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   Chapter 17 You Have To Deal With It By Yourself

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"Daddy, as you see, I have been well-behaved recently. I have not caused any trouble for a period of time except for getting that woman pregnant. Also, I have tried to solve the problem independently by giving that woman a lot of money. However, I did not foresee that her family would be so greedy. I don't have enough money to meet their huge demands because you haven't given me money recently."

Not long ago, Henry had frozen Winner's bank account in case he got into trouble outside home. Consequently...

Winner was unaware of the severe situation he was in. He still believed that his father would treat him the same as before. Although his father appeared to be indifferent to his situation, Winner was confident that his father would help him clear the mess without complaint.

"Daddy, you can rest assured. I promise you that it would be the last trouble caused by me. After the matter is settled, I will return to the company and support you with all my heart. What do you say? How about it?"

Winner had not paid any attention to his father's expression as he rattled on. If Winner had studied his father's expression, he would have been startled. Henry looked as somber as the gloomy day before a storm came.

"Winner, stop talking!"

Aware that something was wrong, Joy was more observant of her husband's expressions. She knew that Henry had a bad temper and in his current state of mind, Henry would not be very forgiving. She quickly grabbed the corner of Winner's shirt and tugged at it. It was obviously a signal for Winner to shut up.

Winner didn't understand why his mother had grabbed his shirt. So he glanced at her, and complained, "Mom, you need to help me persuade daddy. That woman's family members are all barbarians. Her big brother came to me with an axe. If I don't give him the large amount of money quickly as he has asked, he will definitely kill me."

Joy glanced at her husband and was scared by Henry's outraged expression.

Considering all the trouble Jean had caused and Henry losing out on the land he so desperately wanted, Joy knew that her husband would not have the patience to deal with their unreliable son, Winner.

"All right, shut up!" Worried about Henry's temper and annoyed with Winner's lack of respect, Joy flew into a rage and shouted at her son.

"Mom, what's up? Did something happen?" Joy's reaction stunned Winner. Although confused, he was curious about why his family was behaving like this.

Whenever Winner had gotten into trouble in the past, his father always taught him a lesson before helping him. But why did his father become so indifferent to his dilemma today?

"I will help you solve the problem. But you need to leave right now. Your daddy is trying to deal with much more important issues."

Winner had intended to question what issue was annoying his father. However, when he noticed his father's cold expression, Winner was too scared to speak.

He stood in the study, motionless and silent.

Joy was afraid that Henry would unleash his fury on Winner. So, she smiled and tried to pacify her husband. "Henry, Winner has already admitted to his fault. He also seems determined to turn over a new leaf. Please forgive him. What he wants is only a small amount of money from us. If you don't want to help him, I could use my personal money to help Winner get rid of the woman's family. Put your mind to rest."

Personal money?

Henry suddenly raised his head and glar

ed at Joy. He had not expected that Joy had personal savings.

As soon as Joy finished speaking, she realized that she should not have mentioned her money. Since it was impossible for her to take back her words, she needed to come up with some kind of explanation to settle her husband's anger. Joy simpered under Henry's intense stare as she thought of a plausible reason.

"I don't mean that. What I am saying is that I have a habit of saving the loose change from the money you give me for daily expenses. Take my cosmetics for example, I buy the inexpensive kind. Looking for deals like this helps me keep the household expenses to a minimum."

It was a lucky day for Joy as Henry was not in a mood to find out whether Joy's cosmetics were cheap or not.

As for Winner, he was still impervious to the severe situation he was in. With his father's anger being shifted to his mother, Winner felt certain that he could resume talking to his father.

"Daddy, you can see that mom has confidence in me. Why don't you trust me? I promise you that I..."

"Get out!"

Henry interrupted Winner before he could say anything else.

It seemed that Henry had finally had enough. He began unleashing all his fury on Winner.

"You stupid fellow, why are you still here? I don't want to see you. You might as well disappear!"

Henry spoke with such force that everyone else in the room went quiet. Henry was so furious that he was short of breath. If Winner were not his only son, Henry would have abandoned him to his fate.

Although Winner knew he would suffer grave consequences if he did not come up with the money, he needed to stop begging his father. He knew his father's temper after all. Winner had heard from Shirley that Jean had been badly beaten by Henry when she returned home. Since Henry could be so cold-blooded to his weak, vulnerable daughter, he would no doubt be much more ruthless with Winner, who was a strong man.

"I know that I was wrong. Since you are upset, I will not bother you. I am going to leave now so that you can calm down. I would like to finish speaking with you when you can spare a moment for me."

"Get out quickly! I must have committed serious crimes in my previous lifetime, which is why in this lifetime, I have been punished with such incompetent children!"

The foolishness of his children fueled Henry's fury. He was so upset that the veins on his forehead throbbed.

According to Henry's statement, Winner was able to gauge that Henry was also angry with his sisters. It wasn't just Winner's mistake that had angered their father.

"You must keep in mind that it was you who got that woman pregnant. So if her family is forcing you to compensate them with money, it is your responsibility to deal with it. It is none of my business, and I will not pay for your mistakes. From this day on, I do not care about you. Don't expect any sympathy from me just because you believe someone might want to kill you."

Henry spoke seriously with Winner. He stressed that he would ignore Winner's existence.

Since the situation was worsening, Joy wanted Winner to leave the room. She turned to face her son and winked at him repeatedly as a signal. Meanwhile, she talked to Henry flatteringly, "Don't be so angry dear husband. This is not a serious situation. Anger would worsen your anxiety, and ruin your health!"

After Winner snuck out, the tense and confrontational atmosphere in the study gradually eased.

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