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   Chapter 20 Threat

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Jean Wen shook her head, seemlingly without any concern," No, it's not that I'm kind. If you were to forever stay by the side of a man, who doesn't have any feelings for you, even if this man is extremely outstanding and remarkable, he won't love you, would you be happy? To me, a marriage of convenience, without any love, is just a cage. But it is not the same for you. To you, he will be like a nest, a nest full of love. Inside, you will have completely different feelings and emotions."

Saying this, Jean Wen couldn't help taking in a deep breath.

"Are you sure you won't regret it?" In the end, Eva Xu still felt uneasy about Jean Wen.

Jean Wen shook her head again and replied with a firm look," What is there to regret? There is no medicine for regret in this world. As long as I can leave Zed Qi, I'll be very happy."

"Alright. I will do it."

"Thank you." After saying this, Jean Wen softly smiled.

"If, and I mean if, Zed Qi and I really get back together, I will definitely be very grateful to you." At the thought of reconciling with Zed Qi, Eva Xu couldn't hold back the excitement inside her heart. She appeared exceptionally happy. Her tender white face instantly flushed red.

Jean Wen?was still wearing the same smile on her face, but the smile did not reach her eyes.

In her chestnut-colored eyes, there was an unknown sorrow that she did not even know it existed.

"There is no need to thank me. I'm just helping myself."

"Alright, then from now on, we'll be good friends. Let me know if you run into any problems. I will definitely help you without any hesitation. The things that happened that night were my fault. But to be honest, I really didn't like you very much. Will you forgive me?"

She's already starting to worm her way into being friends and cottoning up to her?

This change was too fast!

Jean Wen forcibly lifted the corners of her mouth into a smile. She smiled with her mouth, but not with her eyes. Afterwards, she lowered her head down to concentrate on eating the pasta on the plate in front of her.

Seeing Jean Wen not saying anything, Eva Xu turned off the recorder on her cellphone while Jean Wen wasn't paying attention. After Eva Xu finished of all this, she said," If you don't talk, I will take it as your tacit approval. It was Sue Mi th

ean Wen to take. She didn't expect that now came another Wen.

Heh, truly never-ending!

"What do you want?"

Jean Wen didn't look back. Under this kind of circumstance, to actually be able to be this calm, it was somewhat scary.

Winner Wen coldly smiled and answered rudely," What do you think I want? I heard Zed Qi took back the land that he was going to transfer to the Wen Group. As our father's son, I should try to solve this problem for our father, right?"

As expected! It was still for that land.

Shirley Wen and their father had purposefully visited Jean Wen earlier for that land, putting on a pretentious front with ill-intentions behind it. And now, Winner Wen's behavior was just plain violence.

"Then you should go to Zed Qi. It was his decision to take back the land."

Jean Wen took a deep breath and blamed it all on Zed Qi.

She was pretty sure that it would take Winner Wen a lot of guts to provoke Zed Qi. And even if he had the guts, he would not have that power.

Winner Wen pursed his lips and then said in dissatisfaction," Do you think I wouldn't know what you're thinking right now? You must be thinking that I wouldn't dare go provoke Zed Qi. So you're pushing all the blame onto him, right? Do you think I'm that stupid? If you didn't say anything, why would Zed Qi take back the land that was already under the transfer process?"

As soon as Winner Wen's voice dropped, Jean Wen snorted.

"How important do you think I am to Zed Qi? What makes you think that Zed Qi would listen to me?"

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