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   Chapter 8 I Am Your Daughter No Matter How Shameless I Am

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Having decided to allow Zed to reclaim that piece of land, Jean had already expected that such a thing would happen.

Well, well, well.

Nothing less of her father!

Jean suddenly felt that the word "father" was quite ironic to her.

"Don't stay silent. Tell me, what have you done? Did you say something to Zed? You are so shameless! I only scolded you a little and you dare pull such stunt on me! I'm warning you, if you don't get that piece of land back from Zed, consider yourself homeless."

Even over the phone, Jean could feel her father's rage from the tone of his voice.

Jean thought that if they were talking face to face, he would definitely strangle her.

"Are we clear?"

Jean didn't speak nor make a sound.

Her father assumed that Jean wasn't listening. He raised his voice and shouted: "You're shameless, you hear me?"

Jean took a calm breath and answered indifferently: "Who is shameless one?"

"You…" Her father paused, his tongue tied. He would have never thought that Jean would talk to him in such ways. He was too shocked to even utter a word.

Jean smiled. She continued on with her cold and uncaring tone.

"What about me? Shameless? No matter how shameless I am, I'm still your daughter."

That statement made her father burst with fury, "I hated myself for not strangling you when you were born!"

That vicious disclaim sounded like Jean was the shame of his life.

She felt her heart sank. In the past, she would feel sad when her father said anything harsh. She would think it was unfair and wondered why he treated Shirley differently even though they were both his children.

She was already numb at this point.

Jean sneered: "I don't understand either. If you hated me so much, why did you let my mother gave birth to me?"

Traces of taunt can be heard in her tone.

Mr. Wen couldn't fathom how Jean became like this. At least, before that, she would never have dared to talk to him in such manner.

'Could it be... because of Zed? She thought Zed would back her up?

Hmph, even if she has a supporter, I was the one who gave it to her!'

The more Mr. Wen thought about it, the more furious he became. Regardless of the reason, he continued to shout at her over the phone, "You'd better have Zed re

turned that piece of land to me as soon as possible! Otherwise…"

"I'm not allowed to go home?" Or you would disown me?"

Jean interrupted her father. He felt lost from the sudden cut off. Before he could even utter a respond, Jean spoke again, "Sure, you can decide, as long as you're happy!"

With that, Jean hung up without giving her father a chance to refute.

On the other end, the phone continues to beep as Mr. Wen tried to make sense of everything.

'She's got balls! She even dare speak to me in such tone now. What will she do to me in the future? She will think of overthrowing me, won't she?"

Mr. Wen got angrier the more he dwell on the idea. He unconsciously gripped the phone harder, as if the phone was Jean. With just a little more force, he could crushed Jean to pieces.

Shirley returned home to see Mr. Wen infuriated. She asked cautiously, "Dad, what happened?"

"It's all the fault of that ungrateful daughter Jean!"

'Jean? What did she do?'

Shirley wasn't aware of the whole situation but to be able to anger father to such extent, it was probably nothing trivial.

She couldn't help but smile a little at that thought, but only for a moment. Her smile faded away and to be replaced by concern and discontent.

"How can Jean do that? Whatever happens, you are still our father!"

As a bystander, Shirley was only here to hype things up. It would be in her favor if Jean was renounced from the household.

Without knowing, Mr. Wen became even more enraged after hearing Shirley's word of comfort. He glared with his eyes wide opened, as if fires were to burst out anytime.

"Father? I'm not her father! She just asked me to sever our relationship and never to come home again!"

Shirley felt a tinge of happiness but she made sure not to show it.

"Dad, calm down. Is there any misunderstanding?" After a pause, Shirley continued: "Is it because you hit her last night? But it was Jean who started the fight!"

With an aggrieved and innocent look, she pretended to be as delicate as a white lotus.

Mr. Wen gave another look to Shirley. He replied back plainly: "This has nothing to do with you."

Shirley knew that her father would never get angry at her and that made her want to destroy Jean's impression even more.

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