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   Chapter 13 A Divorce Who Said That

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Henry and Shirley couldn't believe how they had ended up in this situation. They had come with the intention of apologizing to Jean and manipulating her into speaking with Zed about completing the land transfer process. And yet, here they stood, outside the villa with neither Jean nor Zed willing to speak with them.

"Dad, why does Jean seem totally different? Is it because Zed is supporting her? Does she think she can do anything at will?"

Shirley didn't really care about Jean very much. She seemed to enjoy other's misfortune. However, in this case, it seemed impossible to convince Zed to give up that land without the help of Jean Wen.

Henry glared at Shirley. As per him, none of this would have transpired had it not been for Shirley's idea.

"This is all your fault. If you had not suggested coming here, I would not have to bear such insult from Zed."


Shirley snorted before replying, "I didn't know that Zed would come back so suddenly. I heard that Zed goes to the company early every day and that he rarely returns home."

Her information had been obtained from an employee at Zed's company. The person who had confided in Shirley had sworn that Zed's routine never changed.

"You know what? I shouldn't have come here today. If it were not for your falling out with Jean, Zed would still respect me, even if it was only because of his interest in Jean. But now..."

It seemed that Henry could no longer see a way to salvage the situation. His pride would also not let him admit that he had been at fault for slapping Jean. It was simply easier to blame someone else.

"Dad, do you think it is strange? How did Jean change so much overnight?"

To be honest, Shirley still couldn't believe the arrogant woman was her older sister. Jean had quietly suffered all her bullying all of these years.

Henry shook his head. He couldn't believe Shirley was so fixated on this one issue. He walked toward his car and ignored what Shirley had just said.

Only after Henry had walked halfway down the driveway did Shirley realize that she was alone. She had been so lost in her thoughts about Jean and Zed that she hadn't noticed when her father had walked away. She turned and quickly followed her father.


As soon as they had stepped into the living room, Zed loosened his grip on Jean's arm. He sat her on the sofa before disappearing into the kitchen.

Jean had no idea what Zed was going to do. She had been surprised by Zed's early arrival and found herself curious about this change in his routine.

Why had Zed returned?

How was it that he showed up just when she needed him?

Was it possible that he had returned to fetch some important documents that he might have left at home and that Jean was reading too much into this coincidence?

Yes, that's the most plausible reason. Very rational.

After sorting through things in her mind, Jean got com

fortable on the sofa. A while passed and Zed hadn't returned. Bored, she opened the Weibo app on her mobile phone.

At the moment, the pain she felt on her cheek was slowly subsiding.

A little while later, Zed reappeared in front of Jean.

His slender but strong body interrupted the sunlight that was lighting up Jean's face.

Jean was so lost in her thoughts that she hadn't noticed Zed's return. She was reflecting on her feelings for Zed. His consideration, tenderness, and care seemed to be softening her attitude. She wouldn't go so far as to say she loved him, but she felt something special for him. She couldn't explain it. However, Jean felt that she could be more confident with Zed in her life.

Or, maybe it was just a sense of security that she couldn't really explain.

Jean finally felt Zed's presence and fidgeted from nervousness. Since she couldn't rationalize her change in feelings for Zed, she felt anxious.

Her hands clenched and unclenched involuntarily and she didn't have the courage to look at Zed.

Zed stood for a long time but received no response from her. So he squatted to be able to look at Jean.

Once Zed had lowered himself, Jean noticed the ice bag in his hand. Her eyes widened when she realized why Zed had gone to the kitchen. His thoughtfulness warmed her heart.

"Put this on your injury."

Jean's shoulders sagged at Zed's cold tone. To her, it seemed that he didn't care about Jean.

Couldn't it be.... that his gentleness was feigned?

Zed wondered why Jean hadn't taken the ice from him. What could be stopping her? "Would you prefer it if I put the ice for you?" he asked.

Without waiting for her reply, Zed stretched his hand and gently placed the ice bag on her face. Jean was flustered by his action and quickly reached out and took the bag from Zed.


Jean planned to explain why her father and half-sister had come to visit. Just as she started her explanation, Zed stood up. It seemed that he didn't care to hear about it. Since he wasn't interested, Jean stopped speaking.

'He probably has more important things to think about.'

"I returned to fetch my things. I don't like surprise visitors at my villa."

Zed replied curtly. Jean nodded absentmindedly. His explanation had settled Jean's curiosity.

Since Jean had already considered this as a plausible reason for his return, she simply replied with "I know."

"I don't want this to happen again. My wife shouldn't be manipulated and abused by her family. I will be disgraced if other people learn of this." "

What?" Jean was stunned. 'What did he just say?

My wife?'

"But we agreed on a divorce!"

Jean reminded Zed. She was surprised by his continued insistence that they remain married. 'Why can't he stick to his earlier agreement?' If Zed had not taken away the Booklet, she would have left him a long time ago.

"A divorce? Who said that?"

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