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   Chapter 27 Bonding With Max

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Updated: 2019-02-20 16:26

Rose's POV

"Love... It's a big word for my current state. But...

"I'm glad to have Angel as my boyfriend. Not because of what all happened in the past which I don't remember.

"He has been with me throughout my coma journey. I didn't believe the nurse words but after meeting him I understood it. He was as pale as Sarah which is depicted on his face.

"Intentionally or unintentionally, he hurt me in the past which I don't remember. Keeping that in his mind, he was being cautious and pushing me away from him. I really loved that gesture.

"I don't know, whether I deserve him or not but he deserves attention, care, support, and love. He'll not accept it but I'm ready to give all the things he needs.

"I like him not because he is handsome. His hazel orbs shower immense love without his knowledge.

"I like him not because he's a billionaire. He has a good heart but masks with the cold-hearted billionaire profile, "

"I like him not only because he was a caring boyfriend. He suppresses his emotions and acts strong but deep down he was hurt more than he holds.

Max smiled with an I-know-it look. He took my left palm and gave a gentle squeeze.

"Let's keep it a secret, " he paused, gazing around.

I frowned in confusion.

'Is he going to tell the secret everyone's hiding from me?' my devil brain ranted

'Let's hope the best, ' my angel heart said.

I fingers crossed, looking at him curiously. He turned his attention to me with a warm smile.

"Sarah loves you more than anyone in the world. I envy you for that. But trust me after meeting you I had fallen for you hard..." I gasped and I want to hit him on his face.

'Why can't Sarah get a true man?'

'You need to tell everything to Sarah, ' my devil brain stated.

I mentally agreed to it.

"Max..." he cut me off.

"Let me complete bellissimo, " I nodded looking at the pure love in those sapphire orbs which I hate.

"My parents craved to have a daughter but I was their only heir. They thought to adopt a baby girl but my granddad declined. Even I craved to have a sister who fights and love me crazily. When you bravely questioned about my love and guided me, you stole my sister's place..." Involuntarily, I smiled. "... being a Casanova I never tried to make a sister. But you did it..." I cut him off pressing his palm.

"I'm truly sorry for thinking about you wrong, Max, " he smiled, blinking in assurance.

"So let's keep it as a secret because my girlfriend and your boyfriend are hard to crack. So, let's make them jealous. What say?" A devilish smirk plastered on his lips.

I got his point but Sarah can't spa

econds and saw Angel. His hazel orbs held annoyed look with gritting teeth. I'm sure within a few years he'll become teeth less. I suppressed my giggles.

Sarah bustled with a scary look.

"Yes, Mr. Cox, " it came out as a whisper.

She stood in front of him looking down with shivering form. I felt heavy breaths and saw Max glaring Angel. Angel heaved a sigh suppressing his anger.

"Sarah, I assigned you to take care of my girlfriend but not for other things, " he said in a controlled dominant tone.

I can feel his concern which made my heart heavy.

'Stop getting jealous Rosy darling, ' my angel heart cooed me.

Sarah raised her head, "I'm doing the same work, Mr. Cox, " Angel raised an eyebrow.

"I'm cooking your girlfriend's favorite meat olive pizza, " Sarah said giving me a look to support her.

Angel gave an are-you-serious look.

"Yes, I asked her for lunch and she promised me for dinner, " I lied efficiently though I'm not a big fan to that pizza.

He turned to me with eyebrow raise.

"Don't tell me you're unaware of my favorite pizza, " I gave a typical girlfriend look keeping hands on my waist.

He smirked making my heart flutter.

'How can a single smirk make my heart flutter?'

'Because he's your handsome boyfriend, ' my angel heart stated.

'I...' He cut off my thoughts.

"Maybe, but I know one thing that my Pink Rose was not a typical girlfriend type, " with that he bustled upstairs giving a stern look to Sarah.

"Wow, " Max was surprised.

My cheeks heated up. I bite my inner cheeks control the blush flowing to my cheeks. My authoritative voice perfectly sounds my name.

"He's truly acting good, " Nat said looking at Angel's retarded form.

"What?" I asked, looking at Nat.

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