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   Chapter 39 Trying To Change Things

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Angelo's POV

Everyone was happy with Lynda's departure, the staff even had a party it seems. I should have done that before unnecessarily she hurt everyone. I made sure she doesn't get another job for the next three months.

Swatting the thought, I played the basketball alone. It's been a long time, I spent time with my friends especially Max, I bloody miss him. I felt irritated, so threw the ball and came inside.

Finn was talking to Pink Rose, they can't see me as I was on the left side to the staircase and they're on right. Eavesdropping is not my kind but I did it.

"... she tortured me like hell Rosy. It's my mistake, I should have been more careful with my boyfriend but what to do my fate didn't help, "

"Now the problem is solved, don't worry, Finn, " Pink Rose assured him squeezing his shoulder.

"Thanks to you, if you're not hurt, the boss wouldn't have done it, " Finn said.

"Wow, the great Finn respecting his boss or else..." Finn shushed closing her mouth, she giggled.

Every employee would give names to their employer or else what fun they get at work.

"He's at home if he listens, I'll be the next after that witch, " he said leaving Pink Rose.

"I would surely help my friend then, don't forget, I'm your boss's girlfriend, " she raised her imaginary collar proudly smiling widely.

Finn laughed, "I remember madam. You're a free bird but I need to work bye for now, "

"No one has time for me, go, " she pouted, crossing her arms and turned another side.

'Such a drama queen she is!'

'Look at her lips and that sexy figure too, ' my brain nagged.

'Do follow my order than using as you wish, '

'Always dirty though, ' my heart ranted.

'Just shut up, '

"I'll take care of you later, now I need to work and my boyfriend has some free time, so let me chat with him awhile, "

"Okay, I'm leaving you not because of your work but for your boyfriend. Such a sweetheart he is unless mine, who only work, " I raised an eyebrow for her complaint. So, my girlfriend wants my attention.

'Get ready, Pink Rose, ' I smirked, looking at her free self. She was always shy and introvert with me but extrovert with everyone.

Finn gave a flying kiss and ran away towards the swimming pool. Pink Rose smiled, staring at his retarded form and went to the kitchen.

'You have changed me, Pink Rose, '

'To a bloody lovesick puppy, ' my brain ranted.

'Get habitual, '

'I'm already sick of this love game, man, ' it stated.

'Then take some rest, '

I went towards the swimming pool. Finn was cleaning the pool water talking on the phone.

"Finn, " I called him.

He flinched talking off the headset and ran to me.

"Yes, Mr. Cox, "

"Your brother studies are good?"

"He's doing well, Mr. Cox, " he never dared to raise the head in front of me.

"Your family accepted your relationship?"

"Not yet, " his tone was sad.

"If it was in my hand, I would do something but I don't like to involve in family issues, "

"You did much than needed, Mr. Cox. You helped my father's treatment and brother's education. I can't ask anymore, "

"My policy is to take care of my staff so that they work efficiently, so it's just not about you. By the way, are there any more Lynda's in the staff. I just want to clean the unnecessary shit now itself. Don't worry it'll be confidential, "

"No, Mr. Cox. Except for that witch... I mean Lynda, " he stammered.

I chuckled, "I bared that lazy a*s because of her father service to Cox or else I must kick her out long back. Anyways, you can tell me anytime if you encounter such behavior, "

"Sure, Mr. Cox, "

I turned to leave, Pink Rose and Nancy glancing us. Pink Rose honey orbs glittering proudly and Nancy had knowing look. I raised an eyebrow and strolled towards them.

"Nancy..." Sarah was coming from the kitchen but trailed off looking at me.

Ignoring them, I strolled but halted hearing Pink Rose whisper, "My boyfriend is true Angel, "

I smirked, coming back to them, they got confused. I leaned onto the door crossed-arms gazing Pink Rose. She was glancing shyly assaulting her lower lip.

"Pink Rose, I want a favor, " I smirked.

"What's that?"

"Call Max and complaint about me. His anger must reach peaks that he should come here immediately, "

She gaped, Sarah and Nancy understood it. Pink Rose bobbed her head negatively scared.

"He'll kill me, "

"No one is going to lay a finger on my girlfriend, "


ll not do it, " she declared, taking steps but I held her left wrist pulling back.

