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   Chapter 28 Making Him Jealous

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Rose's POV

"He was acting all cheesy boyfriend like me. Right cara?" He went to Sarah.

She rolled her eyes, folding her hands to her chest. SanLie worried face turned to smirk looking at Max. I know they're hiding things from me and he did a great job turning the plate to his side.

"Max, stop calling me that. It's so irritating, " Sarah said with an annoyed face.

He chuckled, "you look damn beautiful in anger, baby, "

"Max, please stop this nonsense, " she gritted.

"As you say, mio amore (my love), " he bowed in front of her.

She stomped, shooting glares and left. He smirked looking at her retarded form. The way he looks at her shows his pure love but I don't understand why Sarah was not accepting him.

"Max, will you really wait for her all your life?" Nat asked him in a serious tone.

He turned towards his right keeping palm on the sofa backrest for the support.

"Yes, even in my next birth if she didn't give me a chance, "

'Aww, how lucky Sarah is?' My angel heart fluttered.

'Until they get what they want men are like this but after that, they will change, ' my devil brain stated.

I mentally rolled my eyes for its annoying theory.

"Damn, I got goosebumps man. What happened to the great Casanova Maxence Carrie Perrodo?" Nat asked amused. San smiled adoring her.

"Love, love has the power to change anything and everything..." Max stated.

"Awe, baby. I waited all my life to listen to this. Love you, Max, " she said making cute faces.

"Stop igniting my engine, gattino. I became a lovesick puppy that didn't mean that I don't crave for you anymore, tesoro, " he and his behavior changed to a horny man.

San rolled his eyes with a sigh but Nat has a mischievous smirk. I didn't understand and followed her gaze. My breath stuck in my throat.

Sarah was staring at him blankly, fidgeting with her fingers. Though she hides the pain perfectly on her face her gray orbs held the pain. She gulped it and turned her gaze to me with that beautiful smile.

"Rosy, I made..." Max immediately turned to his back blocking our view.

She took a step to her left, "... crustless Spanish cheese pie, fajita pasta, raspberry chocolate cake. Please do cover it up in front of Mr. Cox though he will not bite our lie, " with that she turned.

"Cara, " Max held her right wrist.

She turned with a smile but I'm sure it's a fake one. I can see the hurt in her beautiful gray orbs.

"I was just kidding baby. I didn't mean that..." He trailed off looking at Nat.

She smirked having fun. San blankly staring at all the drama.

"I'm sorry, Sarah cara, " he pleaded, holding Sarah's arms.

"What are you even talking Max? Just leave me, " she wiggled without looking into his eyes.

But Max was continuously apologizing with pleading tone and Sarah was trying to get out of his grip.

"What's happening?" Suddenly of nowhere Angel came.

"It's none out of your business, " Max said rudely glancing at him for a few seconds and continued to pester Sarah.

She stopped struggling and glared Max. He immediately left her.

"Wow..." Angel gasped with a


'Stop being so cheesy, ' my devil heart stated.

'You heartless moron, ' my angel heart said.

"More than anyone I know what's good and bad for Rosy. So, Mr. Cox doesn't worry. Mr. Perrodo will take care of her, " Angel heaved a long sigh with an annoyed look.

"Glo, stop making a fuss. I want to give a different environment for her routine life. She needs to be like a free bird but not Sarah's puppet, "

"What do you mean?"

"Why should Sarah always be with her?"

Angel signed and gave a you-know-it look waving his hands in the air.

"I'll come to the office tomorrow, " with that he turned to Sarah.

Angel signed glancing around with an annoyed look. They again exchanged some looks which are hard to understand.

'Awe, they're having such amazing chemistry, ' my angel heart stated with a dreamy sigh.

'Stop getting jealous on everyone and everything, ' my devil brain ranted.

'You don't understand it. First, get well soon.' My angel heart declared.

"Bellissimo..." I came out of my debating land.

"Ci vediamo domani (See you tomorrow), " he said crouching to my height.

I smiled with a nod. They all bid bye with hugs and kisses. The home is alone again.

"Good night, " Angel said and scurried to upstairs without listening to us.

I felt disappointed and saw his retarded form with longing. Sometimes he acts weird.

"I'm sleepy. Let's go to the bed darling, " Sarah said yearning.

I smiled and hugged her, she laid her head on my shoulder. I pampered her a little walking upstairs to our room. After using washroom we laid on the bed. Sarah kissed my forehead and slept immediately. Today she worked hard.

I got a message. Sarah twisted with frowns. Immediately, I took the phone and kept it in silent mode.

"Don't think much and sleep well bambino sorella (baby sister), " I smiled looking at Max message.

"Troppo grande fratello (You too big brother), " I sent with a sleeping emoji. He sent smiley emoji immediately.

I closed my eyes reminiscing the evening events with a smile and hugged Sarah.


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