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   Chapter 32 My Solace

My Billionaire Angel By April Melody Characters: 9754

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Angelo's POV

I huffed opening my eyes to see the bloody fan hanging onto the seeling. I gritted and fisted hard. My body was aching for all the assault but I don't care.

What should I do to get the f*cking sleep?

The room buzzed with the vibration of my irritating phone. Who the hell was calling me continuously? I rolled to my right to take the phone from the side table.


'Is everything alright?'

'Well, he called you to warn you that's it. Just ignore it, ' my brain suggested.

'What if...'

'Nothing. Trust me and cool down. I beg you to give me peace and rest to the f*cking thoughts, man, ' it bugged.

'No, I need to attend it, '

Before I swipe to the right it ended. Immediately, I called him back.

"Where the hell are you, Ang?" His voice was low but I can sense the anger spilling through it.

"Is everything alright? Pink Rose..." I trailed off getting scared.

Damn, my mood swings.

"As if you care, " he gritted.

"Evan, stop scaring me and tell that she is fine, "

"Where are you?" That stubborn idiot never leaves the topic he started.

"I'm at my countryside farmhouse, "

"Come back, "

"No. I will not, "

"What type of childish act was this and why are you doing it?"

"I'm doing nothing, " I barked.

He took a long breath. Impatiently, I waited for him to speak further. I was already hell... no beyond hell frustrated. My mood swings are in high mode and here this idiot is testing it to his level best.

"Okay, tell me the reason, " he whispered.

I gritted fisting hard. He put me in this worst situation and asking me the reason. I should first kill him so that I may get some peace and sleep.

'Stop running and face the situation, ' my heart lectured.


"Ang, are you there?" I came out of my own land listening to his voice.

"Yes, " I heard a beep sound.

What the hell?

I checked the phone to see the call ended. What the bloody hell he was thinking...

I got a video call, heaving a sigh, I rolled my eyes and placed the phone to the headboard swiping to the right. He was sitting in his cabin wearing the white coat. His library was on display at the background which is the left side of his cabin.

"What have you done to yourself, Ang?" He questioned me examining my face.

I gritted hard, "Is Pink Rose alright?"

He heaved a long sigh closing his eyes for a second. His frowns disappeared bringing back that peaceful smile but his blue orbs were staring me with concern.

"She was absolutely fine but..." I cut him off.

"But what?" I got anxious.

"Wait, you are not Angelo Cox. Who are you?" A playful smirk played on his lips.

I punched the headboard unable to control my anger. I don't care about the bloody pain. I'm sure my eyes must be bloodshot red.

He closed his eyes, "Okay, " said with a chuckle.

Here, I'm dying with anxiety but he was having fun.

"But she needs


"Well, my dear girlfriend your boyfriend will not give you that chance, " I winked, she blushed assaulting her lower lip.

I closed my eyes for a second to control myself. She can make me insane with her simple actions.

"Now take rest. By the way, did you had breakfast?"

"Yes, Max forced me to eat, "

"Great, now take rest. I don't want to see these carrybacks under your eyes by noon, " I warned her playfully.

"Blame yourself if they still appear, " I chuckled, pinching her hot cheek.

She pouted, I pecked her forehead and gestured her to leave. She nodded and leaned on my right shoulder.

"They are not like your girlfriend. Care to explain them without getting angry, " I gave an assured smile.

She took slow steps away from me but turning back for every few steps. Max and she talked something in French. He gave an assured smile with that she walked upstairs. I gave an assured smile whenever she turned back. Until she disappeared to her room everyone's gaze was on her. I took few steps keeping palm in my pant pocket. Nancy was sitting on the center sofa, Max and Sarah were standing staring me.

I heaved a long sigh looking at Nancy. She was looking at me with concern, the same stare which I'm craving for but sure it will be replaced with ignorance.

"I badly need a coffee mother. Will you please give me?" I kept a puppy face which will always work since my childhood.

She stood up immediately and caressed my cheek with her lovely palm. It's been a long time since I felt it.

"Sure, " she whispered and ran towards the kitchen.

"Mother, " she turned back with a smile.

"I want to eat my favorite food. Can you please make it?"

She just stared me for few seconds. With a nod, she left. Pathetic, that's what her expression showed.

The air became thick in between the three of us. Max was to my left and Sarah to my right. I didn't dare to look at them. I turned to my right.

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