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   Chapter 26 Angel's Friends

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Rose's POV

I was coming downstairs from the library. I really love reading books. Even I read my academic books, I understood them easily. I even remembered maximum all the things. But why not I remember my loved ones?

I halted, looking at Max and Sarah having a serious conversation. Finally, I saw Maxence Carrie Perrodo. They both look like made for each other. She was saying something serious and he was looking at with a never-ending smile. He should work hard to gain her trust.

Maxence Carrie Perrodo, Santino Hearst, and Natalie Sackler are Angel's childhood friends. Max and Angel were close and share a similar character. The Casanova, cold and successful businessman.

I worked hard to get information through the internet about Angel as he blocks media to get into his personal life. Max always be in the headlines of the newspaper. In an interview, he declared, 'He was in love with a wonderful woman but she was taking time to accept him.' Since a year, his statement was the same.

His sapphire orbs caught me. They abruptly stopped their talk. He smirked, looking at me from head to toe.

"Hey, bellissimo (beautiful). How are you doing?" He asked cheerfully.

"Con l'aiuto della tua Sarah cara, sto facendo bene, il signor Perrodo (With the help of your Sarah cara, I'm doing well, Mr Perrodo), " I said with a smile.

I knew Italian it seems but Sarah couldn't learn it. I tried but she was not interested because of Max. I teased her when she said to me.

"Quindi la mia cara stava facendo un buon lavoro allora ( So, my cara was doing a good job then), " he smirked looking at Sarah.

His sapphire orbs adored her. She glared and gave a look to him which I can't figure out. A constant smirk lingered on his lips. To get their attention, I feigning cleared my throat.

He smiled and wrapped his right hand to my shoulder. He cupped my right cheek with an adoring look. Sarah didn't tell Max and I know each other, he was behaving close to me.

"Glad, you're getting well and call me by my name, " he said, caressing my cheek with his thumb.

I smiled and felt good in his touch. I glanced Sarah. She was simply staring at us, no jealousy. I thought she would feel jealous. Does she trust him to that level or she doesn't have any feelings?

"I know you don't remember me but we just met once. And you changed my life in our first met itself, " he said with an adoring smile.

'God, he was sinful handsome. No wonder, women are gaga ove

Hearst, "

"Call him San, " Nat declared.

I smiled looking at Santino. He blinked in assurance.

"Come let's talk, " Nat pulled me to the sofa.

We sat on the big sofa to the right. Guys followed us and sat on the center sofa. She talked about fashion and stuff trying to ignore her boyfriend. I silently heard her.

"By the way, Nat. Do you remember my friend Gabriele Ricci?" Max asked with a smirk.

San glared Max but he ignored with ease. He was a natural flirt. His voice can make any women die for him especially his Italian was splendid.

"No, so?"

"He was dying to date you, tesoro (treasure), "

San anger roused to peaks. He looks like the long lost brother of Sarah for jealous. Immediately, he got up.

"First of all, you..." before Nat completes her sentence, he pulled her.

She protested but he hoisted her in bridal style. All the while, Max laughed rolling on the sofa. I saw them going towards the swimming pool area.

"See they'll come back like a lovely couple, " he said with a wink.

I nodded with a smile. "Can I ask you something?"

He sat to my left side, "Go ahead, "

I turned towards him, "Do you really love Sarah?"

His sapphire orbs shined with a never-ending smile. "Yes, I do love her madly and trying my best to gain her trust. Thanks to you for making me realize and guided me to work on it, "

"Oh, that's the life-changing thing, I did, " I nodded understanding his statement back then.

"Do you love, Angelo?"

His handsome face held the usual expression of naughtiness but his sapphire orbs have a kind of curiousness.

"Love... It's a big word for my present state. But...

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