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   Chapter 30 True ANGEL

My Billionaire Angel By April Melody Characters: 7650

Updated: 2019-05-01 14:37

Angelo's POV

I closed my eyes feeling the cold breeze touching my skin making me shiver. I took a long peaceful breath folding hands near to my chest. I smiled, gazing at the city lights. I like the terrace balcony rather than my bedroom balcony as it gives the whole city view.

I'm happy after a long time. Hope, I get a good sleep for a minimum of four to five hours.

'Stop dreaming, ' my brain nagged.

'What's your problem huh?'

'What did I do? Stating facts making you angry. What can I do?' It irritated me.

I heaved a long sigh, inhaling the fresh air and ignored my stupid thoughts.

I'm eager to try all the new things, mainly my new Koenigsegg ccxr Trevita black color car which will deliver in four days. I just want to go for a long drive from the present world to forget myself in its speed.

Pink Rose face flashed in front of my eyes. Both the ladies were shock surprised to see the sexy car. Their jaw literally touched the ground when we enter the car showroom. It doesn't take me a long time to select that new sexy Koenigsegg as I'm waiting to get that since it was released.

Pink Rose gawked it like a precious diamond and even scared to touch it. More than the shopping, I enjoyed my ladies expression.

I'm not criticizing them nor flaunting myself. I'm glad to make them experience the best every woman crave for but hats off to their self-respect. They are shocked, surprised and just enjoyed the shopping but I didn't see a ting of desire in their beautiful eyes to get the costly thing. I even ordered them to buy something but both are stubborn to decline. Neither Sarah used the cards I gave her.

'Only money can't give happiness!' My heart stated.

'True, '

'But without it, the world is nothing, ' my mind declared.

'True, '

'So, Mr. Angelo Cox, can you bring your lost happiness and loved ones back to your life with that money?' My heart questioned.

I heaved a long breath, closing my eyes for a second. It's obvious. I can't get my friends, Nancy and the respect from Sarah in this life. Sarah must be accepting the fact and trying to help Pink Rose as per Evan's instructions but she can never accept and respect me like before.

I still remember how I flirted with her but never crossed my limits. Eventually, I sto

ng me to suck them. I heaved a long sigh.

"Let's go, "

"No..." She winced like a toddler.

She loves to test my patience. How can I say no to this stubborn beauty?

"Okay, just wait, " I was taking steps but she held my right palm.

With a questioning look, I turned back to her. She started assaulting her lower lip and her long eyelashes are batting shyly.

Why does she do that? She is making it hard for me.

She came in front of me without looking into my eyes, turned back, pulling my hands to her stomach.

"You can even do this?" She whispered, leaning back on me.

Her soft frame made my heartbeat increased to the next level. I never felt something like this with any women in my life.

I took a step back, leaning onto the railing. She too came back, leaning back on me. I pulled her closer to me, circling my left arm to her stomach and with the other hand took off the hair on her left shoulder. An involuntary, smile played on my lips looking at her shiver to my touch. She pulled the hair to her right shoulder.

I just forgot the real world and hugged her close to me placing my chin on her left shoulder. Her breath was uneven, her heavenly lavender fragrance making me insane. I intertwined our fingers pulling her as close as possible. She is so soft and perfectly fit in my arms.

She turned her face looking into my eyes. I smiled, looking into her beautiful honey orbs. As usual, they shower immense love making me insane.

"Angel, I like you, " my heart stopped for a second.

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