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   Chapter 36 My Angel

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Angelo's POV

We are walking in the garden with a peaceful silence. She was occasionally touching the railing but that sparkling smile was lost replaced with a serious expression. I got confused but didn't dare to confront her.

I brought her to a private exotic restaurant. It was not too fancy, I particularly chose this according to her taste. We ate her and my favorite dishes chatting freely. She took lots of selfies enjoying my company. I been friendly but didn't squeeze her with my flirting nature. It's better to on a slow pace rather than to blush her every single moment. She was happy and rambled a lot.

This is the first date I didn't get annoyed with the woman's rambling. They talk a lot which irritates me but Pink Rose's shrill voice captivated me.

'You enjoyed because she is YOUR woman, ' my heart declared.

'True, '

'Next, you are going to enjoy the ni...' I cut off my brain.

'Don't you dare to think dirty, '

'As if you don't want, ' it ranted.


"Angel, " I came back from my own land listening to her shrill voice.

"Yes, " I turned to my right rubbing my palm in excitement.

The cool breeze and this beautiful garden were giving a pleasant environment.

"Why did you left suddenly after our little moment that night?" Her tone was sad with a serious expression.

I predicted it, so I lie to her easily. I hope a day comes in our life where I don't need to lie to her.

"Urgent work, told you right?"

"Without a word?"

"Hmm, well that's me, Pink Rose. Sorry, I..." She cut me off.

"Okay just leave it. But if you don't mind next time can you please inform me before you leave? It's just a request not to bind you but it can give me peace, " she turned back to see me standing at my place without walking.

"What?" She got confused.

"Come here, " she came without arguing.

I just love this thing in her. She simply follows my words without a word. Not every woman do that. She leaned onto the railing looking at me, I held her shoulders.

"I'll never leave you, " I spelled without thinking twice.

I stopped running away from you Angel. So, I don't need to go away from you anymore.

Her honey orbs are gazing me with heavy emotions. She held my collar pulling me close to her. I balanced placing my palm on the railing. Our breaths fanned on each other.

"Promise?" She whispered looking into my eyes.

I kissed her forehead closing my eyes. I kissed numerous women everywhere on their body but I never felt bliss with this simple forehead kiss.

You are my true Angel.

I saw her beautiful, innocent face. She closed her eyes inhaling deeply. I smiled looking at her angelic face. Suddenly my eyes caught her heart-shaped pink lips quickening my breath.

"My boyfriend was boring!" She didn't open her eyes.

"What?" I frowned.

She opened her eyes, her long eyelashes are batting rapidly with shivering lips. Those magical honey orbs were gazing me intently at a time shyly.

"Usually, a man kisses on his woman lips but you always..." She trailed off looking at my lips.

I leaned onto her lips. She started assaulting her lower lip making my grip tight on the railing.

"You are inviting danger my dear, Pink Rose, " I whispered looking into her honey orbs.

She moved her lips close to mine. Our breathed fanned on each other skin making it h

hty act. I smirked, taking my phone.

"Send the kiss picture, " I sent it with a wink.

I went to my room. She sent that picture and a few more pictures too. We are looking really good.

"This is the best day of my life. Thanks for everything Angel, " I smiled looking at her message.

"Me too. I went to numerous dates but this is the best, " I sent it with a smiley.

"Then what about our previous dates?" I closed my eyes for a second to type a lie which I'm not liking.

"At that time I didn't put interest in our moment than on your body, " she saw it but not typing.

I waited for her reply taking off my blazer and shoes. Two minutes passed but no reply. I got impatient and couldn't hold back. Immediately, I dialed her number. She received it on the first ring itself.

"Hey, did you feel offended?" I asked her impatiently.

"Hmm... I don't know what to respond, " she whispered.

I can feel the dullness in her shrill voice and breeze sound too. She must be on the balcony.

"I'm sorry, " I said it sincerely.

'Dammit, you disgust me today. What more is waiting for me?' My brain nagged.

I ignored it and waited for her to speak.

"Just leave about the past. There is of no use to learn about it which I don't remember. We spent a beautiful evening that's important, " her voice cheered.

I smiled at her understandable nature. She is always positive and enlights the situation.

"Rosy, Why are you taking a long time to change?" I heard Sarah's sleepy voice.

"Coming darling, " she said loudly.

"Okay, I need to go. Good night, sweet dreams, " she whispered hurriedly.

"About you?"

I heard her heavy breath, "Angel, " I laughed imagining her beautiful shy face.

"You to sleep well, " with that I cut the call without hearing anything from her.

If I continued talking it's going to hard for me. I scrolled the pictures she sent me. A happy smile lingered on my lips. I laid on the bed dangling my legs pulling the pillow under my head.

Will I get sleep tonight? I slept for three hours after coming home and the whole thirty-six hours too. My heart was at ease and content.

Evan's forgiveness made a big impact on me but the main question is...

"Can I forgive myself?"

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