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   Chapter 42 A Step Towards Forgiveness

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Angelo's POV

I thought it would be easy to first talk with Sarah but I need Nancy's support more than anyone in the world. So, I'm waiting for Pink Rose and Sarah to go back to their room.

Will Nancy accept my love?

'Even you lost the memory along with your so-called girlfriend? You want Nancy permission, if not will you leave everything and go to the Himalayas or what?' My brain nagged.

'Nowadays you're troubling me to hell. Get lost?'

'Thanks for the recognition but I should say it not the otherwise, ' it continued.

'Focus on the issue than other things, ' my heart suggested.

All my life, I never care to listen to my heart, now doing the opposite. These arguments are confusing me. Who is right and who is wrong?

"What are you thinking?" Pink Rose asked poking my right shoulder.

Damn that hurts, my body was still aching and can't take any pressure because of that moron Max.

"Just about work, "


She sat silently, even I didn't initiate any conversation. Her presence gives me peace. Her lavender fragrance igniting my desires.

Damn these hormones!

"Darling..." I saw her.

She turned her head back. Sarah came to us smiling at my Angel.

"Do you need anything, ma'am?" She teased.

Pink Rose crisscrossed her knees and held them elegantly. I smiled placing my right elbow on the headrest and head on my arm for the support and enjoyed their fun bantering.

They both always instigate each other in different ways. Now Sarah was being free in front of me than before. She won't care about me and have fun with her best friend.

"Where are you going without calling me?" Pink Rose asked in a typical tone with weird expressions.

She was acting like a typical cruel boss who tortures their maids in the movies or dramas. Sarah bows her head suppressing her smile.

"I'm sorry ma'am. Thought to not to disturb you both so..." She trailed off pressing her lips to suppress her smile.

Pink Rose craned her head up giving typical bossy looks. She looks damn sexy in this authoritative aura. I just want to grab her and...

"Repeating my dialogue, " she stood up and took two steps near Sarah.

"How dare you, Sarah Collins? You deserve punishment, " she said in a low tone giving dramatic look.

Before Sarah can realize Pink Rose started tickling her. She was laughing loudly and requesting Pink Rose to stop it but my stubborn beauty smiling devilishly continuing her task.

"I'll... hahaaa... see... your... aahaha... end in the... hahaha... room, " Sarah said with great difficulty trying to defend but miserably failed.

With that Pink Rose stopped her assault and hugged, giggling. Sarah smacked her shoulder panting hard.

It was fun to have girls at home. They make the home livingly with their giggles and naughtiness.

"Again you girls fighting?" Nancy asked keeping palm on her waist.

Her forehead was creased with angry frowns. She was looking like a typical mother trying to control her naughty kids. I laid my chin on my right-hand back wrist having fun to see this drama which became usual nowadays.

This Cox mansion became lively with these women in front of me. Everyone has their own way to make this gloomy, shinny place into a cheerful home.

"No, " both the girls said at a time bobbing their head's scared looking at the angry tigress.

"Since morning what happened to you both, why are you messing up? Oh my God, Rosy, you're worst than Ang. In childhood, he would trouble me more than my kids and you're nothing any less. Why are you troubling, Sarah?" She asked crossing her arms.

Nancy tone was serious, composed of annoyance, as I wish to listen. It's been long since I have seen her annoyed at this level. My Pink Rose is doing a great job to irritate my dear mother.

"You always scold me but Sarah got angry on me first, " Pink Rose complained in a baby tone pouting cutely.

Her shrill voice was damn sexy in babyish tone. I just want to bite those juicy heart-shaped lips...

"Because you behaved weird and ignored me. And stop complaining, don't forget I'm elder than you, " Sarah glared showing her forefinger.

"You always say that, see Nancy, " again my Angel complained cutely.

Sarah narrowed her gaze but she was trying hard not to give up and smile for Pink Rose's cuteness. It was evident on her face.

"Rosy, first tell me what you did?" Nancy queried.

"Nothing, " she mumbled lowering her head.

Nancy sighed, "Sarah?"

"Umm... Nothing, " Sarah copied Pink Rose.

"Okay, I don't know what you girls will do but tomorrow if I encounter your weird behavior I'll punish you both, " both the girls nodded their head scared.

Nancy was a typical mother when it comes to discipline. She gives hard punishments like making me clean my whole room within a day that too without any help, run around the mansion for fifty times, make me eat healthy food which I hate, fill the bucket with a small cup, and many more but the worst one is to sit ideally at one place, no work, no play, just sit and stare the annoying walls.

Jesus, that was the scariest thing which I always failed and for compensat

to me, "You don't easily accept a person in your life but if you do then they are lucky but now I'm not sure, "

It hurts, I want to cry hugging her as I did in my childhood but now it's not possible in any way.

"Please mother, once trust me, " I begged.

"I want to Ang but I'm scared of that girl's life. Once she remembers then what?"

"I'm not planning to hide the fact. One day for sure, I'll tell her the truth, "

I'll tell her but not so soon. As per Evan's prediction, she's not going get her memory back. So, I thought to tell her after a while when we became inseparable.

She heard a long heavy sigh, "I don't know. Sarah and Rosy are not less than my children. Both are hurt in their respective ways. On the other hand, I'm seeing the change in you. I'm confused. What did Sarah say?"

A kind of relief raised in my heart. Nancy understands and supports me, for sure.

"I must talk to her yet, "

"Her decision is final, Ang. I don't have anything to say, "

I took her palm in between mine.

"Will you support me?"

She turned her gaze away, sighing. My heartbeat was heavy and dying to listen to her response. She pressed my palm saw me smiling. Her old blue orbs gazed me showering love.

"I'm sure, you will be a good man for any woman, so love her with all your heart, "

Immediately, I hugged her without a second thought. Unshed tears formed in my eyes. She caressed my hair with her lovely palm. Smoothness clouded my heart. I don't remember my own mother's warmth but Nancy always gave the much-needed love and warmth. How can she say granny and she failed to give me love?

"You changed and doing your best but I can't forget the pain those girls faced. So, it takes time for me, Ang. You know I love you and support you but this time I want you to learn by yourself, "

"I love you too mother. I thought I have lost you forever, thank you for giving me a chance, "

I cried unable to suppress the pain and happiness. How I wish to feel the granny's presence. She would sure scold the hell out of me but still, she would have guided me to the right path.

Nancy silently caressed my hair soothing my nerves. I felt unexplainable relief erupted in my heart. I'm not sure Nancy forgave me but she would support like she did all these years.

"It's been a long day. Let's go and sleep, "

"I think even I'll sleep peacefully tonight, " I said looking at her face.

Wrinkles and looseness increased to her skin but the warmth was the same. She stood up taking the bottle.

"Goodnight, Ang, " without listening to my reply she walked away.

It takes time to heal everyone's pain. I smiled, crossing my arms gazing at the whole garden and the sky. There are fewer stars glowing the sky but still its pleasant to gaze them.

Granny, I'm sorry for all the mistakes I did in the past. I hope you forgive me.

A lone tear escaped from my eyes. I stood gazing at the balcony. I imagined the wooden chair swinging in a slow-motion gracing granny's presence.

I went to the granny room and sat down right next to the wooden chair like in my childhood. She would only sit in it. This ethenic wooden chair was grandpa's. It has soft brown color cushioned fabric wrapped over it. She says, she can feel his presence. I never understood the meaning, now I understand how things can create memories. I laid my head on it comfortably feeling her presence.

I miss you, granny.

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