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   Chapter 24 I'm Happy

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Updated: 2019-01-23 10:41

Rose's POV

The soft mattress comforted my body but sleep was far away to my eyes. I tossed to my right without disturbing Sarah. I heaved an inaudible sigh looking at the plane wall.

I closed my eyes tightly but felt his peck on my forehead. A smile formed on my lips remembering his controlled expressions. My lips curved into a full smile remembering the milk competition.

He is a caring, emotional, sensitive, understandable man but hides them perfectly. I thought he was an angry beast when he roared at his staff but was a caring boss too. I saw and heard when he was financially supporting one of the staff.

'You can't conclude with that one point, ' my devil brain retorted.

'You're already sick. So, please take rest, ' my angel heart suggested.

Inaudibly, I giggled closing my mouth tightly with my left palm. I really love the war between my brain and heart. Sometimes get embarrassed due to zoning out but still, I love it.

Today I was really happy. The first time, I ate with my boyfriend. I craved to eat food with him since the day I saw him in the hospital and finally today my dream came true.

I thought he was busy all those days but I understood he avoided me when I came to this mansion. My heart crushed hearing Nancy's and Sarah's conversation.

After understanding Angel's true nature my feelings grew strong. He was a lonely kid though his Grandmother and Nancy took care of him. He grew up stifling his emotions and led an emotionless path.

Everyone was hiding something from me but I'm not pestering them. I don't want to run over my obliterated past as I want to create a bright present and future as Evan suggested.

I don't remember how and what my relationships were but want to try my best to make everyone happy. I turned to my left side and laid comfortably keeping my left palm under my chin. Her back was facing me.

I'm blessed to have Sarah and she was a true angel. Her unshed tears always tell the tales of our closeness. Her care tells the tales of our bond. Her love tells the tales of our strong relationship.

her, took her right hand and placed it on my stomach. She hugged me tightly and kissed my temple like a mother.

An involuntary smile played on my lips. I licked my dry lips and wiped my nose to get a normal breath. My eyes started dozing off and sleep took over me.


I groaned hearing continuous splashing sound. I spread my hands and opened my eyes slowly. My eyes are still heavy, my eyes caught the time. The realization hit me and I ran to the balcony throwing the quilt aside.

I saw Angel swimming like he was in international competition. I giggled bending on the railing. His strong muscles, chiseled chest, in fact, his whole body was glowing under the sunrays.

'Am I really shameless to gawk a naked man?'

'He is your boyfriend, Pink Rose, ' my angel heart teased.

'Does he behaving like one?' My devil heart bugged.

'Didn't you understand his nature? I can understand his feelings but you forgot him. So, take tablets and rest well, ' my angel heart suggested.

'Let me become healthy then your Rosy darling chooses only me, ' my devil brain ranted.

'So, it even stopped using totally?' My angel heart said.

'What do you mean?'

'Am I not telling the same thing? Get well soon, but look at that unhealthy brat, ' my angel heart ranted.


"Pink Rose... Pink Rose..." I came out of my debating land, hearing Angel's loud tone.

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