let them in.

Upon thinking this, Jean felt somewhat calmer.

That's right, it was precisely that sense of security that Zed gave her. So long as Zed was by her side, even if the sky collapsed she wouldn't be afraid.

Jean very much enjoyed this feeling, yet at the same time also very afraid. She was afraid that this sense of security couldn't accompany her for too long. After all, she knew clearly in her heart that the one Zed liked wasn't her. Sooner or later one day, he will return to Eva's side.

"I've already said, Jean doesn't want to see you all. On this matter, I can make the decision for her. If you both still don't know your place, don't blame me for being impolite. On the contrary, it is not good to list what you have done openly."

Zed's deep voice sounded once again.

Jean's heart trembled.

From the sound of it, it seemed Joy was still going on and on.


"What? I've already wasted a lot of time talking to you here!"

This was rather true. In the usual days, even Jean hadn't heard Zed say this much either.

"I must see her today even if you don't allow. I have something very important I need to say to Jean!"

This was Winner's voice!

From the sound of it, it didn't seem friendly.

What did he want to do?

Jean thought back to when Winner kidnapped her last time and couldn't help feeling somewhat scared. What if Winner does something unreasonable to Zed and injures Zed?


As soon as Jean Wen thought of this, her train of thought already couldn't be stopped. She sat up in a hurry and ran to the door in barefoot.

"Zed, don't assume that I'm scared of you. And don't assume that you have blackmail material against me in your hands. Even if you do, it's still between me and Jean Wen, I....."


This was..... The sound of someone getting hit? It didn't seem to be a slap, more like a fist!

Could it be that Winner really was that unreasonable and punched Zed?

Jean didn't care about anything else and immediately pulled open the door.

In an instant, the three who were in a deadlock outside the door the whole time, immediately focused their gaze onto Jean.

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