"No, Angle, please. The angry Max is scary, " she said bobbing her head.

"I'll take care of that. You do what I said, " I declared pulling her phone.

She held it tightly but I tried my best, looking at her expressions. Damn, nowadays her cuteness boundaries crossing its limits.

Finally, I pulled her phone and searched Max name but didn't find it. She was nagging and trying to pull it back. I gave the phone back to her.

"It's okay, leave it, " I took steps but she held my right arm whispering my name.

"Please Angel, I'll do anything but not this, " she exclaimed sadly.

I turned back, "Nope, I just want only this, "

She pressed her lips in a thin line gazing at me annoyed. I smirked, devouring her beautiful face. I wish to eat those juicy lips and her beautiful...

Dammit, what the hell I'm thinking?

"One call will not harm. Just do it Rosy, " Nancy said smiling.

"But why? Max will not spare him, " Pink Rose squeaked.

"It's not your business. I'll take care of him. Now come on, call him, " I said going back to the door leaning on it stood in kick up leg position.

"What should I tell him?" She asked in a scared tone.

"Simple, I left you again, "

She stood silently looking at her phone. After a few seconds, she bobbed her head.

"No, I can't do this, "

Jesus Christ! She loves to test my patience levels.

"Darling, relax. Just do it, " Sarah said pressing her left shoulder.

Great, even the devil is supporting me. What a great day came into my life? She must be happy to become max's pray.

"I don't know what this but you all are not thinking about Max, "

"Darling, Max handles better than you imagine, " Sarah said hugging her, smiling.

"Well, Mrs. Furute Perrodo knows him more. Why are you worrying unnecessarily, Pink Rose?" I teased.

Sarah shooted glares but immediately composed, "I'm sorry Mr. Cox, you mistook my words, "

"Oh really, " I added innocently.

She played with her fingers making them red but didn't raise her head. Pink Rose gave sly smile glancing Sarah. Nancy suppressed her smile and Sarah fumed in anger unable to raise a word. It's really fun to make this devil angry but she's not backfiring which is boring. Anyways, I shouldn't drag much.

"Are you calling him or not?" I asked crossing my arms.

Pink Rose pouted, "Okay, " whispered raising the phone.

She called him glancing scared. Her beautiful honey orbs vigorously paced everywhere. And she is licking those heart-shaped pink lips every single minute.

I would love to take that role...

"Hello... Ah..." She halted blinking and finally, the call got cut.

"He's busy in a meeting it seems, so..."

"Call again, " I smirked.

"No, I didn't like his harsh tone. I don't want to do it even if you get angry, " she didn't look at me.

I pulled her arms, she gasped, blinking taking heavy breaths.

"I just asked small favor..." I suppressed my anger looking at her scared face, she got relaxed, closing her eyes for a second, "Angel, that's..." I cut her off.

"Will you do it or not. Just yes or no?"

"Angel, " she pouted but I gave stern look, she nodded.

"Make him come home, "

She heaved a long sigh, pouting and dialed his number.

"Max... that... Angel again left without a word, " her tone was painful and kept a sad face.

Good, my Angel can really act well. A proud smirk played on my lips.

"Hmm... What?... O-kay, " she took the phone away from her ear.

Now the fun starts, I smirked.

"Ang, I'll kill you, Culo (ars*). Tonight you are dead in my hands for sure, " he roared and cut the call.

My smile widened but Pink Rose gaped the phone scared. Poor my Angel, stuck up with di*ks like us.

"Thank you, Pink Rose, good job, " I patted her shoulder.

"How... How did he know?"

I smirked, "Well, Maxence Carrie Perrodo has his own sources, " I said glancing at Sarah.

She rolled her eyes, lowering her head.

"I'm scared, " Pink Rose declared.

I chuckled, "Relax baby. It's between Max and me, so chill and stop thinking much, "

"But..." I cut her off.

"I'm gonna have fun, don't worry, " with that I dashed towards my room unable to handle her patiently.

I smirked gazing my reflection in the mirror. Finally, after a long time, we're going to have our kickboxing time. You can vent out your anger on me tonight, Max. Impatiently waiting for it.

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