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   Chapter 37 Sharing My Memories

My Billionaire Angel By April Melody Characters: 11668

Updated: 2019-07-03 17:41

Angelo's POV

I placed the file aside looking at the dark sky, a few stars were glittering here and there. The cold breeze touched my skin making me close my eyes in response. I turned to my backside leaning on the railing saw the half moon. I crossed hands to my chest, an involuntary smile played on my lips. Pink Rose face flashed in front of my eyes. My smile widened remembering our moments.

The women I overcome always tend to have a boring discussion about clothing, fashion and whatever. But Pink Rose was smart to catch up with the situation and can converse with anyone. She was truly smart and I should talk to her to continue her studies.

Nothing is changed but something is changed. The content of having a partner and sharing the affection with her was an incredible experience which I never felt. I was captivated in her smile and those magical honey orbs.

The Angelo Cox who can't spare a woman more than once is now dying to spend my whole time with my stubborn beauty. It's just been a week of our first date but it just feels yesterday. After that day, I didn't try to get intimate with her but a regular forehead and cheek kisses and harmless flirting. I truly want to understand her and lead our lives.

'Hope I do the best, '

'You will, ' my heart supported.

I inhaled a long breath closing my eyes for a second.

Nancy was still fluctuating between love and hate. As Evan said, I should earn forgiveness.

Previously, Sarah would come to check on us and watch us from far. But now she disappears whenever Pink Rose was with me. I kind off didn't like it much. I understood she started trusted me back but still, I don't feel good when she gives us privacy.

Max visits daily and talks to the girls. They both are quite comfortable with him but sometimes I burn in jealousy when he makes her laugh. I truly never made her laugh like that. Holding her stomach she laughs loudly, her face turns to pink, tears slide over her soft pink cheeks. Her beautiful eyes become small when she laughs like that. But still, I'm happy looking at her beautiful laughter echo in my ears.

Sarah would enjoy looking at her happy self. But there is a tiny void between them. I didn't involve nor try to know it because I personally prefer not to involve in between women issues. They shoot glares one moment and next second can shower immense love among themselves. I don't know whether it's fake or real. I can never understand women.

'What do you mean? You know how to give intense pleasure to any woman you met, ' my brain nagged.

'Just get lost. Don't irritate me, '

'Nowadays you're ignoring me and surely pay for it. Your so-called emotions may ditch you any moment but not me, ' it declared.

'Whatever, '

I heard a knock at my door. I frowned looking at my phone. It going to be 1 A.M. I got surprised opening the door.

Pink Rose smiled widely batting her long eyelashes rapidly. She was swaying her body shyly holding her palm tightly.

"Pink Rose..."

"Hey, "

"Is everything alright?"

"Can I come in?" She asked cutely tilting her head a little like a toddler.

I would love to welcome her to my room but scared as she may remember that horrible incident. Evan clearly told me not to give shocks to her but here...

"Angel please, " damn her pout.

How can I stop this stubborn beauty?

"First tell me, what's it?" I asked in my authoritative tone.

She pouted sadly. I know it works, she doesn't really like that thing. H


"I understood her value after her departure, Pink Rose. I chased many things and felt bored in granny's company. I shouldn't have done that. I wish she was with me now, " an alone tear escaped from my eyes.

I closed my eyes, pressing her palm tightly. She continued to caress my cheek. I inhaled hard to relax.

"Don't push yourself hard, Angel. You did what felt good for you. I'm sure Mrs. Cox understands you and her blessings always are with you, trust me, " I was drowned in her magical honey orbs.

How can she be positive all the time?

"No, my sin is not forgivable. I'm sure granny is hating me, " I blurted abruptly.

She smiled, "No, she can never hate you. She is nothing less than your mother. Mother punish children to make them learn good values but she can never hate her children, " she said making me drown in her words.

"But I shouldn't have ra..."

Wait, what the hell, I was doing?

"Angel, don't hurt yourself. Everyone does mistakes, it's a human tendency. You regret it. That's the best thing. I'm sure Mrs. Cox understands you, "

'Will you forgive me for my sin, Angel?'

'Have patience, Ang, ' my heart cooed.

'She will leave me once she regained her memory, '

'Hope the day come soon, ' my brain ranted.

'You... Get... Lost...'

"Even in childhood, you didn't sleep well?" She whispered.

I just half smiled and placed my chin on her shoulder to avoid her gaze. We stood there in silence for a while.

My mind was out of control. Literally, I slipped my tongue. It would be dangerous for her health. I must be in control. Bloody my mood swings, I even cried in front of her. What the hell is happening with me? I must get back to myself. That Angelo Cox, who can control and hide his emotions effectively. I yawned squeezing her in my embrace.

"Let's sleep, " she said taking a step.

'I'm ready. That's what I'm waiting for, ' my brain chirped.

'I'll kill you, '

'Then you will be another version of your Pink Rose. Be careful before you hurt me, ' it nagged.

'You're out of your mind, '

She hugged my left shoulder and we strolled towards her room.

"Good night, " I said and pecked her forehead and dashed to my room without listening to her.

"Angel, " ignoring her calls, I closed the door.


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