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   Chapter 25 Bewitched Followers

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Jean was boiling with rage, but she had no way to release it. She finally accepted that Zed's tactics had hurt her pride.

Before she could say anything to Zed, the night nurse appeared. Jean hadn't realized that it was time for her medicines. Unwilling to make a scene in front of strangers, Jean tempered her anger and frustration. Zed was lucky that the nurse had picked this very moment to arrive. Had it not been for this interruption, Jean would have grabbed the cup on the bedside table and hurled it at Zed.

"Mrs. Qi, it's time for you to take your pills!"

Jean spared one last glare at Zed before pretending as though nothing had happened between them.

The interesting thing was that the nurse was obsessed with the handsome Zed. Every time she made a round of the wards, she would try to find a reason to stay in Jean's room. In doing so, the nurse would have the opportunity to appreciate Zed's beautiful face at the pretext of inquiring after Jean's health. It was also obvious that the nurse was envious of Jean. Just before stepping out the door, the nurse would say something sarcastic to Jean.

"Mrs. Qi, you have a lovely husband! You two look so sweet together." The nurse plastered a fake smile on her face before speaking with Jean. Then she stretched her hand forward. She held a paper cup full of pills prescribed by the doctor.

"Sweet?" Jean was a little surprised by the nurse's compliment. She shook her head as she picked up the little paper cup. Then she raised her head before putting all the pills into her mouth.

The nurse handed a glass of water to Jean and then added with smile," Yes. Everyone at the hospital has seen how your husband dotes on you and they all wish they were you. We envy you so much. Your husband is so good to you. How we wish to be as lucky as you to have a husband like yours!"

Jean didn't react to the nurse's statements. All this feigned flattery and compliments by the nurse left Jean feeling embarrassed. To hide her feelings, Jean managed to squeeze a smile. However, the smile was too stiff to fool anyone.

"The whole time that you have been at the hospital, we have witnessed how your husband has stayed by your side. He has looked after you and brought you meals. This is a very rare scene in our hospital. Plus, he is so young and capable. He is handsome and brilliant as well. There is no reason for us not to admire him. Don't you think so?" The nurse continued without noticing that Jean was uncomfortable with this conversation.

As a result, Jean became even more flustered.

Jean tried to think of a response, but she failed. After all, nothing the nurse had to say was about Jean. This was simply an opportunity to indirectly praise Zed. Jean was clear about the nurse's intentions. The nurse was actually using her compliments to satirize Jean. She ostensibly appreciated Jean's luck, however, her actual meaning was that Jean was not deserving of Zed.

Their match was a mistake by the Lord. It was the kind of affair that could only happen in fairy tales.

As Jean assumed what the nurse was thinking, she sighed to herself.

'You like him so much, don't you? Then you can have him!'

Jean spared Zed a sidelong glance. To her disappointment, Zed was studying her with great interest. It was almost as though he was watching an intriguing drama on the television.

'Is he just going to sit there and let me handle this situation?'

Jean made a humph sound, then said awkwardly," Em... Any other pills for me to take?"

Jean's question reminded the nurse that her work in Jean's room was finished and that there was no need for her to stay. In addition, it seemed she had talked so much that the couple appeared to be displeased. To confirm her suspicions, she then studied Zed's face. He was frowning.

"No, that's all. Rest well! I still have work to do. Good night!" The nurse then left in a sensible manner.

Jean fixed her eyes on the nurse's retreating form until she had stepped out and closed the door behind her. Finally Jean felt as though she could breathe. When she reflected on what had made her so uncomfortable, Jean realized she was upset because another woman was complimenting Zed.

"You have quite a few bewitched followers!"

Jean commented.

Zed, however, raised his hands and shrugged in a helpless gesture.

"Are you jealous?" Zed carefully studied the sulking woman sitting on the bed.

"Jealous? Are you kidding me?"

Jean retorted promptly. However, her flat tone contradicted her words. The truth was that she was jealous indeed.

Zed smiled faintly.

He didn't feel it was necessary to point out that Jean was denying her true feelings.


"Mom, father cast me out!"

Winner whined to his mother as he stood in front of the villa.

However, Joy Yi wasn't surprised to hear Winner's pathetic tone. In fact, a few minutes before Winner's phone call, Joy had received a message from Shirley.

"Tell me, what did you do?"

"I..." Winner couldn't think of anything to say. His mouth stayed open as he tried to think of a way to conceal the truth.

Joy didn't give him any time to come up with excuses. She simply continued speaking firmly," If you still want to live at home, then be frank and tell me the truth."

