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   Chapter 33 Pathetic Looks

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Angelo's POV

"I know you need the explanation but..." She cut me off.

"Mr. Cox, please don't leave your place because of us. If you want Rosy and I will leave..." I cut her off.

"Sarah, stop it. Trust me, at present, I don't have any energy to debate about this thing and you know my answer. So, please, " I said looking into her gray orbs.

They were staring me with corner and sympathy. I chuckled.

What a day came into my life! Never in my nightmares dreamt to experience sympathy from others. I swat the thought and turned towards Max.

"Wanna kick me?" I asked with a smirk.

A very blank expression was plastered on his idiotic face.

I still have doubt that how women are gaga over this idiot's face? Silly women but Sarah was smart enough to reject him. I mentally smirked as I don't have guts to do in front of him currently.

"Ang, " he suddenly hugged me patting my shoulder.

Wow, everyone is being warm today. I felt solace to hug my buddy but I know this can't last long. He stared into my eyes without leaving me. Even his stare resembling sympathy.

'Am I looking that pathetic?'

'Any doubt, ' my brain irritated me.

I ignored it and smiled, he too reciprocated. His sapphire orbs held depth than needed.

"Are you going to kiss me or what?" I smirked.

He smirked back, "Don't keep high expectations. I'm booked for only my Sarah cara, " winked, gazing her.

I saw Sarah giving the disgusting look. She glanced us with an annoying look. We smirked, she turned to the other side folding her hands to her chest.

Max chuckled and left me, giving a nod. The same blank expression came back on his annoying face. Well, I lost the right to complain. He walked pass to my left keeping his palm on my left shoulder.

"Take care, Glo. It's hard to see you like this, " he pressed my shoulder and left.

Its been long he called me that with affection. I hope we go back to the time and...

"Call me if you need anything, cara, "

"Thank you, Max, " she said humbly.

He heaved a long sigh and I know he would have rolled his eyes. I didn't turn back so I don't know what's happening. He didn't further speak anything.

"Cher ami, " I called turning my face to my right.

Well, it's rare I use that word. I want him back in my life like my buddy, my best friend.

"Miss you, " I said turning back totally.

As usual, his face was blank but his sapphire orbs held the pain. He was going to come towards me.


ngered on their lips. She was adoring the sight. He caressed her temple with his left-hand thumb planting a kiss on her forehead. She cupped his cheeks pulling him to kiss on his lips. He softly pecked her lips disappointing her. She pouted, hitting on his chest. He chuckled and whispered something in her right ear. She blushed with a naughty smirk gazing him intently.

"Daddy, I'm getting late, " Grace ran to him from the hall.

"How bad! I totally forgot about it, " he exclaimed dramatically looking at his little girl.

I chuckled, Claire laughed keeping her right palm on her baby bump. It looks like she was touching the baby inside her.

"Gello, " Grace exclaimed running towards me.

I picked her up planting a kiss on her right cheek. She kissed both of my cheeks with an adorable smile.

"Now you're not getting late, Cupcake?" Evan asked with a smirk and slapped her hips softly.

She pouted, hiding her face in the crook of my neck. I chuckled looking at her cute gesture.

"Let's have breakfast, " I followed him listening to Grace's cute bantering.

I'm waiting for Evan in his study room. This room consists of all medical books a doctor wants. I tried to search for magazines but found none. What can I expect from Evan's study room?

He went to drop Grace in school. Today he took off as he promises Clarie. She was near to her delivery. They are going to have a baby boy. His small, cute family always amaze me. Will I even get one with Pink...

'Stop there. What are you even thinking? Get back to yourself. You are the great Angelo Cox who enjoys life but not...' My brain ranting was cut off by Evan.

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