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   Chapter 23 My Blady Emotions

My Billionaire Angel By April Melody Characters: 8666

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Angelo's POV

An involuntarily smile played on my lips. It felt nice to be with this crazy beauty. I walked back to her, smirking.

She had an angry pout and her hands were on her waist. She angrily swatted her hair locks.

"Yes, Miss girlfriend. Your Angel is at your service." Sarah gasped hearing me.

"What? Max can be dramatic than me, " I winked at Sarah.

"Mr. Cox, " she yelled fisting hard while narrowing her eyes.

We all stifled our laughter while the devil started her glaring session. I tried my best to not laugh out loud. Pink Rose winked and cleared her throat.

"Angel..." She tugged my right hand. "... I want to spend time with you, please, " requested with puppy dog eyes and a heavenly pout.

'Damn, I wanted to pull her and kiss her till she moans my name in pleasure.'

'Then Sarah will chop you into pieces, make it a deep fry and serve that dish to poor people, ' my heart taunted.

I literally imagined the scene but came back when Pink Rose tugged my finger.

"Sure, it's a promise, " she squealed in happiness thanking me continuously.

"One more thing. I'll have breakfast with you daily only if... " I turned to Nancy. "... Sarah and Pink Rose should have a glass of milk every day, " I smirked.

Nancy smiled, "But Mr. Cox, I don't need..." I cut Sarah off glancing at her.

"It's an order, Sarah..." I turned my gaze to Pink Rose. "... and it's blackmail for you, Pink Rose, " I smirked.

"You'll surely eat breakfast with us?" She pointed her finger with desperate eyes.

"Yes, but if anyone skips, then I'll not, "

She squealed in happiness. "I'll daily drink the milk with no tantrums, "

"And you Sarah, " my gaze turned to Sarah.

"As you order Mr. Cox, " she said lowering her head.

"Sarah, will you really follow my every order?" A wicked smile danced on my lips.

"Yes, Mr. Cox, " she said not raising her head.

"Stop bowing your head in front of me, " hearing me, she raised her head in a snap with a surprised look.

"What? You will become Mrs. Maxence Carrie Perrodo soon. I don't want to Max to break my bones, so..." I trailed off looking at her angry red face.

I couldn't help but laugh loudly. Pink Rose joined me, giving me a high five. Nancy suppressed her laughter but I could see through her eyes. Poor mother.

"Mr. Cox there is nothing between Mr. Perrodo and I. We're just friends and I hope you understand, " she said curtly.

I stopped and took a breath. "Okay, I'm sorry. I was just pulling your leg but on a serious note I want you to stop bowing your head in front of me, " I said sin

asked with a sad pout.

My heart came to my throat. I can see the same expressions on Sarah's and Nancy's face.

"W...hy?" I stammered.

'What the hell, Ang?' You're stammering. Such a shame, ' my brain taunted.

'I'll kill you, '

"Where is my goodbye kiss?" She said with a pout but her long eyelashes and heart-shaped pink lips were shivering.

I mentally facepalmed. I had no problem to give a breathless kiss but Sarah would bury me here itself.

I took a step closer and pecked her forehead. She gasped and closed her eyes. Her skin was soft and the floral fragrance awakened my desires.

I could feel Sarah's burning gaze and I didn't have the guts to face the devil. I turned back to leave this place but Pink Rose caught my right wrist, pulling me back.

She immediately kissed my right cheek. Now it's my turn to gasp. I got goosebumps feeling her soft petals. An involuntary smile danced on my lips.

I came out of the zone and mumbled, "Bye, " and ran away.

I sat in the car and John started the journey. I took a breath of relief and typed a message to Sarah.

"Sarah, I don't want her to misunderstand the situation. So, I kissed her, " I send the message.

I impatiently waited for her reply.

"I can understand Mr. Cox. And moreover, I need to rebuild my trust, and it'll take time. You don't worry and try to maintain a minimum distance with Rosy, " she replied.

"I know it Sarah." with that I throw the phone beside me.

I touched my right cheek. I could still feel her soft petal on my skin. The kiss was not any intimate and sexy one which I usually got from girls. This one held affection, assurance, and love. A kind of happiness crept in my heart.

Did I deserve this?

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