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   Chapter 34 Evan's Forgiveness

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Flashback Continues

Angelo's POV

"Day by day my girls are getting too naughty, " he chuckled, sitting on his long brown sofa.

I smiled and sat in front of him. I yawned covering my mouth with my right palm. I still feel lazy and want to hit my bed.

"You will feel a little drowsy today, " I nodded. "... so, spill it out, " he asked sitting comfortably on the sofa.

"What?" I don't want to say him anything.

I don't know his reasons to make me Pink Rose's boyfriend but if I told my feelings then he may chop me.

"Why you ran away?"

"What? I... I..." I laughed mockingly but my stammering says everything.

He was looking at me with that peaceful smile.

"Stop hiding things and spill it, Ang, " his blue orbs were staring me with concern.

I heaved a long sigh, turning my gaze to the other side. I hide my emotions but sometimes it's hard. Particularly in this situation, he has the right to know me. He may hate or push me away more but I don't have the energy to fight back with these feelings.

"You may kill me!" I leaned front supporting my elbows on my knees, looking at the grey carpet.

That's not Evan. I think I'm expecting Max reaction. Damn, these mood swings.

"Try me, " I can imagine him smiling wisely.

'Now the time came to accept the truth, Ang. Just do it. Trust me, you will feel better like never before, ' my heart suggested.

I gulped, playing with my fingers. I didn't dare to look at his blue orbs, they are always like a peaceful ocean.

"I.. I..." I licked my dry lips.

"You are surely not the Angelo Cox, I knew. Tell me where did you hide him?" I can sense the playfulness in his deep tone.

I closed my eyes for a second heaving a long breath.

'I can do this, '

'Yes, go for it, ' my heart supported.

'You are digging your own grave, ' my brain reminded.

This is the only way I can stop the pain raising in my heart. May he get angry but Evan is my personal doctor so he will understand me.

"I have fallen for Pink Rose, " at last finally, I spilled it.

I'm denying this fact since long back covering it with different things but the fact is I love her. I don't know when and how this happened but I do love her.

The atmosphere was silent. I can hear my own heartbeat. I closed my eyes for a second taking a long breath and raised my head. He was having a victorious smile and his blue orbs were showing unreadable emotions.

"Good, " I got surprised by his reaction.

"Okay, listen to me patiently without any interruption, " I nodded looking at his serious expression.

I don't know what he wants to say but I'm ready to face any situation.

"Ang, you are not a bad person but the situation made you lead his path. Till now you saw the negative side in this whole scenario but now hear this.

"One night, one mistake changed many lives. A beautiful innocent life was shuttered, a silent woman became a fighting devil, the one who needs to stand and support gave up and left. The trust and hope on a person lost making him alone, a flirtatious undying lover become a close friend and supporting system. A stranger became close to everyone's heart pushing away the deep friendship. Strangers became best friends and family but that one person became all alone in this universe. He has every power to claim the world but lost all rights to gain back his loved ones.

"That one night was worst but it made Sarah strong to fight back with the power. Max got the chance to make his love strong. Rose became close to everyone. I got a new family in the form of Sarah and Rose. You learned to live a different life. There are many positive sides to this situation..." I cut him off.

"Just come to the point, " I can understand his view but why I need to know all these things?

"Listen patiently, Ang, please, " he insisted.

I leaned back on the sofa crossed leg trying to keep calm. His words are shooting like arrows to my heart.

"You are a lost kid, craving for love Ang. You may have Nancy, your friends but you need to give the love to someone but not the otherwise. You don't have anyone to show your love as everyone give you the needed love. Rose took that place. Involuntarily, you become close to her within a short span of time.

"Being the culprit, you don't need to take care of her but you did. You thought it's your guilt but more than that you care for her, Ang. You thought staying with her can give you peace because she became important in your life. You took all the hatred from your loved ones. You accepted it because of your sin but the hidden side is you spoiled the life which you want to spend your whole life. You don't want to lose her because she took a major part in your life without your involvement. You thought it's your guilt but the truth is you accepted her long back. I saw the changes in you. So, I did want I need to do..." I frowned.

