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   Chapter 16 I Love Her Nervousness

My Billionaire Angel By April Melody Characters: 8914

Updated: 2018-12-12 19:33

Angelo's POV

Women can't take off their eyes on me but now I, myself can't look at my own reflection.

Why I'm not looking handsome? Should I change the mirror?

'Nope. You should get back the real Angelo Cox, ' my brain advised.

'True, '

It's been so long that I got new things. This blady old Rolex watch, old car, old clothes.

I grunted looking at my unusual self.

'Jesus Christ! I even forgot myself.'

I took my mobile, necessary things and dashed out towards my old grey Lamborghini Centenario. I just hate this old car and mentally prepared to pamper myself to get all set of new things.

I'm going to pick Pink Rose from the hospital and bring her to my mansion. Sarah was such a devil. I hate to fight with her like siblings fighting for their favorite toy.

I never bow my head in front of anyone in the world but I...

'Did she forced you to do so or is it any favor?' My heart taunted.

'Okay, I accept the defeat, '

But that doesn't mean that she can do whatever she likes. Do I have any vehement wish to act as Pink Rose boyfriend? No right?

She should give me chance to help Pink Rose. But she was doing the opposite to it which was confusing Pink Rose. Thanks to Evan or else we may pull each other's hair and may even kill each other.

Rather than Evan, no one supports me, but not in all cases. Will Nancy support me? I nodded negatively and banged the steering. Last night, I didn't sleep a wink due to anxiety.

These two weeks were hell to me. I just met Pink Rose thrice as Sarah didn't allow me. Pink Rose would daily text me to meet her but I would lie about having work and meetings.

'Do you love Pink Rose?' My heart queried.

'What the hell are you talking?'

'Then why are you so anxious?' It again questioned.

'I just want to repent my sin, that's it. I don't do this love shit, '

'We'll see, ' it declared.

I ignored it and focused on driving.

I just don't understand how Pink Rose could take everything positively? As per my plan, I told her how worst our so-called relationship was. And told all the worst things a boyfriend could do but she just swatted them like her hair locks with just with one reason.

Blady, I took care of her when she was in a coma. That one thing was enough for her to accept me and our relationship.

I thought she'll hate me but now the situation is the opposite. She was dying to live with me. I don't how this will end.

Though we can't meet personally, I liked our chatting session. She would call me when Sarah left her alone and ask about our relationship. I would use all my creative skills to narrative a fake love story between us. I hate to

e's doing weekly checkup but he would have done it later right.

She gasped and asked, "why?"

"Due to various reasons like depression, stress, et cetera, "

"What about medicine?"

"He won't use them much and it's not safe too, "

"Then how it'll cure, "

"It's a long story. It'll take time. Aren't you excited to see my mansion?" I asked to distract her.

"I am, but first let me know this thing, " she said and tugged Evan's coat.

He smiled, "sleeping issues have many reasons. In his case, he was stressed and depressed. To overcome that he workout, swim and other things too but they're not enough. He needs peace and entertainment which he was far away from them, "

She nodded humming and thought deeply. I glared at Evan which he ignored.

"Angel, do you watch some cartoon, comedy show or movies and something else like that?" She asked folding hands near her chest.

I gasped remembering the past. She was curiously looking at me.

Evan chuckled, "he doesn't even see movies and you're asking about the cartoon, "

"I'm not a kid to watch that stupid cartoon, " I said the same line looking at her curiously.

She chuckled, "yeah, it's true. You're not a kid but you know, though we grew up old, there is a kid always stay in us. He wants love, affection, pampering and many more. I don't remember about cartoons but I searched by myself and saw them. They took us to a different world from the existing world. So..." She trailed off biting her lower lip.

"We had this discussion, " I declared looking at Evan.

"When?" She asked twirling her honey orbs in confusion.

"Once I came home frustrated then you told me to watch Tom and Jerry. The same conversation happened between us, " I said and glanced at Evan.

I'm scared and...

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