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   Chapter 26 An Empty Apology

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By FAYE HORTON Characters: 7259

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You have to admit, Zed Qi was very handsome. Delicate facial features and distinct outline are so attractive, yet don't diminish his masculinity.

Not to mention those dark pupils in his eyes could always easily steal one's soul.

For some reason, the memory with Zed Qi that night suddenly surfaced in Jean Wen's mind. She was thrown out by the Wens that night and experienced many hardships. Zed at the time was so gentle.

As she was contemplating, Jean Wen saw Zed Qi slightly move his hand, looking as if he was about to wake up.

Jean Wen closed her eyes immediately, and her heartbeat sped up at once, just like a child who'd done something wrong.

Fortunately, Zed Qi didn't wake up. Perhaps it was because the sitting position was too uncomfortable, or because he had currently maintained that position for too long. That's why he deliberately adjusted his sitting position.

Jean Wen didn't hear any movements. She thought that he might have fallen asleep again.

After a while, Jean Wen slowly opened her eyes again. As expected, Zed Qi moved his body down a little. Half of his body was almost lying down on the couch, and his head rested on the cushion in a more comfortable manner.

Jean Wen inwardly took a deep breath. A smile gradually appeared on her lips.

'If this man... can watch over by my side like this forever, how wonderful would it be!'

With such hopes and beautiful dreams, Jean Wen finally fell asleep again. Even if she was asleep, a look of happiness could still be seen on her face.

The next day.

Early in the morning, the first ray of sunshine shone into the ward, lazily bringing in a bit of warmth.

Zed Qi was still sitting on the couch, reading the unfinished documents from yesterday, seemingly unconcerned.

Actually, he'd already woken up before it was bright outside, only to find his neck stiff and waist sore.

The woman on the bed was restless. She didn't even notice that the quilt had already fallen to the ground.

Zed Qi stood up and covered her up with the quilt. Seeing that it was almost dawn, Zed Qi's sleepiness completely went away. He might as well not sleep anymore and go out to buy some breakfast for Jean Wen.

The doctor said that she can't eat excessively greasy foods these days.

Seeing that the time was still early, Zed Qi drove to a restaurant that was 30 kilometers away to buy breakfast. He remembered that Jean Wen once said the porridge at this restaurant tasted great.

Originally, he thought that Jean would have woken up by the time he'd return to the hospital.

Zed Qi waited for a long time, but didn't see any signs of Jean Wen waking up.

So he tried to wake her up. But once he saw the smile revealed on her face, he stopped. Seeing her looking so happy and content, Zed Qi couldn't bear to disturb her.

In fact, this was the most peaceful sleep Jean Wen has slept recently. She didn't know starting from when, as long as Zed Qi was around her, she would have an inexplicable sense of security.

Eventually she was waken by the sounds of quarreling outside the ward.

The voices outside the door were from Joy Yi and Winner Wen.

"We are Jean's family. How can you stop us from visiting her?" Joy Yi was as arrogant and insolent as ever.

As expected, Winner Wen, just like his mother, immediately added," Yeah, that's right!"

"Our CEO has already said, if..."

A soft female voice sounded. Jean Wen knew that the person speaking was Zed Qi's secretary.

"If what? We are Jean's family. What makes you think that you can block us? Even if your CEO is inside ther

e today, I'm still going in to see my daughter!"


When Jean, who was faintly resting with her eyes closed, heard Joy Yi say this word, she couldn't help trembling from the bottom of her heart. Afterwards, goosebumps ran all over her.

She had truly learned the saying birds of a feather flock together. Looking at it now, it seemed her father was indeed a perfect match for Joy Yi.

Jean Wen pretended to be sound asleep and didn't open her eyes even once.

She had already seen how shameless her father was and also learned how much Shirley Wen love scheming and manipulating. But she realized she still hadn't truly known the Wens until Joy Yi showed up outside the ward. She didn't know that someone could be this shameless.

Her heart felt as if she'd been splashed by a bowl of cold water.

Unbearable freezing.

Zed Qi obviously heard the ruckus outside the door. His brows were furrowed into a knot, appearing extremely annoyed. He subconsciously looked at Jean Wen, who was still sleeping beside him and did not mean to wake up. Zed Qi knew that Jean Wen would be waken up eventually by the noise if he did not stop Joy Yi at once.

He absolutely couldn't let anyone disturb Jean Wen's rest. Not even for a second!

Suddenly, Zed Qi rose from the couch with a strong aura around him. A burst of fire came out from his eyes.

This Winner Wen... He actually had the guts to come on his own accord!

Zed Qi slightly raised the corners of his mouth. A demonic smile surfaced on his already malicious face.

Jean Wen heard Zed Qi's footsteps getting further away, seemingly reaching the door and then she heard the door open.

Instantly, Joy Yi's voice got much louder.

"See? See? This is your CEO, right? I wasn't wrong, was I? Right now, he's our Wen family's son-in-law!"

At the sight of Zed Qi, Joy Yi assumed that he'd specially came out to welcome her. Her words towards the secretary became more arrogant, trying to intimidate the other with her powerful connections.

Winner Wen was more deferential and put on a smile immediately. It was like he'd bent over backwards for Zed Qi. He spoke to Zed Qi with a big smile," Brother-in-law, we're here to see my big sister and talk to her about some things. Your secretary just now thought my mother and I were the bad guys and wouldn't let us in. See, I didn't know you were in there too. If I had known that you were in there, I would have directly talked to you first, right?"

Winner Win's fawning words and his flattering face only gave Zed Qi an even worse impression on the Wens.

Zed Qi glanced at Winner Wen with a loathing expression on his face. His haughty attitude made him like a high and mighty king.

Although Winner Wen was discontent, he didn't dare to show any of it on the outside. After all... It directly depended on Jean Wen's attitude towards him, whether he could return to the Wens and smoothly inherit the Wen's property.

No matter how asshole Winner Wen was, he knew the stakes. Otherwise, he wouldn't have came along with Joy Yi to apologize to Jean Wen.

He lowered his voice a bit and spoke to Zed Qi with a bigger smile," Brother-in-law, how is my big sister?"

This call of 'brother-in-law' sounded rather sweet.

Zed Qi took another glance at Winner Wen with an evident smile on his lips. To be accurate, it was a contemptuous sneer. From his dark eyes shot out two cold light, unexpectedly making everyone unable to breathe.

Joy Yi saw that Zed Qi wasn't speaking. In her heart, she was worried that Winner had said something wrong and made Zed unhappy.

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