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   Chapter 17 I Had Mixed Feelings

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Angelo's POV

"But I don't remember, " she sadly said looking nowhere at particular.

"Then how do you say the same things?" I asked curiously.

Did she really lost her memory or acting like one? But her expression says the truth that she doesn't remember.

"Ang, relax. Even it happened with Sarah. As I said she just lost her memory but her thoughts, character, personality remains the same, " he squeezed my right palm and blinked his eyes.

"Evan, will I gain my memory?" She asked with tears.

The pain and guilt started raising in my heart. She was facing all this pain because of me. I wish I could turn back the clock to that disastrous night.

'Can I ever mend it?'

He smiled, cupped her cheeks and wiped them.

"See Rose, I just don't want to raise your hopes. We'll surely work on it and if God graced you would regain your memory. Until then feel happy and pray God for giving this beautiful life and cherish it with new memories.

"We all have past and some people want to forget it. I don't say you're lucky to lose your memory but past is just a memory which can make you a better person. But we're forgetting to live in the present and future. The past will always be a memory but present and future give you a path to cherish your life further.

"There is no problem if you don't remember your past. You're healthy and can create new beautiful memories with all your loved ones. Its really hard to accept this memory lose issue and lead your life, but you're doing a great job. That defines your simple, positive and lovely character.

"So, I want you to live in the present as you accepted the reality of your life and make a bright future with it. It'll take time for you to understand the things and I'm sure you'll learn it fast and take it positively." He ended his long speech.

"And..." He turned to us. "...The same thing applies to you all. Mourning on your past only gives you pain. Live in this moment and make a bright, colorful, happy and meaningful future. Life will not end until you die. So, make it useful for yourself, your family, your loved ones, and to the society, "

His words are inspiring but in reality, it's hard to follow them. Past always haunt you till your life ends but leading your life positively is also most important as he said.

"Thank you so much, Evan. I promise to work hard on my present and future. I'll make you'll happy and proud of me, " Pink Rose said with a bright smile.

eeks and nose became pink.

I opened the front door for her. "I don't want to sit with the driver, " she declared with a pout.

"Poor Ang, your girlfriend doesn't want to sit beside you, " I feigned sadness, leaning onto the door.

She gasped, "you're driving this sexy car?"

I smirked, "of course, no one will touch my personal collection, " I declared arrogantly.

"And this became old. I'll buy a new one, " I said nonchalantly.

"I love this car, " she stated looking at the car with a never-ending smile.

I smirked and gestured her to get in. She hooked in admiring the car. I still remember our first meet but that Pink Rose was shy and different. I tried to open the door for Sarah but she softly declined and hooked in along with Nancy.

The ride to the home was filled with Pink Rose admiring the car and continuously talking about her excitement to come outside of that hell. I didn't concentrate what she was talking but enjoyed her shrill voice chirping with excitement. Nancy and Sarah are patiently listening to her and feeding her information whenever needed.

I had mixed feelings. I want Pink Rose to remember her memory and punish me. Yet a time, I want these short and sweet beautiful moments to continue.

These mood swings are making me crazy and emotional. Damn, I desperately need a long sleep but even pills are not working. I just want to drink till I pass out and have a peaceful sleep but I stopped drinking scared to create any other mess in my life.

Jesus Christ! Please help me.

Finally, reached my mansion. I saw the same expressions plastered on her face. Let's see how she'll react.

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