Joy's threat caused Winner to tremble. With no one else left to help him, Winner decided to tell his mother about all matters pertaining to Jean's ab


"Mom, you must help me, I still have an urgent debt to pay. If I fail to pay them in time, they will hurt me. They said that they will break my legs. Mom, you wouldn't like to see me get hurt, would you?"

Whether pleading or threatening, Winner didn't care what method he used to get the help he needed. He was also certain that Joy would not refuse to help him.

However, to Winners surprise, the phone went silent.

Joy didn't reply to him.

"Mom, are you listening? You wouldn't like to see me die, would you? If they break my legs, I don't want to live like that. I'd rather die!"

Joy stayed silent.

Winner got anxious and urged in a sobbing tone," Mom, are you listening to me? Please tell me what I should do."

"Come with me to apologize to Jean. Only if she forgives you will you be able to get the land for your father. As long as you can get the land, your father will forgive you for sure."

Joy replied to Winner softly after thinking for a long while.

Winner was stunned by Joy's advice. He was not willing to do what she asked. It was his reluctance to apologize to Jean that forced him to come to Joy for help.

'Apologize to Jean? Who does she think she is? Why should I apologize to her?'

These thoughts floated around in Winner's mind. He stayed silent as he mulled over his mother's instructions.

"Just do what I tell you, okay?"

Joy said impatiently. In fact, she didn't want Winner to apologize to Jean. Since Jean was her step-daughter, Joy always regarded her as an outsider not as a part of the Wen family. This was why Joy was reluctant to let her son bow before Jean. However, she had heard that Jean, backed by Zed, had toughened her attitude toward the Wen family.

Her suggestion to Winner was their only recourse. There was simply no other way to fix this situation.

Winner, who was still in a daze, grunted in response to Joy's command. It seemed he had neither accepted nor rejected her suggestion.

"Your sister will update me about Jean's health and other developments. If everything goes smoothly, we can do it tomorrow. Keep this a secret from your father. He is still angry with you, so perhaps, it's best if you don't come home too soon. I am not sure how he will treat you. Find a hotel and stay there tonight. I just transferred some money to your other account. It's enough to support you for couple of days. And, the girl you impregnated? I have settled that situation for you."

Instead of patiently and earnestly advising Winner as she usually did, Joy said in a grim tone.

It was as though she felt extremely disappointed with Winner.

Winner, however, knowing Joy was his last hope, didn't want to offend her. He knew that his life would no longer be peaceful if he displeased her.

As the sun gradually settled and the wind started to blow, it got colder.

When Winner left home in the morning, he wore a T-shirt as the sun had been shining brightly. He could feel the warmth brought about by the sunlight at that time.

Now the sun had set, and the sky was completely dark. The temperature had lowered and a single T-shirt was not enough to fight the cold he was feeling.

"Thank you, mom, I will be cautious in the future." Winner's teeth chattered as he replied to his mother.

"Cautious about what? Don't talk about the future. If you cannot handle this situation well for your father, I am not sure whether he will allow you back home in the future, do you understand?"


"Okay, then find yourself a hotel and settle down. Remember, leave me a message to let me know that you are safe."


However, after ending the call, Winner was in quite a good mood. He was happy as one of his problems had been addressed. The girl he had impregnated would never bother him again. Compared to the threats from the girl's family, Jean was much easier to deal with.

'Apologizing is nothing to me. Only those who can drain the cup of humiliation are real men. I am a real man!'

Winner consoled himself. Meanwhile, he found the number of his family's private driver and then called him. After a while, the driver arrived. Winner then got into the car and instructed the driver to head to the best hotel.


Jean looked out the window. The tree that grew in front of her window obscured most of the sky. However, she saw a waning moon that was barely lighting up the night sky.

Another day had ended. And yet, Zed stayed and looked after Jean. Ever since Jean had been brought to the hospital, Zed had remained by her side. He hadn't left.

While Jean found that she wasn't drowsy, Zed had fallen asleep on the sofa. Whether it was because of his work or his efforts to take care of Jean, Zed was exhausted.

Since the sofa was opposite to Jean's bed, she had a clear view of Zed.

Lying in bed, Jean cupped her chin with her hands and focused her gaze on Zed.

This man... Though asleep, he was still charismatic and graceful. He was seated upright on the sofa with his head tilted sideways. He had placed a small cushion to prevent his head from rolling around while he slept. His eyes were closed and he wasn't frowning.

Beside him lay a heap of papers on which he had been working.

How scrupulous he was!

Before napping, Zed had made the effort to arrange his papers properly!

Such a scene made Jean feel a sense of adoration. She reached out and grazed Zed's lips with her fingers.

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