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   Chapter 24 Blushing

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Henry Wen did not expect that Winner would say such rebellious words to him.

He meant to let the matter settle once Winner had admitted to his mistake and promised to fix all this. He had even considered forcing Winner to ask Jean for forgiveness. Considering how soft-hearted she was, the apology might have settled Jean.

What kind of man was Winner...

"Get out of here. Get out. Don't call me father from now on."

Henry Wen screamed hysterically. His wrinkled face turned red from the exertion.

Shirley who had been standing right beside them all this time, did not dare to make a sound. She didn't even move! She was afraid that their father would take his anger out on her. So she only watched them without saying a word.

It seemed that she could not do anything except wait for their father to calm down and their mother to return home, so that Henry and Joy could speak and decide how to deal with the situation caused by Winner.

"Fine. I will just leave. Do you think I am proud to be your son?"

Winner said with a sneer before turning and leaving the house.

The room suddenly got quiet.

It was so silent that Shirley could hear her father's heavy breathing.

After a while, Shirley finally summoned the courage to step forward. She gently took the broom out of her father's hand and whispered," Dad."

Lost in his thoughts, Henry did not seem to have heard her.


At the hospital, Jean whined," When can I be discharged from the hospital?"

Jean got bored of fiddling with her cellphone. All of a sudden, she seemed to realize something very important and looked at the man beside her with a big smile.

During Jean's stay in the hospital, Zed Qi kept her company. Even when there were extremely urgent issues at the company for him to take care of in person, he would ask his secretary to send the important documents to the hospital.

Hence, whenever Jean Wen was lying in bed and getting bored, she would turn and speak with Zed. No matter what time of the day or night, he would sit beside her and quietly process files.

She had to admit that she was attracted to men who were truly devoted to their work.

On several occasions, Jean watched Zed slyly and found that she was entranced.

At this moment, his long, slender eyes had narrowed to a slit. To her, the expression seemed to add depth and charm to his face. He was wearing a slight smile on his lips, a sly one.

She was indeed fascinated.

Jean Wen could not stop her mind from its naughty thoughts.

Of course,

ght her heart was going to jump out of her chest.

Before she could process what he had said, Zed reached out and carefully grabbed her arms. Then he pushed Jean down on the bed. With her restrained, he grinned and said," What do you think?"

The sudden movement scared Jean. She was already on edge considering his flirtatious words. His warm breath sent shivers up and down her spine. All of this stirred Jean's heart.

"That is enough, Mr. Qi!"

Jean tried to speak forcefully with Zed. She knew that Zed was dangerously close to kissing her. With whatever sense still remained, Jean knew she needed to stop him.

However, Zed suddenly laughed out and said sardonically," What were you thinking I was going to do? Are you blushing? Are you embarrassed?"

"I am not.... blushing!"

Despite Jean's protest, Zed knew that she was lying. He knew exactly what kind of effect he had on Jean. But Zed did not expose her lie. He just sat up and then said blandly," Actually, I was going to say that once you don't look pale, I will agree to your request. However, just before you blushed, you still looked pale. As the doctor said, you are too weak. So you need to stay in the hospital to recover."

Weak? Zed had often mentioned to Jean that she hadn't recovered completely. However, given how she was feeling, Jean believed otherwise. So, no matter how many times Zed said that she was weak, Jean remained unconvinced. Thus, Zed needed to try a different approach, one that would convince Jean.

'Wait! Was he trying to show me how weak I am? Is that all this teasing was supposed to accomplish? He wasn't actually going to try and kiss me?

So I was overthinking just now?'

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