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   Chapter 22 Milk Competition

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Angelo's POV

After fifteen minutes of swimming, my tensed and weary muscles relaxed. I quickly swam for ten more minutes to feel relaxed and it worked. The best way for me to relax was swimming under the sun. The heat from the sun and the cold water against my skin was the best feeling ever.

Last night was disastrous. I only slept for half an hour and was wide awake for the rest of the night. Can anyone live like me without sleeping properly?

'What the hell, Ang? Did you stop using me?' My brain taunted.

'Stop being dramatic? Can't you understand my blady mood swings?'

'Feel emotions. I'm sure you'll be alright and can sleep well too, ' my heart suggested.

'Damn, not again. Just get lost, '

'As usual, ' it said.

Jesus Christ! Please give me peace.

I swam five rounds then rested against the wall looking at the sky. It was bright, and the sun was hot. I savor the orange juice gazing at the bright sky.

My orbs found Pink Rose standing in the balcony. With the support of her arms, she leaned onto the railing checking me out. I understood she just woke up looking at her messy hair.

I smirked and waved at her. She abruptly straightened and waved awkwardly. My smirk broadened, and I gestured her to come down. She smiled awkwardly, nodded then went inside.

I really have no right to be rude on Sarah. She was right to protect Pink Rose. I being the culprit promised her and myself to take care of them.

Last night, Pink Rose affectionate behavior scared me, which caused me to vent on Sarah afterward. The poor devil without even looking at me requested my help. But what did I do?

Anyway, poking the wound can't heal the pain. As per my promise, I'd do as she wanted. If she wanted me to be with Pink Rose forever or not. I was ready for anything.

"Good morning, Angel, " her faint shrill voice made me come out of my own land.

I saw her standing at the other end. She blushed and played with her hands. Her neatly combed long dark chocolate hair laid on her left shoulder. Her cheeks were pink and her long eyelashes and heart-shaped pink lips were shivering cutely.

I swam over to her and mumbled, "Morning, " looking at the beauty in front of me. She just woke up and looked sinfully gorgeous.

She smiled and squatted placing her palm under her chin. My hands were on the ground as I weaved my right leg in the water.

"You didn't go to office yet?" She queried in a low tone.

"Nope. I want to surprise my girlfriend by having breakfast with her. So..." I trailed off with a smirk.

She blushed and smiled. Her long eyelashes were shiverin

a proud smile and gave her the flower.

Pink Rose bowed proudly and took the flower. She behaved as if she won miss world. Nancy took the rolling pin and kept the edge in front of her mouth pretending it was a mike.

"A few words about your victory, " Nancy said and gave the rolling pin.

Pink Rose blinked her long eyelashes sassily and flashing her teeth proudly.

"First, I would like to thank my boyfriend for allowing this silly competition to make me drink a glass of milk, " she looked at me blinking her long eyelashes sexily. We all giggled.

"Thanks to my friend Sarah and boyfriend for losing this competition intentionally..." She giggled. "... finally, thanks to my dear Nancy for the amazing milk and encouragement, " she ended her world milk competition speech with a dramatic bow.

Sarah clapped smiling ear to ear as if her kid won a gold medal in a tough competitive exam. She hugged Pink Rose and pampered her for finishing the glass of milk first.

"Silly girl. You even pulled Mr. Cox in your stupid competition, " Sarah said smacking Pink Rose's temple.

That's true. I never had this kind of silly fun in my life. Nancy's children were in their teens when I was a kid. I missed being a kid and grew up quickly knowing all bad things. Nancy looked at me. Her old pale blue orbs were showering love. I missed her terribly.

"Sometimes he needs silly things in his life. Right Angel?" Pink Rose asked showering love from those honey orbs.

A shiver ran through my spine feeling love and other emotions.

Jesus Christ! I couldn't bare it anymore.

I smiled. "Get ready for breakfast, " declared and marched out.

"Hey, Mr boyfriend. What about my bet?" I halted hearing her erotic shrill voice.

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