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   Chapter 25 I Should Corrupt Him

My Billionaire Angel By April Melody Characters: 9153

Updated: 2019-01-30 12:48

Rose's POV

He leaned onto the swimming pool wall, watching me. I waved my left hand like I did yesterday.

He shouted, "Good morning, "

"Good morning, Angel, " I said loudly. My voice was hoarse.

"Did you have some milk?" He asked loudly.

"I just woke up, "

"Freshen up and come down, "

I smiled and ran to the washroom. Half an hour later, I went downstairs wearing my peach color full hands top and faded grey jeans. I loved my simple, light colors and unrevealed dresses. I'm glad, I don't have a weird taste.

I didn't rant like yesterday and checked for him in the hall and at the dining table. I panicked and ran to the kitchen.

"Sarah, did Angel leave?" I leaned onto the door, panting hard.

It was exhausting to run for a few steps, but at least I felt stronger compared to last week. She turned back to me with an eyebrow raised and eyed me from head to toe then continued her work. The devil was jealous, I mentally giggled.

"No, but he ordered that you both to drink the milk before he comes for breakfast, " Nancy said cooking something delicious.

The aroma was tempting and water formed in my mouth. I gulped and scurried to Sarah hugging her sideways. She continued baking bread. She smelled like a fresh rose.

"Good morning, darling, " I kissed her left cheek.

She gave a sarcastic smile, still focusing on her work.

I smiled, "Nancy I don't know what you're cooking but I'm feeling a hard jealousy smell, " I said, trying to control myself from giggling too hard as Nancy giggled.

Sarah narrowed her eyes, "Is it?"

Within a few seconds, her expressions changed into worry. She cupped my face with her right hand, turning straight to me. My hands rolled to her back, and I wrapped my hands around her tightly.

"Why are your eyes swollen? Did you cry? What happened? Are you hurt?" She bombarded questions without a gap.

"I'm fine and please stop worrying darling, " I said calmly, caressing her shoulder.

"Then..." I cut her off with a tight hug.

"I love you, Sarah, " I said closing my eyes.

She hugged me back, caressing my hair. I can feel her unsaid words. I opened my eyes to witness Nancy's unshed tears. I'm thankful to get a mother like her. I smiled at her and left Sarah. With a wide grin, I hugged Nancy kissing her cheeks one by one. She giggled and kissed me back.

"Wait, let me finish this or else Ang will get late, " she said pushing me away.

Hearing his name, my cheeks heated up. The aroma made me curious to peek at it.

"I love scrambled eggs, " I said looking at the dish.

Jesus, I'm ready to eat it half cooked.

"No, this is easy tofu scramble just like scrambled eggs but there is a difference, " She started explaining it clearl

ritative aroma. I felt him wiping my sweat with his white handkerchief. I raised my head to witness his awkward expressions like yesterday.

"You forgot something, " I said in a low tone with a pout.

I'm always curious about my past behavior. Was I always like this with him? I really loved his presence.

He pressed his lips on my forehead without intimidating me. I closed my eyes feeling his strong fragrance. A smiled played on my lips but felt him moving back, it was a long one than yesterday.

I smiled and circled my hands around his neck. I kissed his cheek, his breath was uneven, and he didn't hug me back.

"I'll miss you, Angel. Have a nice day, see you soon, " I said before leaving him.

He sighed a breath of relief, smiled and ran to his car without turning back like as usual. I giggled remembering our moment.

I turned back and gasped looking at Sarah. She folded hands to her chest with a smile. I didn't expect her to follow, but I understood her. She has trust issues because of her past relationship. I ran to her and hugged her. She too hugged, caressing my shoulder.

"He will not hurt me, Sarah, " I stated, looking at her face.

"I'm trying to believe it, Rosy. Time heals the wound, " she said holding me tightly.

I too believed she was losing up compared before. I wrapped my hands tightly and thought to divert her.

"I pity Max because of your jealousy, " I giggled, tickling her and left immediately.

She narrowed her eyes and ready to chop me. I ran away.

"Rosy no, don't run. I'll not do anything, " she requested, and I halted.

She came and held my right hand. "Believe it or not he was a good friend. That's it, "

"I didn't say otherwise, " I winked. She heaved a sigh, rolling her gray orbs.

"Let's go, Nancy is waiting for us, " she said pulling me.

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