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   Chapter 21 Getting Abducted

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"I have no idea how important you are to Zed, but if you want to stay safe and sound, you better obediently listen to me."

"What do you want me to do?"

Jean realized that he probably wouldn't let her go so easily this time. Although Winner was the Vice General Manager of Wen Group, he seldom involved himself in the management of the company and rarely cared about the business. At worst, even if the company collapsed some day, as for the influence on Winner, it was nothing more than getting his living expenses cut.

From this, Jean came to the conclusion that the reason Winner came to find her today, the only possibility, was because their father froze his bank accounts.

"Dad--- "Your dad froze your account, and with no money to spend, you come to me for a solution, right? You want to make Zed transfer the land to Wen Group through me. When you succeed, your dad will be pleased, and you will probably be rewarded. Thus, your debauched life will be sustained as well. Winner, you are really a scum." Jean spat out Winner's whole plan.

Just like.... Henry Wen

Towards Jean's accusation, Winner didn't take it to mind too much. Rather, he happily accepted it.

"Yes, so I'm a scum. What can you do about it? Regardless, I still appear before you all the same, and you still need to obediently listen to my orders, isn't that so? If it wasn't for you, our family right now would still definitely be steady and peaceful. Do you know, because of you, dad is anxious to death at home right now."

"Hah, a piece of land really does matter more to him than his own biological daughter."

Jean sighed in a self-mocking tone.

As time went by, Winner checked the surroundings with couple of quick glances. Since they had been in this state for a while now, their abnormal behavior had attracted some pedestrians' attention.

'Looks like I need to find a place to lock her up.

If Zed finds out I've abducted Jean, afraid when the time comes, I won't even know how I would die.'

"Go, get into the car with me!"

Winner spoke in a low voice as he abruptly increased the strength on his knife-holding hand, as a result, the knife tip pierced through Jean's shirt and grazed her skin.


However, the pain made her recall her memories of the night she was at the Wen's house. Humiliation arose in her heart.

"Where are we going?" Jean cautiously asked.

Winner, however, didn't reply. Considering their long maintained abnormal position of one following closely after another had already made some pedestrians suspect, he didn't want to waste time answering her at the risk of raising the pedestrians' more suspicion.

He couldn't waste anymore time.

"Just quickly get into the car, or else, I can't guarantee that my knife won't injure you."

Left with no other choice under Winner's threat, Jean could only follow his orders and climbed into the passenger seat.

After settling Jean, Winner temporarily locked the car, quickly went around to the driver-side door, unlocked the car again, sat down in the driver's seat, started the engine, and with one foot on the pedal, the car took off.

"You better know your place. In the past, I didn't give you too much trouble, but this time the situation is different, I have no choice."

Unlike the attitude he had with Jean in the streets, Winner's voice was quite soft, like he had some sorrows in his words.

Perceiving Winner's change in attitude, Jean felt somewhat relieved.

"What I said earlier wasn't a lie. I have a blank check on me, aren't you short on money? Take it and fill it with whatever you want. You can just regard it as a gift given by me, your big sister. But if you really do kidnap me, then that's kidnapping!"

'Hah, blackmail! Who doesn't know how!'

Winner didn't speak.

However Jean wasn't impatient either. Winner was probably just wanting to use her to threaten Zed.

In the end, it was still all because of that land.

When the time came, Winner could use this to take credit before Henry. Who knows, maybe at Henry's delight, he would even directly give some of the company's stocks to him.

No matter how big of a crime he committed, Winner was still the only son of her father.

Jean was deeply aware of this.

"I would advise you to keep quiet. If you accidentally say anything that will get on my nerves, then the

consequences will be even more severe." Winner's tone returned to what it was like before, cold and ruthless. The softness disappeared completely. "Call Zed, I don't care what method you use, you must make Zed transfer the land to the Wen Group as soon as possible. Of course, if you're not willing, I don't mind calling for you."

Jean turned and glanced at Winner.

She just saw Winner's eyes focusing ahead, his grave and stern face appeared unbearably vicious.

Nothing like his usual sloppy appearance, at this moment, Winner appeared more ruthless.

Jean lowered her head, pretending to take her phone out. However, in actuality, she was carefully reaching her hand out to grab the car door handle.

Immediately, Jean seized the opportunity and instantly pulled open the door, jumping out without hesitation.

At a speed of 60 mph!

Fortunately, there was a speed limit on this road, otherwise Winner would have driven at a racing speed like he usually did. If Jean had jumped out at that speed, she would have been dead for sure.

The moment Jean jumped out of the car, air gushed into the car together with the stinging noise of wind, making Winner hastily look to Jean. However, it was already too late, Jean had already disappeared. He just felt like his head was about to explode.

'This woman is insane!

She must be insane!'

Because of the monitoring system along the road, Winner didn't have intention to drive back to check on Jean's condition. He just sped up and rushed away.

However, Jean was not that stupid to jump on the asphalt roadway. She'd actually selected a place where she could safely land. And before she jumped, she had already prepared very well. The place where she jumped was close to a piece of lawn. At the moment, when she jumped out of the car and before she landed, she bent her knees to buffer the reacting force. Then she exerted her strength onto her legs to try to move towards the lawn. Finally, she made it onto the lawn.

After a few tumbles, Jean felt she was mostly fine. Then seeing that Winner's car had already gone far, she attempted to get up.

'Risky but worthy! Thank heavens for blessing me.'

Supposedly, Winner had intentionally chosen this roadway probably because it was in a remote and thinly populated area, and to prevent from being caught. However, it allowed Jean an opportunity to get away too. Although it was risky, judging from the result, it was worth it," Hah!"

Jean slightly tidied her unkempt hair and cleaned the mud stains off her clothes. After making sure that there were no wounds on her body, she then limped out of the lawn, before walking alongside the roadway in the opposite direction.


At this time, Zed suddenly appeared, then how great would that be?


Starting from when, has this name started to occupy my heart and mind. But I clearly don't like him! Clearly don't like....'

Although Jean tried to resist the memories she shared with Zed, she couldn't help recalling his voice and face.

As Zed's image constantly popped up in Jean's mind, she felt as if he was really standing in front of her when she looked up.

However, his figure was so dim that little by little, it faded away. After all this time, Jean was so exhausted both emotionally and physically that she hallucinated.

Jean's mind finally gave up on her body and she went unconscious.

The second she closed her eyes, she seemingly could still see Zed's face right in front of her eyes.

When Jean woke up, she found herself in a hospital.


She quickly sat up and examined her own body. After making sure everything was in order, Jean finally relaxed.

It was indeed unlucky. After finally painstakingly getting rid of Eva Xu, that big trouble, she unexpectedly ran into Winner right after walking out the cafe and was immediately kidnapped. But Jean really didn't want to see Winner use her well-being to blackmail Zed.

Before successfully matchmaking Eva and Zed, Jean was extremely unwilling to have any other connections with Zed.

The expansive hospital room was so quiet that it somewhat was scary.

'I don't even need to think, it must be Zed that sent me to this luxury high-end ward.

Well, at least, I am free of being bothered now.'

"How is her condition?"

Behind the door of ward came Zed's voice.

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