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   Chapter 29 Rain Romance

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Angelo's POV

The tiny rain droplets were splitting on me. I leaned onto the door frame folding hands near to my chest. Pink Rose giggles were ringing in my ear. I gritted, fisted hard. Since a week her giggles are irritating the hell out of me.

I hate you, Maxence Carrie Perrodo. What does he even say to her that she always laugh heartily? I just hate him. He was perfect in everything and can make any women crawl around him.

'Don't forget, you are the Angelo Cox. Women are gaga over your charm, ' my brain supported.

I just ignored it looking at the swimming pool. The rain was pouring heavily, filling the pool.

Max met me in my office. He was rude and threatened me to behave with her, we had a heated discussion. Everyone forgot the real Angelo Cox who never hurt women nor anyone except who dare to cross the limits.

Max was my brother, my best buddy. He knew me in and out. His sapphire orbs always showed affection but now they are accusing me. It was hurting more than anything. Will I ever gain their love back?

'Stop it, man. Day by day you are getting too emotional, ' my brain complained.

'Don't you know me?'

'You are doing well, relax' my heart said.

I shook my head closing my eyes for a second. Max wants to give her a different environment, so took for a date the next day as they planned. Since then they are chatting, talking frequently. She was talking to him like a long lost friend and that devil Sarah was supporting them fully. How can she do that? Don't she love Max?

'Are you jealous, Ang?' My heart questioned.

'Yes, is it wrong to be jealous as her boyfriend?'

'For your kind information, you are her fake boyfriend, ' my brain ranted.

'Fake or real. Until she gains her memory, I am her boyfriend, '

'Just go with the flow, ' my heart suggested.

'Ang, what are you getting into?' My brain questioned.

Again, I ignored it gazing ahead. The weather was cool but my body was burning in anger. I like Pink Rose smile, it was the most innocent and beautiful one I ever saw. She never smiles with me as she does with others mainly that moron Max.

'When did you make her smile?' My heart questioned.

'True, I never did, '

'What's happening to you, Ang? Again, I'm reminding you are the Angelo Cox. The beautiful women are always ready to warm your bed just for your smirk. Why are you after her?' My brain bugged.

'You know what I want, '

'Even I know, ' my heart whispered.

'Ang, you need to get out of this...' Pink Rose voice pulled me out of my own land.

"Good morning, Angel, " she said cheerfully.

I turned my gaze to her. She was still in her white nightwear. Her dark chocolate hair was laid on her left shoulder as usual. She was looking pretty and beautiful.

"Good morning, Pink Rose, "

"Good morning, Angel. I love rains, " she clasped, gazing outside.

Her honey orbs glittering brightly with a never-ending smile on her heart-shaped pink lips. She was not that skinny anymore but healthy than early. Her gaze turned towards me. Her long eyelashes batting shyly, she started assaulting her lower lip.

"What?" She whispered raising an eyebrow.

Her gaze was shy, I smirked, nodding negatively. I just love her response to my looks.

"The milk is at your service ma'am, " Sarah said cheerfully.

Pink Rose pouted staring at the milk but took it and gulped in a go. Her face was worth to watch. She gave the empty glass with an irritated face wiping her mouth with her right knuckle.

f the kitchen folding her hands near to her chest shooting glares. But her gray orbs held mischievousness.

"Darling, it's not me. Angel asked me to dance in the rain. I protested but he threatened me, " she said feigning innocence.

I suppressed my laugh. Will Sarah scold me? Her gaze was fixed on Pink Rose. I ignored both of them and went into the kitchen. Nancy was baking something delicious.

"Mother, get ready. We will go shopping, " she nodded negatively without looking at me.

"Why, it's been a long time I did shopping. Let's go, " I smirked.

"Take the girls and leave me, Ang, please, " she requested with a pleading tone.

"They will come for sure but how can I go shopping without you. No, I need you that's it, " I declared stubbornly.

"Ang, why can't you leave your poor mother and take your girlfriend?"

"Because you are the best company I can ever get, " I smirked.

She glanced sadly requesting me with her eyes. I chuckled, leaning onto the kitchen slab. I folded my hands near to my chest, crisscrossing my foot.

"You get bored of me right, Nancy?" I asked feigning sadness.

"A mother can never get bored of her children, " she declared focusing on her dish.

My smile widened, "you know how to shut me up, mother, " said staring her.

She halted with a smile and glanced me with love. After a very long time, I saw the love in her blue orbs. My hopes raised a little but immediately she glanced away. The smile left her lips and continued to bake.

"You guys continue. I'm not feeling well, " she said without looking at me.

I know Nancy, you can never love me back. I heaved a long sigh, standing straight but she didn't glance back at me again.

"Okay, take rest, " I turned back.

Sarah was looking at Nancy sadly. Pink Rose was confused looking at all of us one by one.

"Pink Rose and Sarah, get ready. We will go shopping, " I declared walking out of the kitchen.

"Mr. Cox, you guys..." I cut her off raising my right hand.

"No more discussions, " I declared and dashed out.

"What happened suddenly?" I heard Pink Rose voice but went straight away to my room.

I should stop expecting their love. I can never mend what I had done. So, how can I expect their affection?

Anyways, let's get pampered with new things. With that, I dashed to the washroom.

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