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   Chapter 38 Did Pink Rose Find The Truth

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Updated: 2019-07-23 13:07

Angelo's POV

I leaned back onto the chair heaving a long sigh cracking the tired bones of my fingers. Work at home was drastic than anything in the world but my Angel wished to spend some time with me. I'm whipped, what to do! Morning conversations flashed in front of my eyes.

Flashback ON

I got ready for work in my new grey Gucci suit, gelled my hair perfectly, Blancpain watch shone on my left wrist. I dashed to downstairs taking my laptop bag, placing it on the sofa went to the dining table.

All the ladies are waiting for me but my eyes fixed on my Pink Rose, who wore a simple blank top and gray jeans. Her dark chocolate color was laid on her left shoulder. Her honey orbs gazed me assaulting her lower lip. Kissing her forehead, I sat on my chair. The girls took their places while Nancy served me and sat. We silently ate but the girls as usual whispering and giggling. I cleared my throat.

"Pink Rose, why don't you continue your studies?" I said, cutting a morsel of bread.

Everyone's attention shifted to me. I put the morsel in my mouth looking at her face. She blankly glanced me but I understood her hesitancy to speak, so I waited patiently. She put a morsel in her mouth licking the spoon.

"Umm actually, I don't want to start now, " she said hesitantly as if I was her strick father.


She didn't say anything, so I glanced Sarah whose eyes were only on Pink Rose.

"Is everything alright?" I asked.

"Nothing much, just..." Pink Rose trailed off poking the food.

"Mr. Cox, she was scared and hesitant to go to the college, to meet new people which was a new thing. Evan told her to give some time, " Sarah said.

"You can do distance learning, "

"Should I compulsory restart my education right now?" Pink Rose voice was low.

I glanced her for a second and turned my attention to the food as she was not feeling comfortable with this discussion.

"There is no force but do remember I'll always support your career life whether to continue your studies further or do the job. Get well soon and chase your dream, "

"Which I don't remember?"

I halted my task for a second as my heart pierced. She was clueless because of me.

"Pink Rose, you just lost your memory but not life. I'm sure you would have created a goal by now after your recovery. So, start chasing that but staying blankly is not good in my opinion, " she didn't raise her head but glaring at the food.

I glanced at Sarah, she blinked in assurance.

"Anyways, I told my opinion. Later on your wish but do remember that I'm gonna sponsor for your studies, "

"But why?" She immediately responded curiously snapping her head to look at me.

"Well, every year I chose to sponsor clever students. You're one among them, "

"Did I accepted in the past?"

I chuckled, "Well, I never offered you, "

She was waiting for me to continue further.

"I got that idea but never proposed, so doing it now. Any issues?"

"Angel, don't take me rude but if I want to continue my studies then for sure, I can take care of my expenses, so..." She trailed off looking down.

She was still the same! I don't want to brag the situation.

"As you say, " with that, I wipe my mouth with the napkin and got up.

Washing my hands, I went to the sofa to take the laptop.

"Angel, " I turned towards her.

"Should you need to go to work?" She pouted.

No, don't do that. I want to ravish those heart-shaped pink lips.

"By the way, don't you deserve punishment?" She asked keeping hands on her petite waist.

I smirked, "May I know the reason?"

She turned sideways crossing her arms. "Well someone left me for weeks to work. So, he must compensate right?" She saw me through the corner of her eyes.

I even left the work, my dear Pink rose. Well, can't accept it.

"I'll come home soon, "

"Nope, "

'Stubborn beauty!'

'What a day came in my life?' My brain ranted.

"Pink Rose, there are few tasks I need to handle, "

She didn't say anything but stood rooted stubbornly. I heaved a long sigh glanced the hall for Sarah or Nancy. They were not visible. Now what!

"Work at home then, " she said, turning towards me.

"No, " I barked, fisting hard.

She squirmed and glared, pouting.

"Okay then


"Not much but it hurts when she talked about Sarah. I don't remember anything about her but I can see what a great person she is. It's hard to find a woman like Sarah in this era, Max was true about her but Lynda..." She trailed off weeping.

I hugged her, she wrapped her arms tightly to my chest. We stayed silently, she cried her heart out.

"Pink Rose, look, " I unwrapped ourselves, cupping her cheeks.

"Society talks. We don't need to care a foot as far as we know what's right and wrong. There are more Lynda's out there, they only knew pointing others. So, we shouldn't catch in their web but to fight back. We don't need to answer them but must stand for us, "

"Sarah told the same, " she pouted.

I chuckled, "You must be strong, Pink Rose, " she hugged without a word.

I stood silently embracing her. Finally, relaxed as the huge drama ended for the day. I must be careful from now onwards.



I know everyone is fed up of my irregular updates. Giving excuses is not the solution but I want to share it with you guys.

I'm not a professional writer nor good at writing hardcore hero's hurting heroine's stuff. Believe me or not I'm hurt to imagine such kind of story. I hate Angelo and myself for writing like this.

In my writing hero's are cheesy and can never hurt heroine's nor women. But not everyone like good hero's. The era is full of bad hero's so even I want to try such kind. IT'S NOT AT ALL EASY FOR ME TO WRITE THIS STORY. I'm having writer block for this particular book but your response boosts me to write. So, I request you to bare my irregular updates.

And recently I got some negative comments. I learned to take it positively since starting so I'm not feeling bad but wants clear things. I'm not encouraging RAPE or HURTING WOMEN through my books. If you read my other books you can understand what I want to show in my books. I got a chance to explore the paid site for this book but not my other books.

Outside society is not good. Angelo like men is rare. Raping and taking the responsibility and here I'm writing pure fiction which came out of my head. So, I trying hard to pen them.

I'm truly humbled for all your encouragement because I have poor grammar skills and all the technical skills to be a writer. But you all are gladly encouraging me with your amazing support and comments. I can't believe my book hit 1M reads. Thank you so much for your support. I'll try to write more. I'm leaning to present better for every chapter., I hope I'm doing I think so.

Many are having doubt that this is some ending but trust it's just reaching half of the story I think. There is still much drama to happen and not to forget Romance *wink wink*

Sorry for ranting a lot but wants to share my feelings about this story. Hope you all understand me.

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