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   Chapter 23 Henry Hits Winner

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Winner gave a small sad chuckle. His heart skipped a beat and a guilty look appeared on his face.

Winner thought, 'If Shirley figures out that I tried but failed to kidnap Jean, the consequences would be terrible.'

"What's wrong with you?" Shirley asked. Sensing something was wrong with her bother, Shirley studied Winner.

Winner replied," Well, it's okay. I'm fine. I'm just trying to come up with a plan to help father. Unfortunately, I don't have what it takes to do something like that." Winner stopped to rub his chin before continuing," Sister, I believe you are smarter than me. You are capable of accomplishing such an important task. As for me, I'd like to continue my computer games and management studies. One day if our father falls ill, I would take over his company. I have to learn so that I have the ability to manage our company. Don't you think so? Am I right?"

As Winner finished speaking, he began imagining what it would be like to manage such a big company. He forgot about his guilt as he thought of what he would do with the money and how the women would flock to him once they learned of his status. A smile grew on his face as he thought, 'If Zed sues father and the shock causes father's health to deteriorate, the responsibility of running the company would come to me.

That would be awesome!' Winner was excited by this thought.

Shirley glared at Winner. She was a little disappointed in her brother.

She cried out loud," Winner, you're such a bad son!"

Shirley's high-pitched scream shook Winner to the bone. He snapped out of his day-dreaming and gazed at his sister. He was at a loss for what to do.

"What's the matter with you?"

Winner asked in his usual casual tone.

Upon hearing what Winner had said, Shirley's blood boiled. She stuck her finger on his nose, gritted her teeth, and said," How can you say that about our father? You would not be living a comfortable life right now if it wasn't for his hard work and money. How dare you put a curse on our father? What could be more wrong than that?"

Winner knew that Shirley was really angry with him right now. But he was not afraid of her at all. He burst into laughter after glancing at her furious face. He couldn't believe she had taken something like that so seriously. Then, he scoffed," Sister, if there is something wrong with me, then there is something wrong with you. You have been trying your best to drive Jean over the edge. Finally, you succeeded in getting her out of the house. Our parents love you, so they always beli

she wondered.

"Dad, what happened to make you so angry?"

Shirley softened her tone and asked her father. Meanwhile, she held the broom as tightly as she could.

"I am going to beat Winner to death today," replied Henry.

Henry didn't tell Shirley why he was so angry. Of course, he didn't mention the unforgivable mistake his son had made, either. He pushed Shirley away, rushed toward Winner, and swung the broom.

As a young man, Winner was not as weak as Jean. He remembered that when Jean came home last time, their father beat her till she could barely walk. Not wanting to be in that position, Winner dodged the blow.

"Dad, what's the matter with you? If I did something wrong, please tell me. Okay?"

"How dare you ask me what the matter is? Don't you know what you did?"

After that, Henry swung the broom at Winner again.

This time Winner failed to dodge and the broom made contact with his face.


Winner gasped as pain exploded across his face. Henry stopped to gape at what he had done. Winner took advantage and quickly ran to the entrance of the bedroom.

Winner cried out," Dad, what mistake did I make to get you this mad?"

Henry screeched," What mistake? I can't believe you have not figured out your mistake till now."

Henry felt exhausted and gasped for breath. His anger and sudden movements had consumed much of his energy.

After a moment's hesitation, Winner looked at his father and said coldly," Dad, I know you don't like me. In your eyes, I am an ignoramus. No matter what I do, you are always dissatisfied with me. Since that is the case, it is meaningless for me to stay in this house any longer. I'd better leave before it's too late. "

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