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   Chapter 20 I Really Missed Pink Rose

My Billionaire Angel By April Melody Characters: 8103

Updated: 2018-12-26 12:00

Angelo's POV

"Can I ask you a favor?" Sarah asked in low tone fidgeting with her fingers.

She always does that when she was nervous.

"I like the feisty Sarah who always orders me to stay away from Pink Rose, " I smirked looking at her.

She still didn't raise her head. I silently stood sipping my coffee.

"I know you're helping us but can you please stay away from Rosy. Day by day her feelings are growing strongly on you. Whether she remembers the past or not, she'll get hurt for sure which we knew. So, I hope you understand my point and stay away from her. I can manage if she gets hurt now, but if it continues..." She trailed off fidgeting her fingers.

She was literally shivering. Not only Pink Rose but Sarah was also hell weak. She should take care of her health and become strong for Pink Rose.

"I don't understand, why she was attracted to me?" I said in dilemma, looking nowhere in particular.

"Even I would get attracted to that man who been with me in the hard phase of my life, " I saw her grey orbs holding so much of emotion.

"Sarah, I know, what currently I'm doing is an injustice to her and trust me I don't want to do it either. I want her to gain her memory and punish me..."

She gave a painful look which pierced my heart.

"I mean it, Sarah, "

"Why should I believe you, Mr. Cox?" She asked without any emotion.

Today, she was not meeting my eyes.

"Because that's not Angelo Cox. I never in my nightmare wants to hurt any woman and children but..." I trailed off.

I took a deep breath and the air became thick with uncomfortable silence.

"Anyways, as per my promise, if it takes all my life I would be with Pink Rose, " I declared with determination.

'I mean it!'

'I know it!' my heart declared.

'Just shut up, '

"A woman wants a man who loves her but not who acts his lifelong, " she said looking painfully into my eyes.

I gulped hard and sipped the last sip of the mug and placed it on the table.

"Okay, it's too soon to discuss all these things. I'll stay away as much as possible. You don't need to worry about that as these emotions are squeezing me, " I declared and left without turning back.


I ignored Pink Rose's call for the nth time. Why the hell was she annoying me today? I'm checking the files on my Mac. Again I got a call but it was from Sarah.

'Damn, Pink Rose! Is she a kid or what?'

I tried to focus but

asked in a low tone swatting her hair locks.

A shiver ran to my spine hearing her lovely shrill voice. Her heart-shaped pink lips were trying hard not to smile but those honey orbs lost the battle and smiling although her lips were pouting.

'Dammit! I missed her more than I imagined.'

"No, I'll have it later. First, you take tablets, " I said and glanced at Sarah to give the tablets.

"I'll have it after your dinner, " I frowned hearing her stubborn answer.


"Because I missed you, " she said cutely battling her eyelashes.

It felt nice to listen but I hate being trapping in this emotional drama.

I smiled, "I too missed you, Pink Rose, "

I squeezed her left palm in assurance. It was warm and I want to hold for long but left it.

She held it back and came near to me. Our knees are touching each other. She started caressing my knuckle with her thumb and smiled.

"I know you're busy with work as all these months you been with me. So, I'll not bug you much but I have a small request. Please dine with us daily, " she asked with a smile showering love from those honey orbs.

I got irritated and her touch was pulling me to somewhere I don't want to go. I softly pulled my hand with a fake smile.

"Pink Rose, it's not easy. I have a bundle of work and I want you to cooperate with me, " I said as patiently as I could.

"Don't worry, I'll wait for you, " she said with a bright smile and swatted her hair locks.

I closed my eyes in irritation. I don't like someone wait for me. She squeezed my palm softly assuring me.

I hate the emotions dripping in my heart.

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