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   Chapter 40 Angry Max

My Billionaire Angel By April Melody Characters: 8692

Updated: 2019-08-26 12:08

Angelo's POV

With a thud, I fell on the boxing floor bounced on my stomach, dripping in sweat and panting hard. My body was sore and couldn't move an inch. I groaned unable to take a breath, so tried to turn to my left side but failed.

Hearing Max fell beside me, I turned my head to left with great difficulty hissing in pain. Bloody idiot, except my face, he punched all over my body. He laid flat panting, his muscles stiffen and face was hard red. Not a single mark was on his body and here I was unable to move a limp.

It was always reverse. We all chill out and enjoy maximum at my place. Max and I share more time and bond than with SanLie. We keep challenging every now and then as we learned kickboxing at once. He must be perfect in everything but can't win over me in this. There are fewer cases like this but today was horrible. I didn't defend mys

hing but not more than my heart. I just want to lay on the bed. Moron, he ditched me after hurting every cell in my body.

"Mr. Cox, " John held me.

Why did he come? I chuckled and tried to take my phone from my pant pocket. John helped me.

"What?" He barked after lifting my call.

"Cher ami, je t'aime (I love you). I felt disgusted when you spell them but now I felt nice to say. Let's hang out this weekend at your place, " with that I cut the call.

John helped me to the car. I sat and ordered him to take to my penthouse. I don't want to handle Pink Rose at this moment. I just want to hit the bed.

Max was always cheesy as women like but I hate it. He irritates me with his odd behavior but now I miss it. Anyhow, I'm sure he will help and support me.

But what about that devil? Will she give me a chance to stay with my Pink Rose forever?

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