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   Chapter 22 Why Are You So Close

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Jean closed her eyes again. She wondered what would Zed's reactions be if he found out that she was kidnapped and had jumped out of a moving car to get away.

"Mr. Qi, her injuries are not serious, however she is a little weak and needs to stay in the hospital so that we can make sure she'll have a full recovery. After that, she can be discharged."

'A woman's voice, sounds like a doctor of this hospital.'

"What about her wounds? Are you sure everything is alright?"

"Yes, the car wasn't moving too fast when she jumped out of the car, and besides, she landed on the lawn, which cushioned the impact for her. In addition to her previously healed injury, all she has is just some bruises."

Jean, who was pretending to sleep, was shocked. Did Zed know she jumped out of the car?

For Zed, he naturally knew what the previous injury the doctor was talking about was. After a few seconds of silence, Zed replied," Alright, I understand!"

"Then I will be leaving, if anything happens please call me anytime."

This time, Zed didn't make a sound. His gloomy eyes had been fixated on the person in bed the whole time.

The doctor tactfully left the patient's room.

The room returned to silence once again. The silence made Jean nervous for some reason.

At the same time, her heartbeat rose rapidly. Jean could even hear her own heartbeat loudly.

And the approaching footsteps.

One, two, three, four......

Suddenly the footsteps stopped, and Zed's breathing got heavier.

So awkward!

Jean suddenly didn't know what to do next. Should she continue pretending to be asleep, or should she wake up now?

Right when Jean had no idea of what to do, in this room, where there was only the two of them, the vibrating sound of a cellphone suddenly sounded.

Zed reached for his phone in his coat pocket. It was from his secretary. A mixed feeling came to him.

Zed had asked his secretary to get the surveillanc

s presented before him, he could still convince the police officers to give it up, let alone just tell a blank lie without even blinking.

It seemed she would have to attend to this matter personally if she wanted to teach Jean a lesson. It was a mistake to rely on Winner.

"Shirley, what do you think our father has been up to recently?"

Getting no response from Shirley, Winner got closer subconciously and asked with caution.

Shirley was busy thinking about how to deal with Jean. After all, the last time she was humiliated by Jean, was still vivid in her mind. She must find a way to take revenge on Jean for such an embarrassment.

Suddenly Winner's oily face came up to her. Startled, she cursed," Do you want to die? Don't you know how to speak properly? Why are you so close?"

A flattering smile appeared on Winner's face, and he said," I just saw that you were distracted and was afraid that you didn't hear me clearly, so I came up closer to ask you what dad has been up to lately?"

Shirley rolled her eyes at Winner and said," Didn't I tell you last time? Zed is suing dad, and dad doesn't know what to do. You confidently swore you would take care of this matter, I thought that you'd really come up with some brilliant plan, but it turns out that I was wrong."

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