What does that mean? Did he made her forget the past or what?

"... I kind of predicted Rose's memory loss but not this typical situation. I saw many cases all my life. Replacing memories for a better impact for the patient is not a wrong thing. Even if we confess the truth she would have forgiven you but your path will never cross.

"For a woman, it's hard to know that she was raped but she doesn't remember that horrible incident. Gaining her memory back will be a miracle. So, why not I mend the situation. After I got clarified of her condition, I took a step on behalf of you as your well-wisher. I made the nurse to play that boyfriend drama. I turned the coin and it worked.

"The one important thing in you is you are a strong person at hiding yourself, your emotions but in front of her, you forget everything. And finally realized your feelings which is not only guilt, not only spoiling her life beyond that which is your love. I thought you guys are meant to be like this. My prediction and assumption were right and here we go, "

We are looking at each other. Silence crept blocking my thoughts. Is he true? I always have a doubt in this boyfriend thing but...

"Does... Does Sarah knew it?" This one doubt shivered me.

"No one knows it. Your devil sister will chop me, man. Think about my wife and kids, " he said playfully.

His blue orbs held intense emotions but that silly smile was covering it.

'He was true. Sarah can never accept this, '

'Your true feelings can win her heart for sure, ' my heart suggested.

'But...' Evan cut off my thoughts.

"Ang, we pushed you a lot. Being your personal doctor even I did it but what to do, I'm after all a human. I'm the one who treated her. Her whole body was..." He huffed closing his eyes for a second.

My heart squeezed remember her devastated state. My throat was dead dry and my head was spinning. He stood up with a smile and pulled my right palm. I got confused but did as he wished. His blue orbs were peacefully gazing me. He squeezed my palm in assurance with a broad smile.

"Everyone does mistake that's a human calamity. We regret and try to mend it. The guilt kills us every single second. Everyone accused you and more than them you did. You lost the peace and hurting yourself. You came to a level that you lost every right to live a normal life. Stop it, Ang. Stop punishing yourself. You got the punishment with the guilt. So, now its time for forgivenes

s. It's not easy to forgive yourself but if you can't do it then no one can do it. You must forgive yourself to lead a normal life, Ang.

"Love can create wonders and even destroy. I want you to be the creator. You deserve better than this. I'm the first one accused you right?" He paused.

I was shivering. His words and touch impacted me a lot. I was at the end, one last pull I may lose in front of him.

"I forgave you, Angelo Cox, " he smiled and hugged me tightly.

I lost it and don't have the energy to fight back anymore. I cried in his arms like a kid. I lost the battle to hold these tears which are hidden in me since long back. My whole body was shivering and I was sweating hard in the air-conditioned room.

My knees gave up and I lost the balance to stand. He made me sit on the sofa and brought the glass of water which was on the table. I gulped it in one go but still, my condition was not stable. He kept the glass on the side table and sat on the sofa patting my palm in assurance.

Till now I never cried in front of anyone as I always tame my emotions. I thought men shouldn't get weak but today I lost the battle. I don't care if I look weak but I want to vent out this unbearable pain buried in my heart.

"Every single minute... I want to change... that horrible night... Evan. I can never... imagine hurting anyone... intentionally... but..." He cut me off.

I was stammering, sniffing and weeping hard.

"Ssh... I know it, Ang. You really want to go back and change everything. Practically, it's not possible, Ang but you can mend it with forgiveness and love. Stop pushing and punishing yourself and forgive it." He squeezed my palm in assurance.

"I don't deserve it, Evan, " he was silent for few seconds.

"Okay, first vent it out as much as you want, "

I closed my eyes to control it but I lost it and cried hard. He sat silently assuring me with his presence and touch.

I spoiled an innocent soul. She tried hard to get out of that den but I been the beast took away her innocence, her dreams, her love, everything. She blindly believed these fake tales and getting close to me. She will break down once she learned to the truth. I'm the destructor but she still calls me ANGEL.

"Ang, " I saw him.

The same peaceful smile lingered on his lips.

"I want to share my memory with you as a friend. Till now no one knows except to my love..." I stared him blankly. "... do you think I'm a perfect person?"

