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   Chapter 19 I Will Fix You Two Up

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Jean was upset with the lack of seriousness on Zed's behalf. She couldn't understand why he was so determined to avoid talking about the Residence Booklet. Annoyed, she pushed Zed away. Then she glared at Zed while she thought of how to approach the topic again.

Zed ignored Jean's reaction. He flashed her a charming smile before teasing her," Are you upset with me? Did I say something wrong?" Zed stopped to raise an eyebrow before continuing," Is this your subtle way of telling me that you've recovered and that you are expecting strenuous exercise? Hmm.. let me see. Does sex count as exercise?"

Hearing that, Jean didn't argue with him anymore.

Once Jean crawled into bed, Zed wrapped his arms around her and cuddled. Jean waited nervously for Zed to fall asleep so that she could wiggle out of his grasp, but to her dismay, Zed held her the whole night. While Zed awoke feeling well-rested and completely refreshed, Jean was exhausted as she hadn't been able to fall asleep before the early hours of the next day.

Jean sighed as she began the tiresome task of applying concealer to cover the dark circles under her eyes. Then she slipped into a white shirt and a sky-blue knee-length skirt. Finally, she tied her long hair into a ponytail. When she looked at her reflection in the mirror, she felt a measure of satisfaction. Although plain, she looked pretty.

In contrast, Eva seemed to be garishly dressed.

Jean had arrived at the Coffee House a few minutes before Eva. She had just finished placing her order when Jean saw Eva walking toward her. She was surprised to see the heavy makeup and flashy clothes Eva had chosen for a mid-afternoon tête-à-tête.

"I didn't know what you would like to eat. So I ordered for myself. Would you like something to drink?"

Although Jean was trying to be civil, Eva ignored Jean's politeness. After sitting down, Eva played with her mobile phone for a few seconds before she looked at Jean and asked," Is your marriage to Zed for commercial benefit or not? The last time we met, you implied that it was not. How and why would Zed fall in love with a plain woman like you?"

Was she questioning? Was she confused? Was she complaining? Jean couldn't understand from Eva's tone whether she was asking rhetorical questions or whether Eva actually expected Jean to reply.

Knowing that Eva was jealous, Jean didn't get defensive about the questions. Aware that Eva was her best chance to get rid o

r sincerity.

"I love him. I loved him in the past and I love him now. And I will continue to love him in the future!"

Eva said that with conviction.

At that moment, Jean felt a bit of reverence for Eva.

At least… Eva can bravely fight for love. But what about her?

"Well, that's all!"

"Lady, here is the pasta you ordered."

Eva quietened when the waiter walked to their table with the dish in hand. Although a little absent-minded, Jean quickly remembered that she had been so hungry that she had ordered food for herself.

"Thank you!"

Jean's overzealous thank you was said not only to express her gratitude to the waiter, but also to conceal her guilty conscience.

Jean smiled brightly again.

What else could she say?

After this conversation, Jean was clear of Eva's intention to make Zed her own.

And Jean was also very clear about the distance between Zed and herself.

"Did you understand what I said?" Eva asked tentatively.

Jean nodded quickly and seemed to be a little embarrassed. She said," I heard. Since… you love him so much, how about we make a deal?"

Eva was a little surprised.

"Yeah. A deal. You can rest assured. I am not asking for money. After divorcing Zed, I intend to move to a different city and find a job to earn for myself. Once I am settled, I will stay far away from Zed and will not interfere in your relationship. So how about it? I will help you get back with Zed."

As Jean voiced her plan, she felt a little unsure of herself. She was no longer confident that she really wanted this.

"Why do you want to help me?"

Eva was dubious about Jean's offer.

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