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   Chapter 35 Our First Date

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Angelo's POV

I adjusted my new black Raymond blazer looking into the mirror. This new pair of black and black simple dress pairing with the latest lavish Bally shoes were looking sexy on me like hell. I didn't gel my air as Pink Rose like it this way. She never told me but her magical honey orbs say it everything.

I'm looking hot and breathtaking as always. She will get impressed for sure. Who can restrict me? I chuckled brushing my hair with my right-hand fingers.

'Love doesn't care looks. It has the power to claim the heart, ' my heart reasoned.

'True, '

'Why are you digging this love grave?' My brain questioned in irritation.

'To get peace to my heart and soul, '

'Then what about me?' It got irritated more.

'For now, chill, '

I ignored the thoughts and saw my new Rolex Yacht-Master II shining on my left wrist. It was time to go, I know she was not ready yet but I want to leave this room which is suffocating me.

I took my phone and dashed downstairs. The whole day I didn't come out of my room for an unknown reason. Pink Rose insisted to do lunch with me but I declined politely, reasoning my stress. She gave back my phone and left me alone for the rest of the day.

The hall was silent so I went to the kitchen to find it empty.

"Where is Nancy?" I mumbled checking the back side of the kitchen which is the staff rooms.

There she was talking to the staff with that pleasant motherly smile. She patted Finn's left shoulder, he smiled and hugged her. Nancy was the Godmother to everyone. Without any hesitation, we can vent our heart out.

Should I tell her? I don't know, she was still angry with me. If I spill about my feelings...

"Ang, do you want anything?" I came out of my own land with her pleasant smile.

'Oh, now what should I say?'

'If I chill you may die with embarrassment, ' my brain nagged.

"Orange juice, "

"Sure, just a minute, " with that she smiled to the staff and walked to the kitchen.

I followed her silently in a dilemma to share things with her. I would have easily blurted it to her in past but now it's scaring the shit out of me.

"I thought you may ask for it. So, I made it just an hour ago, " she said with a smile and gave the glass to me.

I leaned onto the table crossing my feet and sipped the juice. I gestured her to have some. She poured the juice into another glass and took a sip. It's my habit, whenever we are alone she needs to accompany me whether she likes it or not.

"Is everything okay with the staff?" I questioned looking at nowhere in particular.

"Yes, "

There was a brief silence occurred between us, I hate this silence. If it wa

ld my arm and took steps along with me. I felted elated to have her beside me.


"Where is Sarah?" I abruptly stopped.

Her face fell low with a disappointed look, "She was taking rest, "

"Oh, " I saw their room for a few seconds and turned my gaze to her.

She smiled covering her disappointed look. I smiled and continued to walk again.

Again I halted, smirking at her. "Wait, you are jealous right?"

She gasped, "Why would I be?" Turned her face to the other.

"Hey, I know you are!"

"Nothing like that, " she pulled me taking long strides.

I chuckled, following her silently. She was looking damn hot in jealous mode.

John passed me the sexy Koenigsegg's keys. It's going to be my first ride in it that too with MY Angel. I opened the door for her.

"I'm lucky to have the first ride in it, " she exclaimed adoring the sexy Koenigsegg.

I leaned onto her left ear, "Nope. It's lucky to have you as her first, " her silky hair fragrance aroused me.

"Angel, " she blushed and hooked onto it.

I closed the door and gave a nod to John to pick up Sarah if she wants, he knew the destination. James and Will will be our security for today. He gave thumbs up with a smile. Even John was angry with me but he doesn't show it much in front of me. I hooked onto the driver seat. She was busy in adoring it. I remembered our first encounter.

"Where are we going?" She asked looking at me curiously.

I leaned onto her making her breath hitch. Her hot breath fanned on my skin.

"Surprise, " I tugged her hair locks back to her ear.

She shivered with a smile raising her eyelashes. I was lost in those magical honey orbs.

"Let's go, " she whispered with a shy smile.

I started the journey to our destination with a smile.

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