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   Chapter 16 If She Refuses, I Will Beat Her Up

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"Henry, you didn't eat much just now, I made some porridge for you. Eat some, alright?"

Joy walked up to Henry with a dedicate rice bowl in her hands. The porridge in the bowl was exuding hot steam.

Henry only glanced up at Joy and shook his head. Then, he buried his head down again.

Joy took a step forward, carefully placing down the bowl of porridge on his desk, and subconsciously glanced at the letter on the desk.

She didn't know what it was, but seeing just now how Henry was staring at this letter without even blinking, she figured it must be this letter that made him this depressed.

"I don't want to eat. Where is Shirley?"

"Shirley keeps telling me that she doesn't have the face to see you. What happened today was all because of the bad idea she came up with. Without it, you wouldn't have gotten into trouble like this."


Henry absentmindedly replied. Soon after, he was lost in thought again.

After a long while, Joy took the lead in breaking the silence.

"Shirley told me everything. This matter can't be blamed on her. It's all that whore Jean's fault. She must have said something in front of Zed. How about I go teach her a lesson or two."

Joy originally intended on comforting Henry, but she didn't expect that her words darkened Henry's face even more.

"You don't need to say anymore. In the end, Jean is also my daughter, so I will deal with the issue myself. You don't need to bother with it. Also, make Shirley thoroughly give up thinking about seducing Zed. Zed won't take a fancy to Shirley."

"I know Jean is your biological daughter, but does she regard you as her father? If she still considers you as her father from the bottom of her heart, then you wouldn't be sitting here sighing and groaning. Henry, I only hoped to live a stable life when I married you, steadily waiting for our daughter Shirley and our son Winner to get married someday. During this time, I don't want to see Jean destroy our peaceful life. Right now by your side, you only have one daughter, our daughter, nothing else."

Joy was wearing a housedress, just like a typical housewife.

How could Henry not understand what she's saying. However, Jean is also his biological daughter, this is an indisputable fact.

And it was precisely for this reason that Henry felt it was exceptionally difficult to act as Zed requested. It would be a big shame for him to apologize to his own daughter.

"Alright, don't say anymore. I am currently quite vexed! Also, you better have a serious talk with your precious son. Don't let him be so idle all day. Other than eating, drinking, and playing, he doesn't know anything else. Doesn't he know to find some decent work to do? I need him to help me manage my big company, but he's so useless all the time. How can I be at ease leaving my company to him?"

As soon as Henry mentioned his son, Winner, he became even more depressed.

Winner was born a few minutes after Shirley. As the youngest and the only son of the Wen family, he had gotten preferential treatment from Joy since childhood. Being decorated from head to toe by famous brands and equipped with ultra-luxurious cars as he got older, Winner was no doubt a hedonist. Therefore, Henry didn't believe that Winner would be a

qualified successor and only appointed him as the nominal deputy general manager after Joy's repeated request.

"Don't worry, I already talked to Winner. He's an adult now, and I believe he will correct his mistakes and have a fresh start, just like we'd hoped."

Henry gave Joy an angry stare and said," I hope so, otherwise my company would..."

"Don't you still have our daughter Shirley? Although Shirley is female, I believe she is capable enough to run the company."

Joy was afraid that Henry had the intention of handing over the company to Jean, so she interrupted him quickly by expressing her opinion first.

"I hope so!"

Henry emotionlessly replied, and then returned his attention back to the letter on the desk before him.

This matter really was difficult to deal with!

Joy walked around the desk to stand behind Henry. She then slowly stretched out her hands to rest on Henry's shoulders.

"How do you plan on dealing with today's matter?"

"To apologize to Jean!"

Joy was astonished by Henry's decision. She also didn't expect that Zed would suddenly treat Jean with such great kindness and consideration and even dared to stand up to sue the Wen family for Jean.

"Zed had said that if Jean accepts my apology and decides to stop suing me, he would reconsider transferring the land over to me. He also asked me to promise that I would never again bother Jean."

While saying this, Henry let out another long sigh.

"But..." Joy wanted to say something, but stopped.

"But what?"

"Can you really swallow your pride and personally look for Jean to ask for forgiveness?"

"Is there anything else even more important than the interest of my company?" Henry said with a heavy voice, like a cunning fox. In the depths of his eyes, showed an unknown.

Henry and Joy continued talking to each other like this and didn't notice that someone was eavesdropping on their conversation outside the study door.

Finally, that person couldn't help but furiously push open the door and shout at Henry," Daddy, why are you going to apologize to Jean? Sherry told me that you both went to Jean today. Did you go to look for her because of the matter last night? Sherry also said that Zed retracted the land after he listened to Jean's poisonous words?"

Wearing a printed shirt, a rivet embellished ripped jeans, and with an ordinary appearance, the person was no doubt Winner Wen.

Winner was so angry that he vehemently slandered Jean.

"Daddy, how about this, I'll go find Jean tomorrow, and I'll make her go beg Zed. If she refuses, I'll beat her up."

As Winner spoke, he rubbed his nose as well. Just this one tiny action made Winner look from head to toe like an alley gangster.

"You still don't think the trouble is serious enough? Last time, you got some girl pregnant, have you solved this problem yet?"

Henry broke his heart so many times for this ignorant son.

Winner smirked and said, "The child has already been aborted, but her family is rather tough to deal with. That's why, I came to ask for your help. Her family keeps bothering me and won't let go. They want me to give them money or else they won't leave."

As soon as Winner opened his mouth, Henry already knew Winner's true purpose of coming.

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