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   Chapter 18 I Want To Kiss Her

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Angelo's POV

I stopped the car in front of the mansion and saw her amused face. She was gawking at the mansion like a wonderland. I chuckled and went to open her door. She smiled and got down but still admiring the beauty of the mansion.

We started walking in the narrow pathway to the main door. And either side of the garden made her gawk taking slow steps.

Dad had great taste in architecture and Granny on gardening. I never thought to shift to any other place except this one. I don't remember my parents but all my memories lie in this mansion.

"What happened?" Pink Rose asked hearing Sarah's giggles.

"You love this place and always begged me to show it in our video calls, "

I smirked realizing her expressions when she first time saw the mansion and called me 'Angel'.

"You named it as a secret garden mansion, " she said looking at the mansion.


'Because Granny made it one, ' my mind stated.

"What's meant by that?" Pink Rose asked curiously.

"You felt it looks similar to the Korean drama 'secret garden' mansion, " Sarah said with a smile remembering something.

'What the hell?'

This mansion was a unique piece of art but she thought it's similar to some TV show.

"But you changed your opinion after touring the mansion and loved it as a unique piece, " Nancy said.

Nancy blinked her eyes me to relax. I'm pissed off and wants to bark on Pink Rose. She turned to me and caught my right palm.

"I'm sorry Angel. Are you angry for comparing your mansion with some other one?" She asked with a sad face.

My anger turned into guilt looking at her sad face. I should keep my anger at bay. I caressed her left-hand knuckle with a smile.

"Hey, this is not only mine but yours too. You can think anything and do whatever you want except breaking things. So don't feel bad."

'Did I just said that?'

'True right?' My heart bugged.

"Moreover, don't you want to explore inside?" I cheered her.

She smiled and walked inside holding my hand. Her palm was soft like cotton and too small in mine but I liked it.

We entered inside and she was simply gawking talking slow steps. I too walked slow along with her observing her expressions.

Her honey orbs are adoring the surrounding, her long eyelashes are blinking slowly with wide open mouth. She was looking so beautiful in this simple white top and blue jeans.


holding her right wrist.

She lost her balance but I caught her and hoist in bridal style. She got scared and closed her eyes holding my shoulder tightly. I hate to see her getting scared because of me.

I placed her on the sofa and sat on my knees in front of her. She lowered her head and her long eyelashes, heart-shaped lips were shivering, along with her body. She sat quietly playing with her fingers nervously.

"Sarah bring water, " I ordered in low tone controlling my anger.

She didn't move. I saw her checking her handbag and pulled a mini water bottle and made Pink Rose drink it. After she got relaxed, I held her cold palm in mine.

Dammit, I shouldn't scare her like this.

"Look at me Pink Rose, " I said softly.

She slowly raised her shivering eyelashes. Her honey orbs were scared to look at me. She started assaulting her lower lip.

"Please stop getting scared. I simply get angry and shout like this. So, I want you to get used to this. Don't worry, I'll not shout on you, so relax, " I said looking at her honey orbs.

"Are you still angry?" She whispered.

I closed my eyes and took a long breath to control myself.

"Ang, " I heard Nancy.

I smiled and opened my eyes. "Can you please bare my anger for few more minutes?" I asked softly with a smile.

She smiled, "sure, but don't be too rude, " she requested with puppy eyes.

'Damn, I want to kiss her.'

'Get a grip of yourself, ' my heart warned.

I blinked my eyes standing up and turned back to see all my staff assembled.

It's been a long time to be myself, the Angelo Cox.

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