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   Chapter 18 What Else Do You Want To Do

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Winner stepped out of his father's study. He was resentful for receiving no monetary assistance from his father. He hadn't imagined that he would leave empty-handed. Being scolded by his father had irritated him more.

Suddenly, Winner's cell phone rang. He took it out from his rear pocket and glanced at the message. It was from the woman's family. The message was quite clear. Winner had to pay for his cynicism and cruelty. He had forced a girl to have an abortion. The sender was the woman's brother who had threatened him the last time.

Winner sighed and re-read the message. "Believe it or not, if you don't take responsible for my sister, I will definitely make you pay the price for your stupidity."

Winner was afraid that he would be accosted by a member of the girl's family. He was so paranoid that he had stopped leaving the house. He was worried that they'd find him walking on the streets and confront him if he didn't give them a large amount of money.

"Damn it!"

Winner stood by a window and thought over his options. His anger was noticed by his sister Shirley, who had just returned home. Shirley sneered hearing Winner curse. She was able to tell what was bothering him.

"Just look at yourself. I can tell from your expression that you have gotten yourself into trouble again. What's wrong with you? Which poor girl is having your child this time?" Shirley spoke sardonically.

Winner was always getting into trouble with women. And so, it was easy for Shirley to guess why her brother was upset. Since she enjoyed watching other people's misery, Shirley gloated and tried to make the situation more unpleasant for Winner.

Winner raised an eyebrow and turned to face his sister. He looked her up and down. He noticed that Shirley was wearing heavy makeup, a tank top, and a denim mini-skirt. Her long wavy blonde hair straggled over her shoulders. She looked no better than a streetwalker.

Just as Shirley knew Winner well enough to guess what kind of trouble he had gotten into, Winner knew enough about Shirley to assume where she had been. She had probably spent her time drinking at bars or somewhere noisy and crazy. It was also highly likely that Shirley had lured a random stranger and shared pleasure with him.

"Why do we have to provoke each other when we are two birds of the same feather? You know, I'm still trying to figure out why you're so different from Jean. She is leading a decent life. But look at you."


When Shirley heard Winner say her half-sister's name, it was like Jean herself was standing in front of her in the room. Just the thought disgusted Shirley. She absolutely loathed Jean and could not even bear to hear others mention her.

"Don't mention that bitch!" Shirley spat out.

"What did she do? Tell me everything!" Winner said with great curiosity. He had happened to hear his parents talking about Jean before he had entered the study. His father had flown into a rage before they could finish their conversation. Winner had not been able to figure out what Jean had done to evoke such fury from their father.

"Why should I tell you? What will you do after you find out about our parents' problems? Will you be like Zed? Will you help? The only thing you can do is make trouble. You are totally ignorant and don't even know what industries dad's company involves. You are just daydreaming about being a business genius. I advise you to continue living your privileged life and indulging yourself in dissipation while you still can. Now, I have better things to do. So, if I were you, I would leave and go to find several beautiful girls to flirt with," teased Shirley.

Winner curled his lips. He smiled instead of becoming infuriated. He replied," I have long been aware that all of you look down upon me. However, if taunting me satisfies you, then go ahead and do what you like. Perhaps one of these days you'll figure out that you are not as perfect as you think. You have always been jealous of Jean. Finally, you succeeded in throwing her out of this house. But

to the bathroom to dress.

When she looked at her reflection in the mirror, Jean was surprised to see that she looked tired and haggard. She even had dark circles under her attractive hazel eyes. She frowned when she realized that she looked rather terrible.

Jean cursed Zed for her appearance. She had been naive in thinking that dinner would go the way she had planned. If she had known that Zed would go rogue, she might have been better prepared. Jean had truly believed that a good home-cooked meal would satisfy Zed.

Last night, Jean didn't know Zed was standing behind her until she had finished sautéing the final dish of green vegetables.

When she noticed that he had reached home, Jean cheerfully went to fill a bowl with rice for Zed before putting food onto his plate. The service offered by Jean was extremely thoughtful.

Jean had expected light dinner conversation. She wanted to bring up the divorce topic. However, from the beginning to the end of dinner, Zed just smiled and did not say anything. He enjoyed the food quietly, and neither gave praise nor criticism to Jean.

Meanwhile, Jean was anxious and nervous throughout dinner. She did not know what Zed was thinking. With his continued silence, she doubted whether she would get her Residence Booklet.

Many times, Jean was about to ask Zed whether he would give the Residence Booklet back to her after dinner. But as she saw that Zed was focused on eating, she didn't have the heart to spoil his mood. So Jean waited patiently for Zed to finish his dinner. On seeing Zed put down his chopsticks, Jean asked eagerly," I have cooked the braised fish and sweet and sour fillet just as you asked. Although the taste may not be as good as the delicacies you have had before, at least, I have prepared them with all my heart. So..."

"So, I decide to reward you with a hug!" said Zed seriously.

And he actually did so! He stood from his chair, walked toward Jean, and wrapped his arms around her tightly.

Jean was shocked. It took a long time for her to gather her composure. What was going on? Just a hug? That's all?

No! Jean had worked so hard to prepare this supper. How could it end like this? She still wanted to get her Residence Booklet from Zed.

So Jean immediately poked her head out from under Zed's arms, managed a smile, and said," I don't want a hug. I just want ..."

"Oh, one is not enough? Then I will hold you all night when we go to bed!" Zed interrupted before Jean could finish her sentence.

"No, I don't ..."

Zed raised his eyebrows and interrupted Jean again. "What else do you want? I am afraid that I can't meet your needs today as the wounds on your body have not healed yet!"

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