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   Chapter 43 Sarah's Acceptance

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Angelo's POV

I'm pacing like a manic frequently, actually too frequently looking at the right side of the garden for Sarah to grace her presence.

The breeze was chilly but I'm kind of sweating due to tension. Since two weeks, I was literally trying hard to tell her but couldn't muster up the courage to spill the bean. She understood my dilemma and encouraged but still I failed. Today at any cost I want to go through this phase. I'll try my level best to convince my devil sister but I'm not confident enough.

I don't know where did I buried the great Angelo Cox, who is the epitome of confidence, emotionally controlled, arrogant, never care a shit about others and so on. And now a day came that I'm scared for my own people.

Damn, I hate it.

'Dude, you're her employer but not the otherwise, ' my brain mocked me.

'Didn't I tell you already long back to SHUT THE F*CK UP, '

'Okay, let me help you then. Relax, you're the great Angelo Cox. Women crawl in front of your knees to get your attention. You have the ability to control the...' I cut it off.

'Shut up, '

'Man, just relax and share your true feelings with her. Sarah is a tough woman because of this cruel society but she will surely understand your pure feelings towards Pink Rose, ' my heart suggested.

'I hope so, '

I heaved a long sigh and my eyes searched for Sarah. Why she was taking a long time than needed?

Pink Rose is such a jealousy woman. Till now she just saw my special attention towards Sarah but not understanding us. Even I didn't clear her confusion but playing along to make my Angel jealous. A playful smirk played on my lips remembering her damn cute expressions.

Her long eyelashes would blink in slow motion, her beautiful eyes avoid the direct contact of the opposite person, her nose, ears, and cheeks become pink, she will assault her lower lip in between her teeth. Actually, words are not enough to express her beauty. I just want to grab her in my lap and devour her at that moment. Once, I almost did it if not Max unpredictable arrival, I would have devoured her delicious lips.

How can this woman mess me this much?

"Mr. Cox, " I jerked and turned back to see Sarah.

She wore simple black color nightwear. An elegant red color shawl wrapped around her petite figure.

"Pink Rose slept?" I asked rubbing my palm in tension.

" Today she slept late. That's why I'm late, "

"Okay, "

I turned around to control my razing heart. I licked my dry lips and turned back to her smiling awkwardly.

Dammit, what the hell I'm doing? I must look weird. Her gray orbs were gazing me confusedly fidgeting with the hem of her shawl.

"Mr. Cox, since few days you're trying to say something but..." She heaved a long sigh. "It's okay just tell it. You're making me nervous, "

"Sit here, " I told her to sit on the bench.

She gazed confusedly at the bench and me simultaneously.

"But you don't like other's to sit on this special bench?"

I smiled and held her shoulders. She shivered but didn't push me away. I made her sit on it and knelt in front of her. She was not at all comfortable but didn't say a word.

Holding her palm, "You're special, that's why, " I smiled looking into her gray orbs which are unable to accept it.

"Mr. Cox, " she gaped.

I held her right palm rubbing her knuckle to soothe her but she was scared and confused.

Sometimes, I wonder this woman fought with me to the extent that I'm scared of her. Now she was back to the Sarah Collins whom I knew but not the one I discovered since last year.

"Sarah, we always share a strong bond right?"

She gulped, "Mr. Cox, "

She tried to pull her hands, so I left it but didn't get up from that place.

"We always treat each other like brother and sister. I'm glad to have a sister like you, Sarah. I don't want to beat around the bush about this matter, so yeah, I got to know that Max and you..." She cut me off.

"If this is the thing then there is nothing to discuss, Mr. Cox. Thanks for your concern, " with that she stood up.

I made her sit back by holding her shoulders. She didn't protest but I understood by her expression that she was not ready to talk about their relationship.

First, I thought to talk about them then slowly come to my point but the devil is not in a mood to discuss her personal issues with me.

"Okay... okay, relax. I'll not talk about you guys. I don't have rights, I know it, " I declared raising my hands.

"Mr. Perrodo is your friend and you have every rights to talk about it but there is nothing between us."

"Ok-ay, "

Her face was hardened, jaw tightened. Her expressions are telling me to shut this matter now itself or else I can't continue further.

"Chill, I got the point, " I pressed her

she wants me to stay away from her. Even then I'll not leave her but just stay away from her. Her happiness is my first priority, "

She was gaping me shocked. More than this I don't have anything to say but I need to make her believe and trust me back.

"You will not leave her, right? Jah said the same."

"I don't know about others but I never left my people whether they are my family or friends or well-wishers or anyone. Lynda stayed in this mansion because of this reason. If she wouldn't have hurt Pink Rose she would stay here but her fate was not good so she crossed my orders. I bore a useless maid then imagine how I would take care of my Angel. Without her I can't live Sarah, "

She lowered her gaze, taking long deep breaths. I caressed her knuckles with my thumb waiting for her reply. She was confused, scared and whatnot.

"I need time. Mostly it will be a positive reply because of Rosy's feelings. But I need to digest this fact and trust you back. I remember those horrible days whenever I want to forgive you. Rosy says keeping grudges will only hurt you and your surroundings, try to forgive, the world will become beautiful around you. But I can't forgive you soon. I hope you understand me, Mr. Cox. Thanks for your support and love. I'm always glad for it. Without my knowledge you always helped me, I'm blessed for it but Rosy..." She trailed off heaving a long sigh.

"You better stop hurting her with your ignorance and take care of her, "

I heaved a long relief sigh smiling from ear to ear. I squeezed her palm gently blinking in assurance. The relief I'm feeling is not compared with anything in my life till now. It's still long way to gain Sarah's forgiveness but I'm confident to do so.

"Sure, or else my devil sister will kill me this time for sure, " she gave a half-smile.

"My problem came to a type of conclusion but about you and Max..." She pulled her hands away and stood up.

Even I did and tried to stop her but she showed her right palm in order to stop me.

"I gave you a chance because of all these years of confidence in you. So, please don't break it. This time I don't have any power to fight back. You think I can trouble you but I'm not in a condition to fight back with you. I don't know how I did in this whole year. May be my belief on Rosy made me do it but trust me I'm not at all capable to fight back with anyone. So, please take care of my Rosy.

"I'm sorry more than this I don't want to talk about anything tonight. So, please... Goodnight, " with that she left without turning back.

Why does everyone walk away as if I'm nothing?

Anyways I'm glad to get her permission. I'll propose Pink Rose after I get her approval.

My heart is heavy with this emotional conversation. It's hard to believe that I'm having emotional conversations but my Angel making me do it. I smiled remembering her beautiful smile. I laid on the rock bench gazing at the balcony.

Granny, please help me to take care of my Pink Rose.

A peace of relief weaved in my heart. I want to hold my Angel to my heart and kill her till she lost her breath and lips swollen.

Will she forgive me if she remembers everything?

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