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   Chapter 19 Orders To Dear Girlfriend

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Angelo's POV

"Okay listen. Nancy and Sarah should take care of Pink Rose health, food and tablets. James Bell and Will Hart will assist you for cooking." I said looking at Nancy and Sarah.

"Sarah, your only work is to take care of Pink Rose but nothing other than that. Make her eat health food, tablets, take her outside and do whatever she wants to do unless its danger for her.

"Martin Hall and Bill Baker will assist you both. Without them, you can't step outside. It's not an order but my request because of the media issues, " I declared looking at Pink Rose.

She smiled and nodded. I smiled back taking a breath of relief.

"And Linda from now onwards, you'll assist gardening. Mark my words, I want it to be beautiful and clean. You're not needed in the kitchen, clear?" I asked in a cold tone shooting glares at her.

"Yes, Mr. Cox. I'll do my best, " she said confidently yet scared.

'Such a drama queen!' I know her cheap tricks and currently, I don't want any drama.

"Without any fail, I want the work to be done. Am I clear?" I asked authoritatively looking at all of them.

It feels nice to be authoritative and cold, controlling freak. Exactly like Angelo Cox. It's been a long time, I took care of the things and ordered my staff. Nancy did everything and I been with Pink Rose.

They all said yes and I dismissed them.

I went to Pink Rose who was gawking at me. I sat on my knees in front of her and held her cold palm in mine. Now they're not too cold like before.

"And you my dear girlfriend, you have more work than all of them, " I said with a smirk.

"Just order me, Mr. Cox, " she said professionally.

I chuckled, "first, you should call me only 'Angel', " she giggled.

"Check, " she said caressing my knuckle with her thumb.

"Second, take care of your health. Eat healthy food and tablets in time and sleep well."

She smiled and finally those honey orbs staring at me with love.

"Check, "

"Third, be happy and do whatever you want but Sarah should always with you, "

She pouted, "won't you be with me?" Asked like a kid.

I laughed squeezing her palm in assurance.

"Even in my presence or absence, Sarah should be with you. Am I clear?" I asked with a smirk.

Sarah will never leave Pink Rose. I knew that but she shouldn't question when Sarah didn't give us privacy. Even I don't want to be alone with her. She may ask me things which can be difficult for me.

She smiled and said, "check, "

"Fourth, go outside, meet your

ancy? Can't you please bring my mother back? Please. I'm literally begging you, mother, " I begged her.

She heaved a sigh, "I'll bring you coffee, Ang, " she said and left.

I didn't bug much but there was a little hope raised in me.

"Mr. Cox, " Sarah called me.

I took a breath, "yes, " I gave a look to continue.

"First of all, thank you for your help and sorry for my rude behavior, " she said humbly looking down as usual like old Sarah.

"Sarah, please don't be formal. I'm not helping but repenting my mistake." She still didn't raise her head.

"And coming to our fights, I always miss a feisty sister who always nags and fight with me. So thanks to you for taking that honorable place, "

She raised her head with a blank expression.

"I told my view just ignore it and please use those cards I gave you, " I said politely not to wake up the devil.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Cox. You rejoined me and paying five times than before. I accepted to take care of Rosy or else I wouldn't accept it, " she said politely.

"Jesus Christ! I always like your independent nature but now it became my headache. Okay, do whatever you want but if you need anything please do let me know. Don't think it's a favor, it's my responsibility, " she didn't respond but simply stood there with head bend down.

Nancy gave me the coffee bug and I sipped it which relaxed me.

"It's tasty, mother, " I replied feeling the aroma and sipped.

She too stood quietly. Well, I can't ask much.

"Is there anything else?" I asked without looking at them as I'm fully engrossed in my coffee.

"Can I ask you a favor?" Sarah asked in low tone fidgeting with her fingers.

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