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   Chapter 15 Dear, What's For Dinner

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The secretary knew that Eva wanted him to leave the room so that she could speak privately with Zed. But she was expecting the impossible from the secretary. Mr. Qi was the CEO of the company and he, the secretary, was in no position to tell the CEO what to do.

Eva got annoyed when she got no response from the secretary, but she couldn't do anything about it. She kept thinking about the night when Zed and Jean were together. Why Jean? Eva felt more annoyed as she continued to think about that. Jean was so simple and plain that there was no way Eva could accept that she was being ignored for Jean. She had decided during the birthday party that she needed to sabotage the relationship between Zed and Jean before he actually fell in love with her.

"Zed, I promise it won't take long. I just have a few words that I want to say to you. That's all."

Eva burst into tears and her voice conveyed the sadness she felt.

Zed squinted and looked at Eva. He knew she wouldn't accept his decision so easily. And so, he decided to try a different approach. He picked up his phone and dialed a number. He pretended as though he hadn't heard what Eva had said.

"Zed......" Eva lowered her voice and sobbed out his name.


The phone rang twice.

Jean answered the call. She had been surprised to see that Zed was calling her. However, she rationalized by thinking that Zed had come to his senses and was going to agree to the divorce. It would be great as she could then be free of this man.

After a little hesitation, Jean spoke, "Do you agree with the divorce?" Jean managed to squeeze in her question before Zed could say a word. She sounded genuine and eager.

When Zed heard Jean's question, His knitted eyebrows finally smoothened out. A happy smile played on his face. It seemed as though he was speaking with someone who was important to him. Someone for whom Zed felt a tremendous amount of tenderness. Gone was the cold expression that usually graced Zed's attractive face.

Seeing this, anger filled Eva. Zed had never treated her like that before.


After hearing Zed speak like that, Eva knew that she had lost.

The secretary smiled at Mr. Qi's tactics. He'd seen people handle difficult women, but he had never seen anyone manage the way Zed did.

With the understanding that there was nothing she could say to Zed, Eva felt as though she needed to leave the room. She knew for sure that the person on the phone with Zed was Jean.

"I'll be back early today. Just as I promised, I will be home as soon as I get off work! Hmm, I want to have braised fish, sweet and sour fillet......"

Zed talked with Jean about daily trifles as if he was alone in his office.

What Eva did not know was that Zed's comments had left Jean completely confused.

Honey? Braised fish? Sweet and sour fillet? What was his problem? Did he hit his head and lose his mind?

"Do you agree to divorce me if I make you braised fish and sweet and sour fillet?" she asked gingerly. She had no idea why Zed was saying these things to her and she certainly could not see how it was related to the topic of the divorce.

"You said that if I behave as you requested, you will cook special dishes for me."

Last time?

Jean looked at the phone in confusion. The number showing on the screen was definitely Zed's. It was most certainly his voice. But why would he say something like that? Jean wondered whether he was trying to subtly hint at something.

Behave as she requested?

Jean quickly went through every conversation she had with Zed in recent days. Finally she recalled the incident where she had asked Zed to cancel the land transfer process. Was he talking about that?

"How about I cook you an additional dish of braised pork?"

Hearing this, Zed's mouth twitched and replied, "Braised pork is too greasy, I'd like to have something light......"

Eva couldn't stand this humiliation anymore. And so she stamped her foot and stormed out of the room.

After a while, Zed smiled with satisfaction.

Reluctant to interrupt Zed, the secretary withheld his smile, and turned to leave the office. He closed the office door without making a sound.

On the phone, Jean was still bargaining with Zed. She thought if Zed wanted her to cook in exchange for the divorce, then she would be happy to please him. And so, she offered to

make the dishes she was confident about.

"You think braised pork is too greasy? We can have other dishes if you don't like that suggestion. How about some vegetables. Do you like lettuce, naked oat, or spinach?

Zed closed his eyes and smiled.

Jean seemed to be in the mood. She continued talking without waiting for Zed's reply.

"How about cabbage? What else do you like? I will go to the farmer's market and then prepare dinner."

Zed remained silent as he imagined Jean pottering around the kitchen putting together all these wonderful dishes. He fantasized about the moment that he would reach home and sit before a table full of dishes prepared by Jean.

Just picturing the scene made Zed feel an immense sense of happiness.

If some day, Jean could cook for him of her own accord......

"Hey, are you still there?"

Jean's voice pulled Zed back to reality.

Zed paused a bit before replying in a flat tone, "Whatever you like!"

Jean didn't detect the overtone in his reply. She really thought that Zed wanted her to select from the options she had given.

"Ok, I'll make something special for you for dinner. Now I am going to the farmer's market. Do you have anything else to say to me?"


Although Zed still spoke in a flat tone, he didn't want the conversation to end. His purpose to drive Eva away had been achieved. However, he had missed Jean and was enjoying speaking with her.

"I'll hang up now. Wait! Does what you just promised me still count?"

"What did I promise you?"

"You promised me that if I cook you dinner, make you braised fish, and sweet and sour fillet, you will ......"

"Have dinner together? Well, of course, I remember it."

Zed interrupted Jean before she could mention the divorce again. Then he ended the call quickly thus leaving no chance for Jean to refute him.

Jean looked at the phone in confusion for a long time. She tried to make sense of their conversation, but found that she could not. She shook her head.

Did Zed...... Agree with the arrangment or not?

It was so very confusing! But on second thought, he had promised to have dinner with her, which meant that she still had a chance to talk about the divorce.

At the worst, she could repeat what she had done the last time.

Jean suddenly felt as though her purpose in life was to please this disagreeable man to get her freedom after the divorce.

Could married life be more strange?


Meanwhile, at the Wen house, Henry sat staring at his desk in his study. He was at a complete loss. Although he held an envelope in his hands, he was lost in his thoughts.

The envelope contained the legal notice that Zed had asked his lawyer to send.

Henry was having a hard time believing that Zed had really sent him a legal notice along with the surveillance video.

The notice was quite clear. Zed required Henry to apologize to Jean otherwise Zed would charge him with intentional assault.

The surveillance video had recorded Henry slapping Jean.

Henry knew of Zed's power and status. Even without this surveillance video as evidence, Zed could make things very difficult for Henry if he wanted to teach him a lesson. And there was nothing Henry could do to get away with it.

Had he known that something like this would happen, he wouldn't have gone to the villa to meet Jean. Although he would have lost an opportunity to speak with his daughter, at least he wouldn't have found himself in this mess. His only loss would be the land. But now, things were not that simple.

Henry's weathered face looked even more melancholic.

Should he really apologize to Jean in person?

Never once in his adult life had Henry imagined that he would end up in this position.

He cursed himself for being unable to control his temper. It was after all, his actions that had led to this misfortune.


A long sigh suddenly echoed through his silent study.

Joy had been standing at the door. She had been watching Henry through the little gap between the door and the frame. From this angle, she had a clear view of Henry's face.

They had been eating dinner happily a few minutes ago. Suddenly the phone rang. When Henry's face paled, Joy knew that something was wrong.

Seeing how Henry was sitting in his study and looking so morose, Joy was now more certain that something had happened.

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