I chuckled, "Is it a question. You are the perfect son, friend, doctor, lover, husband, father and what not, "

A humorous chuckle left his lips. Suddenly, he was looking devasted. Is it because of my current state or...

"If you say so but don't forget I'm a human too. Many died in my arms, I regret it. It's not fully in my hands but I'm one of the reasons as a doctor right. Beyond this, I made a huge mistake in my life as you did but the scenario was different, " his blue orbs held immense pain.

"Everyone thinks Clarie was my first love but that's not true. In my school days, I got attracted to one of my classmates. She looks beautiful and perfect. Our friendship became love which leads us to become one by body and soul. Few days we have been that 'perfect couple' in our class..." he air quoted the word.

"... but we lost the spark after a few days and broke up with mutual understanding. After a few days, she became pregnant and we knew it's our mistake. We got panicked as we never dreamt to face this situation. As a teen, we are not ready to take that step and aborted the baby. No one knows about this, we killed an innocent soul for our mistake..." He choked and gulped hard. The tears are saying his pain.

"Then we got separated, she left the school and we always avoided each other. But the guilt in me killed whenever I see a baby. This guilt leads me to depression. My parents and Clarie prompted me but obviously, I shut myself. Claire has been with me in my devasted state. That was the worst phase of my life.

"Finally, I said it to her, she was angry and didn't talk to me for a few days. It killed me more but she came back to me. She helped me and made me learn to forgive myself. It took me a long time but eventually, I learned to forgive. Without Claire, I'm nothing. Later we fall in love and here we are going to have a second baby, " he chuckled with tears.

"I was still in contact with my ex. We still regret to kill an innocent soul. Whenever I remember this I would lose my sense but forgiveness helped me. I still regret it forever but the situation was not in my hands anymore. No one knows it except Clarie and now you. I shared it with you because I'm nothing less than you. We both spoiled an innocent life. So, I thought it may help you.

"Ang, every individual does mistake if that repeats again and again then it's not forgivable. I know you will do your best to mend it. It's easy to say forget and forgive the past lead your present and future the best. But only that person knows how hard it hurts. Being a doctor, I need to suggest them positive words but as a human in equally hurt like others.

"Your Pink Rose leads a hard path, Ang. Sarah was with her but Rose would have her own pain. She needs to have a better life though she doesn't remember her past. As a well-wisher, for you both, I thought you both are perfect for each other. She understood you the way you are. You are loving her irrespective of her condition. She was lucky to forget the horrible past. So, utilize it for her happiness and stop over thinking and accept fate by forgiving yourself, " he ended with a smile.

A few minutes his words clouded my thoughts and senses. His story was different compared to mine. We both are different to spoil an innocent soul. What I did was not forgivable but as he said I can mend it with my love. This path is going to be hard but I'm sure it gives her happiness. It's not any sacrifice but pure feelings.

"I'm not sure I can forgive myself but thank you for forgiving me, Evan, " I said humbly.

I feel light after listening to him. His forgiveness made a lot of impact on my current state.

"Take care of yourself and her as well. It's not a suggestion as a doctor but a request as your friend, " I felt elated.

"You are having a hard time. Everyone is pushing you with high force but trust me everything will be solved by time. Forgiveness should be earned. You will earn it soon, stop worrying. The more you push the more you hurt. Now it's not only your life but connected with Rose. So, take care of yourself without pushing hard. For now, go and take rest, " he said getting up.

I followed his action, "I'll go home, "

"Are you sure?" He asked in concern.

"I need to go to her, " he smiled.

"Max and Sarah are waiting for you, " he smirked.

I closed my eyes for a second heaving a long sigh.

"Don't worry, you look pathetic so they will not kill you, " he smirked with a wink.

I punched his stomach. He winced with a smile.

"Thanks, Evan, " my emotions are kicking me hard.

"Anytime, " he was still caressing his stomach.

"You should have been an actor but became a doctor. I didn't even punch you hard, man, " I chuckled.

He smirked with a knowing smile.

"I'll leave then, " he nodded.

"Take care, "

"Bye, " we shook hands.

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