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   Chapter 31 Blissful Moment

My Billionaire Angel By April Melody Characters: 9132

Updated: 2019-05-15 18:12

Angelo's POV

"Angel, I like you, " my heart stopped for a second.

'Breath, it's like not love, ' my brain clarified.

'But still, I was on cloud nine, '

'Then say it out, ' my heart suggested.

She adjusted herself comfortably in my arms to look at my face over her shoulder. That heart melting smile was making me crazy.

"Thanks for not giving up on me, for staying with me, for taking care of me, for accepting me for who I am. In fact, thanks for everything. Today, I realized what a great man you are. Please don't change yourself, Angel. I know you don't like to show your true self. Even I'll not force you to change.

What do you even know about me, Pink Rose? I'm a beast but here you're...

"Can you please try to give us a little bit of time. Trust me, I'm not that nagging girlfriend who wants costly gifts and stuff, not satisfied with whatever you do to me and etcetera. I just need your precious time like this. I know you are giving more than I ask for but I want to spend some alone time with you, Angel. You, me without any anyone else in the world. We don't need to even talk much, I just want to feel your presence just like this. Sorry for complaining but..." She was rambling.

I placed my left-hand forefinger on her lips. Those honey orbs are telling me everything she wants to convey further. She blinked, gulping hard. I just want to caress those soft petals.

My heart was in a marathon. I want to kiss her senselessly yet a time run away from her. I hugged her tightly without giving her a chance to look at my face.

"Don't talk. Just don't, " I declared closing my eyes, placing my chin on her left shoulder.

This is soothing more than anything in this whole world. Nothing can replace this feeling. I can't explain the happiness I'm feeling right now.

Bliss. Yes, maybe that was the right word.

I just want to feel her presence, and this moment to last long. She caressed my palm leaning onto me. I want to live my life like this. I can hear her heavy breath and fast heartbeat. Mine was nothing any less.

'Do I love...'

'No, don't you try to finish that sentence, ' my brain warned.

'Ang, just accept your feeling. Your half problem will be solved, ' my heart suggested.

'Oh yes. Confess your undying so-called love to her but before that remember the past, ' my brain declared.

'True, I... I should...' I came back from my own land listening to her shrill voice.


Please, Pink Rose, don't talk more. I don't want to lose my sense and do something which we both may regret later.

"Hmm..." I just hummed tightening my grip on her.

I don't want to lose her but I don't have rights to even touch her.

"Can I ask you something?" She whispe

fast and took a heavy breath.

An involuntary smile played on my lips looking at her beautiful smile. I touched her lower lip with my right-hand thumb making her breath heavy. She immediately lowered her head with shivering lips. I raised her head with my thumb under her chin but she was not looking at me.

Her already pink cheeks are turning more and more to the darker shade. I caressed the outline of her heart-shaped pink lips making her breath heaver. Her heavenly bosoms are heaving against my chest making me insane. I pulled her as close as possible, leaning on her lips. Our breaths mingled making her shiver. Involuntarily, I closed my eyes reaching the destination.

'Angel, please don't do this to me. I beg you, please, ' I heard her painful voice.

I snapped open my eyes with a heavy breath. A constant smile and blush fixed on her face.

'What am I doing?'

'Exactly, you are too much involving in your f*cking boyfriend role, ' my brain stated.

'No, No... I should... No, I must stay away from her. It's good for both of us, '

'Ang, please accept the fact, ' my heart requested.

I took a deep breath and pecked her forehead.

"It's getting late. Let's go, " I said and pulled her along with me to downstairs.

She didn't say anything but her steps are heavy. I didn't dare to look at her again. Her honey orbs spell magic which makes me forget everything. I halted in front of her room.

"Good night, Pink Rose, " I whispered without looking into her eyes and dashed to my room.

'What the blady stunt was that? I need to stay away from her, '

'Great decision, ' my brain appreciated.

'How long you will run? You must come back to the court, ' my heart nagged.

'It's final. That's it, '

I dashed to the washroom to have a cold shower to clear my bloody emotions.

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