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   Chapter 41 Trying To Convince

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Angelo's POV

Gazing at my reflection, I adjusted my honey-colored hair. Just today, I came back home. Since two days my body ached to the core but sleep was far away from my eyelids. Eight hours, just eight hours, I slept in these two f*cking days. I was frustrated, angry and what not on myself. Why in the hell, I took that impulsive decision to become his prey?

Moreover, Pink Rose got worried about me. Thanks to Sarah and Nancy or else she would have directly come to my penthouse at any cost.

I adjusted my brown Gucci suit. With a final glance at my reflection, I dashed back to my room.

"Angel..." I halted hearing Pink Rose shrill voice.

Why does she have to come to my room? I'm still not comfortable her being in my room. What if she suddenly remembers things?

She strolled towards me hurriedly, her forehead was covered with worried frowns. As usual, she wore a simple shirt and jeans of black and white combination. How can this woman carry herself so simple yet breathtaking beautiful! The more attractive thing is her long dark chocolate color hair and those honey orbs.

"Are you fine?" She asked worriedly playing with her fingers.

Both Pink Rose and Sarah have this habit of fidgeting with fingers but Sarah hurt her fingers.

I smiled, tugging her hair locks back of her ear with my right-hand fingers. She was gazing me from top to bottom worriedly.

"Absolutely, " I smiled.

'Not fine. Bloody it's hurting, ' I want to add but being a man, my ego hurts me more than the pain.

I cupped her left cheek, it was soft like candy. I just want to feel her soft, smooth skin with my lips. She tangled her fingers with mine.

"Why do you hide your pain?"

"You're thinking too much, "

She pouted, "I think right always, "

"How are you so sure? Did you gain your memory?" I smirked, narrowing my eyes.

"Character has more significance than a person's memory, "

I chuckled, "Alright, I'm fine, stop worrying, "

"I fought with Max and not talking to him, " she declared pouting angrily.

"Hey, it's common between us, so chill girl, " I smiled, shaking my head.

"He said the same but I don't know all those. He was angry on you since long back and now took it out, "

"If you and Sarah had

employees glares and fight with their employers?" I winked.

She became silent assaulting her palm with her nails.

"Okay relax, stop hurting your palm or else Max may take one more round for me, "

"Mr. Cox, " she winced pressing her lips in a thin line.

I laughed, she was a replica to me in hiding her emotions. She was one of the strong women I encountered. Straight to the point without any hesitation yet a time doesn't show her feelings.

"Okay, let's go, " I said.

I don't want to spoil this moment, so thought to talk to her at night.

"Rosy..." Sarah ran inside.

I ran along with her. She was talking with my Angel, side hugging her.

"Hey, what happened? Look at me, " Sarah said holding her chin to raise it.

"Nothing darling, I said right, I don't want yo disturb your conversation so came back, "

Sarah narrowed her gaze questioningly. Pink Rose blinked in assurance but I can see a ting of jealous in her honey orbs.

"Okay, "

Sarah turned to the table, searched the table and went towards the kitchen, mumbling, "I'll be back, "

I strolled to my Angel, smirking. She gave a questioning look.

"You're jealous right?" I teased her.

"Nothing like that, " she turned to the other side.

I pulled her cheeks and kissed her forehead laughing. She snuggled to my heart silently doodling on my chest.

I caressed her soft dark chocolate color hair inhaling her sweet fragrance. She perfectly fit in my arms and my life.

But am I correct for her?

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