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   Chapter 9 There Is Always A Way To Deal With Jean

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"Then what makes you so angry?"

At this time, Shirley did not know why her father had flared up. She did not know that Jean, who had always smiled and borne all hardship from her family, had completely changed. Jean had now become bold enough to directly challenge their father.

At last, Mr. Wen's mood became slightly more stable. He turned to face his daughter. He glowered as he spoke, "Zed terminated the process of the land transfer."


When Shirley heard what had happened, her mood worsened. Her expression hardened but her tone gave away the worry she felt.

No wonder her father was so angry. She knew that her father had worked really hard to get the land.

"It must be because I beat Jean. She is such a disobedient daughter. After what happened last night, she must have complained to Zed. That must be why Zed stopped the land transfer. It's the only explanation."

Mr. Wen was extremely upset. He gnashed his teeth and cursed Jean so much that he did not notice Shirley's reaction. From his outburst, it was rather obvious that his hatred toward Jean was strong.

Shirley thought for a moment and then said slowly, "Dad, don't be cross. You said that Zed only terminated the transfer process, right? This proves that it is not quite over yet. So if we butter him up, there might be a chance!"

"Butter him up? It is by no means easy. Now, whether Zed will see me or not is a different problem altogether. Besides, I kicked Jean out of our home yesterday. She is Zed's wife. Even if they have a bad relationship, our behavior toward her will bias Zed. That is a fact," said Mr. Wen.

As he discussed alternatives with Shirley, Mr. Wen calmed down. With a clear mind, he was able to look at the problem from all angles.

He cursed himself for beating Jean the night before. Had he known how Zed would react, he would have controlled the anger he felt when he saw what Jean had done.

Instead of acting harshly, if he had talked with Jean more calmly, he might have had the chance to change this situation into a better one.

Mr.Wen was seized with remorse.

When Shirley heard her father talk about Jean and Zed, she felt very jealous and resentful. Jean was undeserving of this opportunity to marry such a rich and influential person.

After a bit of hesitation, Shirley contrived an eager, ingratiating smile and said to Mr. Wen, "Dad, how about letting me talk to Zed."

The tone of her voice allowed Mr. Wen to guess what she was thinking.

And since Mr. Wen knew his daughter, he was certain that talking was not the only thing on Shirley's mind.

Once he had guessed her intentions, Mr. Wen turned to face his daughter. Her eager expression confirmed his fears.

So Mr. Wen glared at Shirley, and replied crossly, "That's enough. Isn't the situation messy enough already?"

"I just..."

Shirley wanted to say something more, but she happened to see her mother Joy coming downstairs leisurely. She suddenly seemed to think of something important, and so she turned to address her mother. "Mom, sister Jean... "


Your sister? That woman is not your sister!" said Joy.

"Oh, I see." Shirley responded meekly before glancing at her father. He still looked gloomy. She knew he must still be thinking about the land.

Joy also noticed her husband sitting next to Shirley. As she neared, she could feel the awkward silence between father and daughter. She didn't know why they were behaving like this.

"Are you troubling your father?"

Joy asked.

Shirley feigned innocence. Her lips curled in a frown and sadness reflected in her eyes. She looked like she was about to cry. "Why would I trouble my father? It was my sister, Jean, who asked Zed to take back the land."

"What?" Joy looked as if she had discovered a new continent. She was certainly shocked that Shirley had referred to Jean as her sister again.

"I mean, I mean that..." Shirley cast a quick glance at her father before speaking in a low voice, "I mean that woman, Jean, tricked Zed into stopping the land transfer process."


Joy exclaimed again. Her tone was much sharper than before. It seemed that she couldn't believe what Shirley had said.

Then she shifted her gaze to Mr. Wen and asked him anxiously, "Henry, is what Shirley just said true?"

Mr. Wen was still annoyed by the termination of the transfer process. He was not in the mood to answer her question. Joy's tone and insolence angered him even more.

When Joy didn't get an answer from Mr. Wen, she persisted as she wanted more information. "Is everything that Shirley said true? Did Zed take the land back?"

He did not give an answer this time either. His face turned dark and his expression was grave.

Shirley tugged on her mom's skirt as though silently imploring her mother to stop. Even a blind man could see that Mr. Wen was on the verge of losing his temper. And if he did lose his temper, the consequences would be terrible.

Joy realized that she had approached her husband too aggressively. Perhaps it was because she had been anxious. She paused and composed herself before speaking in a much gentler tone, "I am sorry, I was too anxious. How do we deal with this situation?"

"You are asking me? Who am I going to ask?"

'Must I visit my son-in-law and beg him to give the land to me?' thought Henry Wen.

Shirley leaned forward and whispered, "Actually, I have a solution."

"I will never allow you to meet Zed. So if your solution is to talk to him, stop daydreaming." Henry Wen knew his present situation. 'If Zed is protecting Jean, anyone from the Wen family who says anything against Jean will not earn any favors from Zed.

I don't know what magic Jean has done to earn Zed's implicit trust. Why is Zed so addicted to her? How does he benefit from canceling the land transfer?' thought Mr. Wen.

Shirley smiled and shook her head slightly. She replied, "I know that you certainly won't let me go to Zed. And you know that he won't listen to us. We can't do anything to Zed, but it doesn't mean that we can't do anything to Jean!"


When Henry Wen heard what Shirley said, he narrowed his eyes.

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