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   Chapter 21 Stubborn Beauty

My Billionaire Angel By April Melody Characters: 8485

Updated: 2019-01-02 10:37

Angelo's POV

I pulled my hand in irritation, fisted hard and opened my eyes see her beautiful smiling face adoring me.

'Damn girl! What the hell are you doing to me?'

"Pink Rose, stop irritating me. I'm really trying hard to stay calm, " I gritted hard.

"Show it off. It's okay, I'll not get scared, " she said with a pleasant smile.

I scowled hearing her. What is she up to?

'Why her honey orbs are showing immense love?'

'Because she's ANGEL, ' my heart declared.


"You're working hard and those feelings are common. So, vent it out on me and relax, "

Dammit! She was making it hard for me.

"Pink Rose, will you take your tablets or not?" I grunted.

"Nope, " she said stubbornly and pressed her lips.

I rubbed my eyes and forehead in irritation. This stubborn beauty was hard to crack.

"Nancy, arrange dinner, " I ordered standing up.

Pink Rose shrieked in excitement and jumped on the ground. She dashed out of the room but I held her right wrist to stop her. She bounced back to my chest as if I pulled her. She immediately pulled away from me adjusting her hair locks. Without looking at me she stood awkwardly.

She was still weak. I didn't even pull her but she bounced like a ball. It'll take time to heal and I need to be careful with her.

"Where are you going?" I asked to break the awkwardness.

"Your dinner?" She smiled pointing outside.

"When did you change your name, Pink Rose?" I smirked bending to her level.

"What to do? I even forgot my name waiting for my boyfriend, " she said and winked.

'Danm, she looks really tempting.'

'Then grab her, ' my heart suggested.

'Are you nuts?'

'Then focus without dirty thoughts, ' it declared.

I held her shoulders, she shivered. I made her sit on the bed. I sat to her left side and held her soft palm in my hard one.

"Pink Rose, I'll eat. You take tablets and sleep, " I requested softly.

"I'll give you company, please Angel, " she said it very cutely. I don't want to decline but I should.

"It's okay Pi..." she cut me off holding my right palm and gave a gentle squeeze.

"Angel, till now you took care of me. Now it's my turn, " she said with immense love.

'Why this girl was too emotional?'

'I suggest you to stop hiding your emotions, ' again my heart bugged.

I licked my dry lips. "Pink Rose, I'm not into all this love shit. I'm not that perfect boyfriend material. I really need my own space, " I whisper yelled in irritation.

She smiled, "Sure, I understood it. But give me j

Rosy. She heard it and cried a lot thinking you're purposely avoiding her because of her memory loss..."

I fisted hard to control my guilt.

"... So Nancy told her about your character, behavior, loneliness and all. She felt you're being alone in life and need attention. So, she thought to take care of you. I tried a lot but once she made a decision it's hard to back off..."

So, Pink Rose wants to take care of me. I mentally chuckled for her stupidity. She was facing this hard time because of me and...

"... I said it to Evan and he told to continue what we started but stop stressing her, " she was fidgeting her fingers and gulped hard.

"So, I'm sorry for my previous request and give some time to her, " her voice was too low but I heard it.

I kept silent and ate my food. My emotions are kicking me and I don't have the energy to think it now. I don't have any other choice rather than to continue to be Pink Rose boyfriend. But for now, I want to take rest and try to get some sleep.

I ate, washed my hands and going outside of the kitchen wiping my hands with a napkin.

"Mr. Cox, " Sarah called me.

I halted and turned leaning onto the wall and threw the napkin aside on the table.

"Sarah, I know I did a mistake and I don't have any other choice except playing around as you wish. But can you please remind yourself that I'm a human and I have feelings..." I paused with a humorless chuckle.

She raised her head with the painful look and I saw tears in her grey orbs. I don't have the energy to handle her now.

"Well, I know, it's too much to ask. I'm sorry and yeah as per my promise, I'll continue what I started." With that, I dashed my room.

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